Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2017

“If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one” —Dolly Parton

Seeking to make sense of today’s world, so much seems uncertain or beyond reason. An elaborate chorale of cosmic forces have dominated recent months. One key motif is a harmony sounded by conservative Saturn and progressive Uranus. We are evolving, no matter how tough the going. High-minded Jupiter has also been opposing Uranus, straining reason and trust. Another major theme, a discordant square between Jupiter and Pluto, spurs endless debates. Disharmony between Uranus and Pluto, though now easing, still reverberates in power struggles and failing institutions. The stars present openings and opportunities, as well as challenges.

While the Saturn/Uranus trine points to a brighter future, not everyone is willing to go forward. Saturn represents fears, as well as the commitments we make to ourselves and others. Cautious in nature, the ringed planet respects the ways of the past yet also sets us to the task of patiently overcoming life’s obstacles. Uranus trumpets the promise of equality, liberty and fraternity, as well as the potential of emerging technologies. These days, too much rigidity is detrimental to progress.

Jupiter governs principles embodied in laws and religious teachings, as well as learning institutions like colleges and universities. Long distance travel and international relations are also ruled by the giant planet. With both Uranus and Pluto testing Jupiter, is it any wonder that so many longstanding relationships between nations and allies are in flux? Or that some of us feel confused? Despite living in an age of instant messaging and too much information, getting to the truth can be difficult.

Many of these trends continue into fall and beyond, but changes are afoot. As Jupiter begins a new chapter, entering Scorpio in October, Saturn heads into Capricorn as the year ends. Many new realizations, discoveries and commitments are made over the course of the forecast period. Be diligent and stay informed. Double-check stories and sources. Stand up for cherished principles.


A waxing Moon and a forceful fire sign grand trine between Mars and Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn give the first days of the month plenty of liftoff. The rush is on to squeeze every last bit of summer out of the fading season. The holiday weekend is fabulous for fun but keep a sharp eye on the road ahead when traveling, especially late Monday night.

As we return to work and school be prepared to cope with a succession of testing planetary changes. On busy Tuesday the 5th, the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune. Dreaming is good but some will balk at the prospect of facing workplace routines. Mars with its energizing effect enters Virgo just before dawn, helping many people prepare for the day’s demands. During the early morning, mental Mercury resumes forward motion. A new mindset is called for, one that encourages people to embody their better angels.     

Later that night, at 3:03AM EDT Tuesday, the full “Harvest” Moon in Pisces is exact. Neptune stands close to the Moon. These stars and the opposing Sun in Virgo are parts of a nettlesome T-square to Saturn. The fire sign grand trine continues to support inspired artistry. Feelings are intense. Gratitude is transformative. There could also be treachery. Look to the future but be wary of those who would divert progress for their own selfish reasons.

The Sun continues into a restorative trine to Pluto late in the week. That same Saturday, the 9th, Mercury enters Virgo. Use heightened powers of discrimination wisely over the next few weeks. Know what is good for you and what isn’t. With Venus in a trine to Saturn on Tuesday the 12th, it should be obvious who is a true ally and friend, and who isn’t. If there are any doubts, the Sun’s square with Saturn on the 13th removes them. It is again time to be realistic about likes and dislikes, and break the patterns of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. A series of uplifting alignments follow.

Harmonious Venus aspects to Jupiter and Uranus open and close the jolly weekend of the 16th and 17th. It’s time to play and enjoy life. Moods grow more reflective as the lunar cycle winds down. The Virgo new Moon on Wednesday the 20th is an invitation to set priorities, plant seeds, make plans and with utmost care, start projects. Five planets are in discerning Virgo: Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon. There is no point in hurrying. Ideas will evolve as horizon lines expand and contract.

The Sun enters Libra during the afternoon of Friday the 22nd. The Autumnal Equinox, with its perfect balance of daylight and darkness is upon us but the cosmos is sending mixed signals. One step forward, one step back. Mercury’s Monday morning square with Saturn may snarl traffic, underscoring the need for thoughtfulness. Use delays to reconsider and fine tune plans.

Around the 28th, Jupiter’s opposition with Uranus may set off a firestorm of disagreements and revolutionary movements. Pluto resumes forward motion the same Thursday, increasing the likelihood of reordered alliances.


