Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2016

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything.” — Albert Einstein

As a young student hungry for truth and spiritual knowledge, I learned about the connection between the natural elements and life. Fire corresponds to the animating life force, earth to the physical body, air to the mental processes and water to emotions. These principles are basics of many esoteric traditions, including astrology.

A look ahead to the autumn and winter skies reveals an emerging balance, major planets in the fire, earth, air and water signs. Uranus lights up fiery Aries. Pluto continues to make a slow trek through earthy Capricorn. Their square alignment has for five long years shaken the status quo of businesses and governments around the world. News of influence peddling, corruption and the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands are offshoots of this square.

It’s fair to say progressive causes have also been served. However powerful the celestial forces may be, they always hold the prospect of being used for good. During the coming months Saturn forms a favorable angle with Uranus. Bridges between the old and emerging orders will increase. Technological advances will be instrumental in solving many problems. Neptune in watery Pisces continues to occupy a supportive sextile to Pluto. Again, more enlightened and humane sensibilities will be strengthened.

There is another challenging angle to be aware of this fall, a square between Saturn and Neptune. This aspect breeds confusion, suspicion and mistrust. Err on the side of caution when it comes to judgment calls and making personal or professional commitments. Soon Jupiter will leave Virgo and enter airy Libra for a year-long stay. The theme of fairness, a level playing field, is not going away.

Environmental stewardship is a key first step towards healthcare for all peoples and our one true home, planet Earth. Whatever it takes, it is a cost we must bear or face dire consequences. It is those who pollute the air and waters needed to sustain life that must be stopped. As the shorter daylight hours of autumn take hold, let us each be a peaceful light and a strong voice leading the way to a safer world.


A powerful pre-dawn solar eclipse/new Moon in Virgo ushers in the month. This delicately balanced alignment is an opportunity to tune in on deeper levels, then make course corrections and ready for a fresh start. With the Sun and Moon at odds with Neptune, Saturn and Mars, these corrections must be made. It could be an attitude adjustment, new job or changed political position. Before you jump in or out, get the relevant facts. Despite obstacles, progress is assured by the Sun’s trine with Pluto.

On Friday the 9th Jupiter enters Libra for a thirteen-month visit. The stresses of that day’s first quarter Moon in Sagittarius may for a few morning hours obscure the renewed emphasis on diplomacy, beauty and harmony. However, over the coming year those born under the sign of balance will benefit from Jupiter’s protective and prospering influence.

Saturn forms a troublesome square with Neptune during the morning of Saturday the 10th. This is a classic aspect of confusion, deceit and betrayal. Unfortunately it has been a key factor during this year’s political campaign season, adding to the climate of fear and outright lies. This aspect is now behind us and will continue to weaken in the coming months.

There are several other challenging alignments as the Moon waxes overhead. Guard against a misunderstanding the weekend of the 10th and 11th. Retrograde Mercury is in the thick of a square between the Virgo Sun and Mars. Our personal desires warrant closer scrutiny. Think before you act. The full Harvest Moon in Pisces is exact at 3:05pm on Friday the 16th. Let’s not forget that gratitude, as well as recreation, are essential parts of a healthy and fulfilling life.

Mental Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday the 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox. This day marks the Sun’s entry into Libra, one of two days each year when the hours of sunlight equal the hours of darkness. It is time to look inward. Vision is penetrating as Mercury is aligned with Pluto. September ends with the new Moon in Libra, signaling the start of a fresh activity cycle.


The first few days of the month are agreeable in many ways. On the 1st Venus’ trine with Neptune provides a breath of fresh, love-filled air. Affections deepen. Practical matters are advanced by the Sun’s sextile with diligent Saturn on Tuesday the 4th. Make decisions then. Some relationships flourish around this date but others can be beset by disagreements, petty jealousies or broken promises. The Libra Sun’s square with Pluto could occasion an accounting on Friday the 7th. Play fair and be nice.

The holiday weekend has its tense moments but ends on a promising note. With a waxing Moon and mixed planetary trends, the mid-month period moves in stops and starts. High hopes may be temporarily dashed on the 13th but be ready for Friday’s rebound, followed by more challenges. Early Saturday morning, the 15th, the Libra Sun makes a tricky opposition to Uranus, the planet of surprises. Use caution on the motorways as Mercury’s square with Pluto, exact later the same day, may easily cause a lack of perspective. The Aries full Moon tops things off that night.

