Astrological Forecast for Spring/Summer 2016

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not into fighting the old but on building the new." — Socrates

Mother Earth knows only too well the truth contained in the sage's words. When spring comes and it's time to wake up her Earth, she's all in, and not giving a moment's thought to the passing winter. The new zodiacal year starts with the Sun's arrival in Aries, aka the vernal equinox, that short-lived time when daylight and nighttime hours are equal in length. It's out with the old and on to new adventures!

Here in New England the season of rebirth is triggered by warming days. As temperatures climb, returning songbirds and tender new plant growth appear. Every spring I search out and admire the first snow drops and crocuses gamely showing off their modest but charming blossoms. The graceful willows, among the first trees to green up, are another sure sign spring is under way.

This year, the new season begins between a pair of eclipses. Our forecast period ends between another pair of eclipses. Eclipses only occur when the Earth, Sun and Moon are in close alignment. Given the continuing aftershocks of the destabilizing Uranus/Pluto squares, as well as a tricky T-square involving Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, there are numerous reasons to proceed cautiously and minimize risks whenever possible.

Before jumping into action, it's best to calm down, tune in and clearly define objectives. Carefully map out a strategy and, given the current astrological factors, also have contingency plans at the ready. Time and again, surprising developments are likely to see circumstances suddenly change, requiring quick thinking. Once you've decided on a course, follow your heart!


The first days of the month can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. Confusion and stresses on Tuesday the 1st, give way to more hopeful and socially engaging trends the very next day. Moods continue to be mostly optimistic until Friday afternoon when a change in plans or missed connection can be deflating. Other delays are likely over the weekend as the Pisces Sun tests Saturn. With the Moon now waning, slowing down is a good idea.

At the new Moon on Tuesday the 8th, the Sun's sextile to Pluto and opposition with Jupiter could point the way to a spiritual or moral renaissance. This new Moon in Pisces is also a solar eclipse, good reason to seek higher guidance and heed gut feelings. Wise words ring especially true this week as mental Mercury overtakes mystical Neptune on Friday. Act on humanitarian and creative impulses but watch out for scam artists and false prophets.

Daylight Savings Time starts up again on Sunday the 13th. The increasing number of daylight hours may shed little light on Monday's daunting challenges but Jupiter's powerful trine with Pluto brings penetrating clarity at midweek.

A new zodiacal year begins as the Sun arrives in Aries just after midnight on Sunday the 20th. A conjunction of Venus and Neptune that same afternoon melts hearts and lightens spirits. It feels good to welcome the warmth of the new season. However, another eclipse is imminent and with Jupiter now testing Saturn, it is wise to think carefully before taking action. A sudden move could be for the wrong reasons and may not produce the desired results. The eclipsed full Moon in Libra is exact at 8:01AM EDT on Wednesday the 23rd. Question motives, your own, as well as those of others.

Mercury and Venus face mixed influences through the end of the month. This, plus Saturn's retrograde turn on the 25th, presents a challenging time. We're back to an on again, off again scenario. Don't play fast and loose with words or affections. The last three days of March require caution and poised self-control. Mercury harmonizes with Saturn on the 29th, is at odds with Pluto on the 30th and conjuncts Uranus on the 31st. Tuesday's sensible agreement may need to be renegotiated on Wednesday and then entirely reworked on Thursday, or the entire deal could be off! Breathe deeply, be patient and ready to seize the opportunities that present themselves.


A waning Moon and several quiet days usher in the month of jests, rain showers and cheerful daffodils. April Fools' Day pranks are for the most part tame. The Sun's trine with Saturn on Tuesday the 5th assures that everything is in its rightful place but a solar square with Pluto the following afternoon could upset the world order. Close to inventive Uranus, the new Moon in Aries on the 7th trumpets a call for constructive changes. Build bridges between old and new worlds this week, as the Aries Sun becomes an intermediary between tradition-bound Saturn and evolutionary Uranus. As we all know, change is the only real constant.