The new month gets an almost instantaneous boost from Mars’ trine to Pluto on the 1st. Those with a will to succeed will not be held back. Partnerships are notably effective this week as Venus overtakes Mars and the two stars meet up at the full “Hunter’s” Moon in Aries on Thursday the 5th. Romantic passions simmer but then cool down over the following weekend. Testing angles leave some lovers feeling star-crossed on Sunday, and when the Sun and Mercury, traveling in tandem, test Pluto on Monday the 9th, a parting of ways could be in the works.

Jupiter begins a year-long visit to Scorpio on Tuesday the 10th, good news for native Scorpions. Sharing and healing are facilitated. Expect new insights into the behavior of partners. Look beneath surface appearances while Mars tests Saturn on the 11th, a day when frustrating morning delays can be costly.

Mercury takes center stage for a couple of days, zipping into Scorpio and conjoining Jupiter on the 18th. Be a watchful observer of obsessive thoughts and feelings. With a Libra new Moon on the 19th opposing Uranus, evolutionary forces are in play. Leaps in consciousness are likely. Political upheavals are also possible, especially after the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd and aligns with Jupiter. Squabbles over money and power may break out later the same week. Draw on inner reserves of strength and courage as you face day-to-day challenges.

The Halloween atmosphere, with its Pisces Moon, is suitably spooky. The lunar placement supports being in touch with spirits and delving into the great beyond. Fatigue could be a factor after dark as the Moon goes void-of-course.


Grace accompanies the waxing Moon as November begins. The Scorpio Sun slips into a comforting trine to Neptune while Venus aligns with Saturn to firm up ties. Not everything is peaceful because Venus is also in an edgy opposition with Uranus. Much comes to a head at the emphatic full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus, exact at 1:23AM on Saturday the 4th. Some partnerships crumble, the allure of freedom too strong to resist. The seemingly endless stream of scandals and corruption could reach new levels of absurdity. It’s easy to follow the money when the Sun makes a sextile to Pluto on the 9th.

Saturn forms the last of three trines to Uranus the morning of Saturday the 11th. The angle proclaims the usefulness of technology, provided that progressive voices have their say. Hopes are high and generous impulses flourish over the weekend, when Venus draws closer to Jupiter. The celebratory mood gives rise to strange bedfellows and unexpected partnerships. Appearances may be deceiving as Mercury is at odds with Neptune on the 13th. Don’t jump to conclusions. This and other mixed trends bring minor hurdles until Thursday the 16th when more loving and supportive vibes supply inner confidence. Put your insights to good use, working in tandem with partners on Friday the 17th.

A new lunar cycle gets under way the morning of the 18th. The Scorpio new Moon green lights new journeys and ambitions but with Mars testing Pluto, it’s best to proceed slowly and cautiously. Shift into high gear with the Sun’s arrival in Sagittarius on the 21st. Venus’ sextile to Pluto the same day mends hearts and eases rivalries. Mystical Neptune resumes forward motion the morning of the 22nd, leaving Uranus as the sole retrograde planet. It’s all systems go as Thanksgiving nears.

The holiday of gratitude unfolds under a void-of-course Moon. The relaxed mood is welcomed, and when the Moon enters Aquarius during the mid-afternoon the spirit of camaraderie is awakened. Mental Mercury’s weekend trine to Uranus spotlights possibilities and hopes, but when the Winged Messenger forms a conjunction with Saturn on Tuesday the 28th, it’s time to translate words into actions.


Venus darts into carefree Sagittarius during the wee hours of the 1st. Mars is making an explosive opposition to Uranus so it’s best to be on your toes. Look before you follow the longings of your heart. Saturday the 2nd sees Jupiter magically trining Neptune. Artists and mystics are tuned in to their creative guides. Humanitarian impulses are potent. Empathy is keen. Feelings are magnified by the approaching full Moon.

The “Cold” Moon in Gemini is exactly full at 10:47AM Sunday morning, December 3. It’s a busy day as Mercury also turns retrograde and the Sun and Moon joust with Neptune. Facts can be misreported or misunderstood. Make a point of communicating clearly. Ask lots of questions. Thoughtfully, with much patience, provide answers. The dust slowly settles. By midweek Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn and sextile to Mars. Those willing to tame their ego in the interest of teamwork can make fabulous headway on the 6th and 7th. Mercury’s subsequent alignments favor a good deal of rethinking and renegotiating during the middle of the month. A fabulous new idea may surface around the 15th.

The new Moon in Sagittarius launches a busy new cycle of being and becoming on Monday the 18th. Close by Saturn, it’s time to apply lessons learned and set ambitious goals. Saturn then makes a significant shift on Tuesday the 19th, entering Capricorn for a two-year stay. The importance of institutions, especially the roles governments and corporations play, will be of increasing concern in coming months.