Exact at 12:23AM Sunday, the Hunter’s Moon is closely conjunct Uranus. This is the stuff of earthquakes, thunder, and lightning-quick changes. Landscapes and alliances may change in an instant. Epiphanies and spiritual breakthroughs are possible. Be prepared for aftershocks around the 19th and 20th. Revolutionary and progressive movements could receive a significant boost this week.

Saturday the 22nd is another busy day. The edgy last quarter Moon in Cancer dominates the afternoon. A few hours later the Sun enters Scorpio. This next stage of the zodiac sees attention turn inward while the daylight hours decrease, temperatures cool and autumn winds send falling leaves scurrying. The sensation of being buffeted by uncontrollable events grows during the last week of October. Faith is also strengthened but drive with extra care as the weekend nears. The risk of an accident is high on Friday the 28th, especially after noon. The Moon, new in Scorpio on Sunday the 30th, casts little light on Halloween, a suitably spooky evening.


Imaginations are on fire with the Sun trining mystical Neptune on the 1st. Minds and hearts stay open and agile through the first week of the month. On Election Day results may be skewed for any number of reasons. As polls close Tuesday evening the Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, making it difficult to know exactly what has happened. In “mundane astrology” the Moon represents the general public. Neptune is associated with deception and fraud. Expect some controversy.

With Mars, Venus and Mercury all changing signs between the 9th and 11th, life may seem to be in a state of flux. The Moon is also growing full, culminating at 8:52AM on Monday the 14th with the full Beaver Moon in Taurus. This full Moon highlights resources, as well as the storage and sharing of them during the coming winter months.

On Monday the 21st the Sun and Leo Moon are at odds, forming a last quarter square during the wee hours of the morning. Without meaningful compromises satisfaction will be hard to come by. That afternoon the Sun moves into Sagittarius, signaling the start of the busy holiday travel season. Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter on Tuesday the 22nd facilitates the movement of ideas as well as cars, trains and planes. This week it’s better to travel sooner rather than later. A conjunction between the Winged Messenger and Saturn on Wednesday is likely to bring long waits.

Thanksgiving Day unfolds under a Libra Moon. Jupiter’s late afternoon tiff with Pluto could occasion some prickly exchanges. Use tact if you wish to be heard. Mostly mellow vibes dominate the remainder of the holiday weekend.

The Sagittarius new Moon on the morning of Tuesday the 29th ignites a new round of activity but enthusiasm is tempered by Neptune. Keep less fortunate folks in mind during the upcoming holidays and your personal stars will shine brightly.


The somewhat unusual pattern of a major planetary alignment the first day of the month continues with a fervent trine between Mars and Jupiter. Spirits are high and ambitions are great as the month gets off to a solid start. Momentum builds. On Saturday the 3rd, Mars aligns with tenacious Saturn. “It is the courage to continue that counts,” noted the English statesman, Winston Churchill. Continuing becomes easier and more exhilarating when Mars sextiles Uranus on Tuesday the sixth. Allow serendipity to enter into your life. Explore new pathways. More adventures lie ahead.

The Sagittarius Sun makes a fine sextile to Jupiter on Friday the 9th. A delightful social evening or weekend getaway could be on the schedule. Holiday parties are sure to sparkle with the Sun well aligned with Uranus. On Tuesday the 13th the full Cold Moon in Gemini is exact at 7:05PM. The travel bug is contagious. Religious and spiritual interests are at a peak. If possible, finalize travel plans by the 18th.

Early on the morning of Monday the 19th, Mercury begins a three-week long retrograde. The Winged Messenger is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and in trine to the Virgo Moon. There’s still time to make decisions and last minute plans but complications quickly ensue. Tuesday’s stars can put a wrinkle in even the most thoughtful strategy.

The Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins at 5:45AM on Wednesday, December 21st. With the Winter Solstice the Sun’s light gradually returns. Thursday the 22nd is an incredibly busy day. Expect throngs of people to be on the move, doing last minute holiday errands. On Saturday the 24th Saturn forms the first of three exact trines with Uranus. This exciting aspect is an evolutionary bridge between worlds — connecting the old and new, conservative and progressive, the tried and true to the uncharted. The 25th sees Venus playing cosmic ringleader. The Goddess of Love and Beauty is in excellent alignments with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Expect broad smiles all around on this otherwise mellow day.

