Say No To Fear And Yes To Compassion

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As businesses begin to open and uncertainty continues about the duration of our social distancing, I am observing continued efforts by mainstream media to heighten drama and to divide us. This is nothing new, and will not change once the COVID crisis passes. Divided, we are distracted, disempowered, and consume more stuff to numb our misery.

Dr. Jayadeva, at the Yoga Institute, was known to say that politics was “like a rat chasing its tail”. He said, “If it is your dharma (life purpose), then go be a politician. If not, focus on your own dharma. The Bhagavad Gita confirms, “It is better to do your own dharma even imperfectly than someone else’s dharma perfectly (Ch. 18, vs. 47).

I personally limit and sometimes abstain completely from media of all types. I remember struggling with this decision about 10 years ago when I was talking with a friend. She said, “Julie, maybe we need people like you to help hold a different energy.”

I have discovered that indeed this helps me not only maintain a greater sense of sovereignty and well-being, but helps me better support others in returning to that state. I’ve also found that I can remain quite well informed through the impressions of other people, and I seek a variety of viewpoints.

As a yoga therapist, I try to listen for the emotion underneath their stress—is it fear of change or death? Is it anger about lack of freedom? Is it sadness about the very nature of evil in the world, and within ourselves? In these emotions, I can relate. I feel compassion and connection. I feel love.

If you can not feel this, turn your attention back towards loving yourself. There is no better remedy than nature, the vibrant green of spring resonating with our heart chakra and deepening our breath. Everything in nature has evolved to overcome a specific obstacle, to shine in its unique expression of life, each modeling virtues that can balance and harmonize our Being. Which would you like a dose of? Resilience? Vitality? Faith? Freedom? Inter-connection?

All are free with infinite supply. In this time of continued uncertainty, be very watchful of your own energy, putting your hand up to negative influences, and practicing cultivation of Love in your heart frequently. See the video for guided practices!

Julie Rost is the founder and director of YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire in Exeter, NH, offering private yoga therapy, mentoring and teacher training.