The Earth may shake on Saturday the 9th when the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This conjunction is a call for personal liberation. In order to push ahead, some ideas, relationships and things will be left behind. The upside of progress seems clear from the 11th through the 14th but there are also risks. Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are forming a confusing T-square. When Mars turns retrograde on the 17th and Pluto follows suit the next day, it could be time to rest and regroup.

Spring fever reaches delectable heights on the 19th when the Sun arrives in earthy Taurus. The Scorpio full Moon of Friday the 19th, which fittingly also happens to be Earth Day, underscores the need to preserve and protect environmental and other resources. On Thursday the 28th, mental Mercury turns retrograde. Be prepared to deal with delays and misunderstandings. Deliberate deceptions by politicians and world leaders are likely to make news.


Loving vibrations usher in the new month. On the 1st a sextile between the Taurus Sun and Neptune holds the promise of a kinder, gentler world. It also adds intensity and wonder to May Day celebrations. Goodwill prevails as the Taurus Sun trines Jupiter on the 3rd. This is also a fine omen for business and travelers. Book now for summer vacations. That Friday, the 6th, the Moon is new in Taurus. A fabulously fertile grand trine in Earth signs sees the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus harmonizing with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Let planting begin! Make commitments with the backing of the cosmos. Through the 13th the astrological omens are notably bright and bode well for long term stability, fertility and success.

Momentum builds as the Moon waxes. The Sun enters Gemini on Friday the 20th and late the following afternoon the full Moon in Sagittarius is exact. There may be rumblings at home as the Moon is conjunct fiery Mars. Opinions are voiced, loudly and clearly.

Mercury resumes forward motion on Sunday the 22nd, but with the Sun still at odds with Mars, resist the impulse to act or speak abruptly. Remain vigilant during the coming week. Jupiter and Saturn form an exact square on Thursday the 26th. Fears can be magnified or the urge to right all wrongs, irresistible. Falsehoods and rumors may obscure the truth as once again, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are close to an exact T-square. Pursue facts and accurate information. Mercury's trine to Pluto on the 30th shines a light that solves mysteries and exposes more than one nefarious plot.


The Moon is waning and the Gemini Sun tests nebulous Neptune on the 1st. This is a perfect storm of epic astrological proportions, a mutable grand square, inflating imaginations but also leading some minds to accept the inconceivable as factual. Bubbles burst on Friday the 3rd when both the Sun and Venus form oppositions with sober Saturn. A dose of old school common sense brings naive daydreamers and escapists crashing back down to face reality.

Late Saturday night the Moon is new in Gemini. Once again it's time for fresh starts. Be sure to bring along the gear you'll need to have a successful journey. The road ahead is full of detours and dangers. Reduce your speed as Mercury opposes Mars the afternoon of the 9th. An imagined desire may turn out to be more than you bargained for. The weekend of the 11th and 12th has good social potential. Socialize, network and make new acquaintances while Venus and Uranus harmonize.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, enters protective Cancer on Friday the 17th. That same day Saturn is at odds with Neptune. Water supplies and food sources are at risk. Be extra careful about what you put in your body. Food, water and drug safety continue to be concerns, as the Moon grows full over the weekend. On Father's Day treat Dad to something new and different, even enlightening.

Monday the 20th is hyper busy. During the early morning, the Moon is full in Sagittarius. It's summer solstice, the Sun's arrival in Cancer, and the longest day of the year. Mental Mercury opposes Saturn and squares Neptune. Judgment may be way off kilter. Almost everyone is vulnerable to elaborate ruses. Don't be gullible or take risks. Get facts. Abide by the old carpenter's rule; measure twice and cut once. Check the weather report for your locale.

Brighter and easier trends soon take hold. The travel bug is strong on the 22nd. Questions are answered and impasses resolved over the weekend of the 25th and 26th. Life regains its flow. Jupiter's Sunday morning trine to Pluto provides answers to many questions. Sticky issues can at last be resolved. Negotiations are aided by mental Mercury sextile with progressive Uranus. Put your intuition to good use.