December 21st brings the Winter Solstice, the Sun’s arrival into Capricorn and the shortest daylight hours of the year. The Sun is also conjunct Saturn, necessitating a review of priorities and commitments. Some karmic lessons are complete. Be ready to walk away from ideas, things and relationships that no longer serve you. If you’ve been on the fence make up your mind as Mercury resumes forward motion on Friday the 22nd. The direction change is also a plus for weekend travel.

Monday the 25th, Christmas Day, sees Venus join forces with Saturn. Long time loves loom large under the alignment. Those who cannot be present are sorely missed, but be grateful for the love you’ve known and shared. As the year comes to a close cosmic energies surge with a waxing Moon. All eyes are on the future during a scintillating New Year’s Eve.


The Full “Wolf” Moon in Cancer is exact the night of the 1st. Excitement is palpable throughout the day. Like an old-fashioned Magic 8 Ball, dreams, reveries and ambitious resolutions arise, fade and resurface. Home and hearth are a cozy backdrop.

Social calendars remain busy and seasonal gatherings brighten the first two weeks of the year. Uranus, the visionary but unpredictable planet of community and friendship, returns to forward motion on the 2nd. Expect surprises. The Capricorn Sun and Venus form uplifting aspects with Neptune and Jupiter before joining up with Pluto on Tuesday the 9th. Love is a compelling, transforming force!

Life is challenging the weekend of the 13th and 14th. There may be last minute cancellations as Mercury passes by Saturn and first Venus, then the Sun tests Uranus. Be ready to adjust schedules and try to go with the uneven flow. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto on Monday the 15th is a reminder to do the right thing. We all stand as humble equals before the Creator.

The new Moon in Capricorn inaugurates a new achievement cycle on the 16th. Once again it is time to set intentions for the coming weeks. Venus enters Aquarius on the 17th and the Sun follows, arriving in the sign of the waterbearer on Friday the 19th. The deepest part of the winter season is upon us, but the daylight hours are gradually lengthening. Thoughts may easily turn to seed catalogues and dream vacations while restless Mercury forms sextiles to Neptune on the 19th and Jupiter on the 25th. A Mercury/Pluto conjunction on Wednesday the 24th initiates a day of momentous decision-making.

Travelers and truth-tellers receive a boost when Mars forays into Sagittarius the morning of the 26th but plans and opinions may abruptly change when Mercury tests Uranus on the 28th. The month ends with a rare blue moon/lunar eclipse. On Wednesday the 31st at 8:27AM the Moon is full in Leo. Plans may again change but don’t let that stop you. Reclaim your joy. Let your light shine. Get in touch with innermost dreams and desires. Express your creative spirit and follow your passion!


The skies are calm as February begins. Friendships and community ties are bolstered by three planets in Aquarius, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. However, expect groundhogs and other prognosticators to disagree the morning of the 2nd. The Moon is at odds with Neptune and sleeping in may seem like a better option than facing the day’s chores. Social calendars are full the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd but don’t overdo it Saturday night.

Enjoy existing alliances and exciting new flirtations under a nifty sextile between Venus and Uranus on Tuesday the 6th. Another weekend brings another round of mind-expanding opportunities. Look, listen attentively and learn when the Sun tests Jupiter on Saturday, the 10th. Far away places and interesting concepts tempt the imagination as the lunar cycle ebbs.

More surprises come on Tuesday the 13th. Mercury is at odds with Jupiter while the Sun and Uranus harmonize. A quiet Valentine’s Day is fine for low-key lovers. It’s the last day of the lunar cycle. Keep your options open, as the new Moon of the 15th is also a solar eclipse. Things begun around the time of an eclipse rarely go as planned. Nevertheless, there are hopeful signs from on high. Success could depend on being inventive.

The Sun enters mutable Pisces on Sunday the 18th, bringing the first hints of spring. Magic is everywhere on the 21st. Venus conjuncts Neptune during the afternoon and the Taurus Moon gives her support to artistic efforts and expressions of love. Hunker down, simplify and expect a challenging Friday the 23rd. The going gets easier on Sunday afternoon. A gathering of family and close friends can be most enjoyable.

Life is again speedily bouncing along, as the Moon waxes full during the last days of the month. Hearts and minds are resilient but be sure a situation is right for you before making a commitment. Keep looking up!

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