Ask Your Angels

Angels offer practical advice grounded in the pillars of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, faith and unconditional love. Gratitude helps us to lift our energy into a higher vibration so we can be open to receive good things. Forgiveness of ourselves and others allows us to heal from the wounds of the past so we can move forward with clarity. Compassion helps us be gentler with ourselves and with those around us. And when we glimpse unconditional love, we see and know God, or source energy. Angels remind us of these pillars of support we have along the way in our process of ascension, or awakening on Earth.

Angels will identify themselves when we ask for such clarity, but generally they speak as a group. Thus, they say "we" instead of "I" when answering questions. Ascended masters are angels who walked the earth in a human body at one time. Archangels are a group of angels in charge of all other angels, each with specific ways they help humanity. Some of the more vocal angels include the following:

  • Kuthumi is an ascended master who has incarnated many times on Earth and offers clear wisdom on the human experience. One of his incarnations was believed to be St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Mother Mary, who often speaks for the group of masters that call themselves The Mothers of All Realms, reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and works to balance the cycle of giving and receiving in each of us. She is sometimes called Archangel Mary.
  • Lady Portia is an ascended master who works with children and the adults who interact with them.
  • Archangel Michael works with those whose main lesson in life is to learn to stand in their power. He also offers protection.
  • Archangel Raphael works with healers and people who are trying to make healthy choices for their bodies.
  • Archangel Faith helps us with issues of trust and faith.
  • Lady Nada is an ascended master who works with men and women who are in soul mate relationships, and those who are working on forgiveness.

Q: Why do I keep overdrawing my checking account, even now that I am making great money? Is there some belief in scarcity and struggle from my childhood that I am unconsciously holding onto? Thank you. — Maria

A: Blessings beloved! This is Kuthumi speaking to you. You are carrying the energy of "easy come, easy go" in relationship to your money, and indeed in many of your relationships. It is the energy of not valuing what you have until it is lost to you. It is the energy of the cavalier, going through life without allowing your relationships to touch you in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul. Know that we share these words with no judgment; they are merely for your clarification and for your soul’s growth as you access the pattern with your conscious mind.

We share that you may begin to work on releasing this pattern using the tools of gratitude and forgiveness. We recommend that at the beginning or end of each day, that you record those things for which you are grateful. We encourage you to think of something which you do not currently forgive, and to say: "I choose to forgive ______ now." Even if your heart does not yet believe it, repeat these words and ask the angels for assistance in releasing the negative energy, and you will find forgiveness beginning to anchor in your heart. Be gentle with yourself in this process, for it is not one that comes without effort. We love and honor you, and we wish you namaste.

Q: The children in my classroom have such a big job to do in our world. What is my job with them and how can I help them beyond reading and writing to get them prepared for what lies ahead, how to go beyond the petty daily quarreling that comes with growing up? —Gisela

A: Blessings beloved! This is Lady Portia speaking with you now. We thank you for your service holding space for these precious ones; they do indeed have big jobs ahead of them. Know that they have carefully scripted their lives already, and the difficulties that may arise for some of them will only allow them to fulfill their missions more brilliantly. Do not distress yourself as you see them stumble or suffer due to a lack of awareness from their caregivers.

In your little oasis for them in their early years, there is much you can do. Colors, crystals and sacred geometry help these ones remember who they are. As you incorporate sacred geometry in the classroom, as artwork and as coloring projects for them to create, their brains will accept the geometry and it will create triggers of memory deep within, so that even if they do not seem interested in it now, it will assist them at the right timing for each of them. This is one example of a practical thing you may do to assist these beautiful children. We honor you greatly for your work, we love you deeply and we wish you namaste.

Q: How can I best help my 17-year-old daughter through her three-year alcohol addiction? She binges almost daily. She lives in a college dorm now and has a lot more freedom so it has gotten worse. My own health has suffered to the point where I can't work and can barely function. How can I help myself to free my body from a variety of physical symptoms I’ve been experiencing — fibromyalgia, weight gain, chronic fatigue? I feel like I'm in a living nightmare and have very little support. Thank you dear angels. — Joanne

A: Blessings beloved! This is Mother Mary speaking with you now. It is with a heavy heart indeed that a mother watches her child create destructive behaviors. Breathe with us and accept our love for you into your heart that you may give over the burden of that pain to us now. The only thing you can do for your precious child is to hold her with unconditional love in your heart. She has her own journey to take, and you are not able to shield her from her path. The pain of this truth lies in your heart. You know this to be true and the guilt and the shame are creating in your body the manifestation of physical symptoms you have mentioned. Your inner judge has imposed a harsh sentence upon you. Know that you do not have to accept this sentence. You have the choice to see this situation in another light. We do not say it will be easy, but we do promise it will bring you greater peace and ease in your body.

You may begin by forgiving yourself all transgressions, real and imagined. Call on the Mothers of All Realms daily to assist you in forgiving yourself and bringing self-love back into your heart. You may create a list of all those things you are currently not forgiving, and begin to cross them off as you choose to forgive yourself these things. Know that the foods you put into your body are a physical reflection of the love you have for yourself, and they have tremendous power to heal and assist you. Eat plenty of greens and lots of water to flush away what has been forgiven. Your daughter’s pain is not your fault; it is part of her soul’s journey, chosen before she was birthed by you. Your greatest assistance to her is to hold both her and your own self in the heart of unconditional love. We love and honor you, and we send our unconditional love to you now. Namaste.

Johanna Lyman is a channel for archangels and ascended masters, an abundance coach, and an intuitive healer. She is the author of a messenger mini-book entitled Attracting Abundance: Four Powerful Practices For Aligning Your Life With Your Life’s Purpose. Johanna can be reached at 774-262-4211 or via email at Visit for more information.