Be attentive to loved ones on the 30th. Venus is opposed to Pluto and feelings veer towards extremes. Affection and intimacy can deepen or a separation could be permanent.


On the 1st an uplifting sextile between Venus and Jupiter launches the month in style. Moods are upbeat and weekend travelers are eager to be on their way. The good vibes persist into Sunday morning when the Cancer Sun aligns with mystical Neptune, inspiring a great many vacationers, artists, nature lovers and spiritual adepts.  

Independence Day features a super powerful Cancer new Moon conjunction of Mercury, the Sun, Moon and Venus. The four stars stand across the zodiac from Pluto, the planet of transformation. The alignment speaks to our fractured society as well as the potential for us to collectively reinvent our country. It's a complicated birthday chart, with many undercurrents but great potential for healing. Let's hope "We the People" get involved and elect a unifying new president this fall. Monday morning's new Moon is also the moment when the cosmos encourages activity and new beginnings.

Find supportive people to help you make your dreams come true. There are challenges. Thursday the 7th requires the skillful handling of difficult individuals. A wrong move can inflame tensions so be alert and show respect for differing opinions. Upbeat trends grace the weekend of the 9th and 10th. Summer fun is healing. Be careful if you're out traveling late Sunday night. Reduce your speed.

At mid-month the Sun is at odds with Uranus. Freakish events, outrageously bad behavior, and other disturbances serve as wake up calls. Be cautious on the roadways. We must cherish and protect loved ones, sacred places, and respected rights and institutions. There is room for improvement as evolutionary forces are in play.

The waxing Capricorn Moon is exactly full during the evening of Tuesday the 19th. Effective leaders understand the public's emotional needs and win the loyalty of their followers. The continuing T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune suggests that some authority figures are being less than forthcoming. Truth always has weight and resonance. Listen for it. Venus' Wednesday morning trine to Saturn assures us that good people and enduring relationships stand strong through all tests.

The Sun enters Leo the morning of the 22nd. A quiet week follows. Then, on Friday the 29th, the action picks up when Mercury tests Mars and Uranus retrogrades. Control your tongue and your emotions on this day of vagaries. Flexibility will help save time and energy, and keep the peace.


On Monday the 1st, the winds may suddenly shift and try to blow us off course but Saturn has a steadying hand on the tiller. Use discipline and tenacity when tackling chores and responsibilities. Tuesday's new Moon in Leo continues the taking care of business theme. Playtime arrives in a big way Friday night. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo so go out and enjoy the lively social scene.

Relationships may be volatile over the weekend. A series of challenging Mercury aspects can disrupt communications, causing regrets and confusion. Don't rush to conclusions. Give partners a chance to explain their point of view. Negotiations may be protracted. The 10th brings pointed messages but new uncertainties can test partnerships, as Saturn turns direct on Saturday the 13th.

A unifying rapprochement is likely around the 16th. The Moon is waxing full. The Sun is in trine to Uranus and then on Wednesday the 17th, Venus trines Pluto. Magic can happen under these influences. However, don't count your chickens. The full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th is eclipsed. Plans made before an eclipse rarely play out the way we think they will. At this time a loss of control can be a good thing, if fear is replaced by faith. Be ready to tune inwards, trust and go with the flow.

The Sun arrives in Virgo on Monday the 22nd. Positive thinking is both a powerful tool and good medicine, if you're looking to help others in some way. Mars overtakes Saturn on the 24th as both planets test Neptune. Watch the skies for dangerous weather this week. Keep an eye out for flooding and other water-related dangers. Drinking supplies and food purity need to be carefully monitored.

Happier trends come with the weekend. Venus joins forces with Jupiter during Saturday's evening hours, a great omen for a dinner party or night on the town! Mercury is also close by. Words soothe, encourage and convey love and respect with style and panache. The winged messenger is stationing and turns retrograde Tuesday morning. Get ready for another round of mind-boggling, eye-opening and at times amusing happenings.

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