Monday sees Jupiter form a powerful opposition to Uranus. Feelings of restlessness and irreverence are prevalent. Prevailing beliefs and attitudes are questioned. A search for truth could turn up some interesting information. The new Moon in Capricorn occurs on Thursday the 29th. Nourished by Neptune, many spiritual quests are initiated this week. Creative juices are also flowing. Uranus returns to forward motion that same morning. Support from like-minded people hastens everyone’s progress and productivity.

New Year’s Eve finds fiery Mars moving into a conjunction with Neptune. Stay safe! This is a risky combination. A misstep or overconsumption of food and drink can lead to regrettable results.


Happy New Year! The year and month begin with an early morning conjunction between Mars and Neptune. In a best case scenario this is an omen of dreams come true. On the other hand this aspect can present considerable difficulties due to bad judgment and/or intoxication. Late night revelers are advised to play it safe. Call a car service if you are under the influence. The rest of New Year’s Day features more promising alignments. Enjoy comfortable holiday gatherings with family and friends.

Venus’ approaching conjunction with the lunar South Node as well as Mercury’s retrograde prompt a good deal of reflection. Encounters with long lost spiritual family members are probable. Recognize these folks by an immediate sense of familiarity upon meeting. On Friday evening, the 6th, get-togethers are especially intense and warm. The Taurus Moon is in harmony with loving Venus and the Sun conjuncts Pluto. It’s a great night for candlelit dinners, parties and truth-telling sessions.

Mercury’s retrograde ends on Sunday the 8th. This could be an opportune time to dispense with an unfinished business matter. Chaotic forces come into play during the early part of the week. The Capricorn Sun is testing unpredictable Uranus and Jupiter, and the Moon is waxing full. Political and religious figures are likely to take extreme positions. The full Wolf Moon in Cancer is exact at 6:34AM on Thursday the 12th. Instability persists as the opposing Sun and Moon form a cardinal cross with the opposing duo of Jupiter and Uranus. Mix pragmatism with idealism and push on. A mysterious, love-filled atmosphere is calming and all encompassing that evening when Venus joins forces with Neptune. A six-day period of relative quiet follows.

On Thursday the 19th Mars is at odds with Saturn. Self-control is a must. The Sun enters Aquarius the same afternoon and winter’s deepest cold is upon us. The latter part of the month is fairly mellow, seeing moods fluctuate almost daily. A square between Venus and Saturn at the time of the Aquarius new Moon on Friday the 27th indicates the future of a friendship could be in question. Mars enters Aries on the 28th, providing an early taste of springtime energy.


For the first time since April there is no major planetary alignment on the 1st of the month. There is however, a morning square between Mercury and Jupiter on Thursday the 2nd. This is stimulating enough to jolt sleepy heads and groundhogs into full waking consciousness. Jupiter, the planet of faith and optimism, is slowing. The good-natured giant of our solar system turns retrograde on Monday the 6th. Mental Mercury slips into Aquarius the following day. Expect many folks to rethink and take new positions on various matters. More shifts are coming and we must be ready to adapt.

The full Snow Moon in Leo on Friday the 10th is also a lunar eclipse. Plans made prior to an eclipse typically don’t go as we think they will but with support from Jupiter and Uranus, everything turns out well in the end.

The Sun’s trine with Jupiter on Saturday the 11th is a delightful omen for a weekend retreat or daytime excursion. The Sun is also on good terms with Saturn. The two stars form a sextile just after midnight on Valentine’s Day. This stabilizing angle fosters trust and security. Moods grow restive during the evening. Lunch with your lovey dove could be the high point of the day.

The Sun arrives in mysterious and creative Pisces on Saturday the 18th, a celestial promise that spring is indeed on the way. Notice the lengthening hours of daylight. Shifting shadows and color patterns this time of year always seem to coincide with more active dream states.

Be circumspect around the 21st. Mixed trends caution against speaking too bluntly or giving away valuable information. The Pisces new Moon on Sunday the 26th evokes deep longings for a gentler and kinder world. These yearnings are made more passionate by a conjunction of Mars and Uranus. Be careful around mechanical devices. Watch your temper. This new Moon seems to say, “Yes, life is fragile but at the same time, magical.” Compassion and understanding provide comfort and inspire our best efforts.

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