Astrological Forecast For Spring/Summer 2017

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Spring comes ever so slowly to New England, but once the lengthening days and climbing Sun encourage the first flowers to peek out and songbirds return, all of life moves in a great rush. Astrologically, the warmer, greener and more fertile months of 2017 are a time when rapidly evolving realities command attention. The celestial indicators show a lively intellectual and spiritual climate. Passions are consistently high. Debates will be fierce. Socio-political and environmental changes are sweeping the planet. We can either stay informed and involved with the movement of ideas and power, stand up for what we believe in or ignore the developing opportunities and challenges at our own peril.


The Pisces Sun joins forces with Neptune as the month opens. The pairing is mystical in nature and opens the hearts and minds of many souls to new levels of caring and compassion. Reveries are quickly shattered as one of the year’s most pressing themes dominates the heavens. Jupiter forms the second of three upending oppositions to Uranus on the 2nd. The unthinkable is not only plausible, it is quite possible! The dynamic opposition pits freethinking visionaries against strong-willed conservatives. On either side of the political spectrum the alignment also fuels a need to find truth and experience freedom regardless of the cost. Laws and conventions will be rejected if they stand in the way of progress.

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, has been out in front of the Sun since late last year. On Saturday, March 4th she turns retrograde in Aries, giving the Sun a chance to catch up. There’s plenty of nostalgia this weekend as mental Mercury is conjunct Neptune. Expect many affectionate reunions in the next six weeks.

Be prepared to make compromises at the time of the full Worm Moon, exact the morning of Sunday the 12th. Love and wisdom win out over stick-in-the-mud adherence to the letter of the law. Be realistic this week but listen to the callings of your heart.

Spring begins with the Sun’s arrival in Aries at 6:29AM EDT on Monday the 20th. Plans may be all over the map until the invigorating Aries new Moon a week later. Clarity and determination are notable toward the end of the month although diplomacy is more conducive to growth and progress than unyielding pride.


Jesters and April fools laugh heartily as the playful Gemini Moon holds forth on the 1st. The flush of springtime receives a mighty push forward on Wednesday the 5th when Mars forms a trine to Pluto but things soon slow. That night Saturn turns retrograde, prompting a pause for thoughtful reflection. With the Aries Sun testing Jupiter and Pluto, and Venus at odds with Pluto, as well as Mercury turning retrograde on Sunday the 9th, plus a full Moon brewing, anything goes!

The full Pink Moon is exact during the early morning hours of Tuesday the 11th. It enlivens early spring flowers and the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Faced with chaotic uncertainties, a false move may be catastrophic, so think things through. Hoary-headed Saturn remains a guiding light. Listen to more experienced partners and elders. Use common sense and move slowly.

Love bug Venus resumes forward motion on Saturday the 15th while under the conflicting influences of a sextile to Mars and a simultaneous square to Saturn. The weekend of the 15th and 16th has great romantic potential but don’t rush things. Make love new. Take time getting to know the object of your affections.

After testing the last quarter Capricorn Moon the morning of Wednesday the 19th, the Sun enters earthy Taurus that evening. Other cosmic changes are imminent. The Sun overtakes retrograde Mercury just after midnight on the 20th. Pluto turns retrograde later in the morning and Mercury backs into Aries after noon. With all of this activity overhead there are multiple reasons to look back at recent happenings and come away feeling confused! Mars arrives in fickle Gemini Friday morning, setting mental gear wheels to spinning at full tilt.

Making sense of life is at last possible late in the weekend, as Mercury nears a trine to Saturn. The Taurus new Moon of the 26th is a green light for planting hearty, frost-resistant seeds and launching enduring endeavors.


On May Day a cardinal sign grand cross encourages frenetic activity. Minds race as Mercury, the still-retrograding planet of thought and communications, is in the thick of the planetary action. Avoid making decisions in haste. The winged messenger is again in forward motion as of the 3rd and has surprises in store due to a conjunction with unpredictable Uranus on Wednesday the 10th. Wednesday evening brings the full Flower Moon in Scorpio. Controversies rage this week as a secret deal is revealed and shifting personal relationships and political alliances impact countless lives.

Calmer nerves and cooler heads gradually gain the upper hand after Mercury arrives in Taurus on the 16th. Possibilities are clarified and hopes fortified by Saturn’s trine with Uranus on Friday the 19th. Technology can be a lifesaver but with Venus in an opposition to Jupiter Friday morning, some folks are in for a disappointment. Dream of the future but stay grounded in the present.

The Sun enters the transitional sign of Gemini on Saturday afternoon the 20th. The sign is transitional in that it serves as a bridge between two seasons, spring and summer. Famously curious and restless, many souls set their minds on upcoming travels and other learning adventures. This trend is reinforced at the Gemini new Moon on Thursday the 25th. Factor budgetary realities and time constraints into trip planning as Venus is at odds with Pluto the same day.

The Gemini Moon kicks off the Memorial Day weekend via a Friday evening conjunction with Mars. The open road is calling! However the Moon is at odds with Saturn just after midnight Saturday. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. This theme is further emphasized by Mar’s opposition to Saturn on Monday. Fatigue is a factor. If you need a nap while driving, pull over and take a rest. The month ends with a string of upbeat alignments on the 30th and 31st. Friendships are notably warm and enjoyable.


June bursts onto the scene with two fantastic trines. Loving Venus and stalwart Saturn form one on Thursday the 1st, just hours after the stressful first quarter Moon redirects attention towards responsibilities and goals. The Gemini Sun and optimistic Jupiter form the other on the 3rd. These trines are very favorable. Enjoy easy social ties and prosperity but don’t get lazy or cocky. Respect loyal, long-time companions and be prepared to roll up your shirtsleeves for an extra effort on Friday the 2nd. Venus is also conjunct Uranus during the wee hours of the 3rd, the classic love at first sight aspect. A tricky solar square to Neptune requires levelheaded thinking on Sunday the 4th. Stay focused.

Activity levels soar the week of the 5th. The Moon and life itself are waxing full. The fevered pitch culminates at 9:10AM on Friday the 9th with the full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius. Yum. It is fresh strawberry season and Venus is forming a delicious sextile with Mars. Affections are warm but the swollen Moon stands close by Saturn, and philosophical or political differences can have an adverse impact on some relationships. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson wryly noted, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Mixed messages carry us through the mid-month period. Mental Mercury forms an uplifting trine to Jupiter the morning of Tuesday the 13th. The go-go alignment is great for travelers, teachers, writers and sales personnel. However, later that same day Mercury is in a testing square with Neptune. Don’t be in such a hurry that you leave essential items behind.

A solar opposition to Saturn marks a turning point. Evaluating one’s status, achievements and life trajectory is in order but making substantial direction changes will take time. Be gentle with yourself as well as partners. Neptune, now in Pisces, turns retrograde on the 16th and backtracks until November. A dream or reverie may impart significant knowledge or inspiration.

Mercury’s opposition with Saturn on Sunday the 18th is a timely reminder. Kudos to Dads! A nearly simultaneous solar sextile with Uranus invites spontaneity and the pursuit of fun. The Sun enters Cancer and summer officially begins minutes after midnight on Wednesday the 21st. There’s no place like home during the new Moon in Cancer on the 23rd. Lively and engaging trends dominate through the 24th. Too much of a good thing and thin-skinned hyper-sensitivity can lead to problems on Sunday the 25th. Try to see the spiritual lessons hidden in stressful tests and encounters.

Travel is tempting as the month nears its end. Winged Mercury is part of a dynamic cardinal T-square and for many folks, new horizons beckon, physically, spiritually and intellectually.


There is an abundance of energy on the 1st. Channel and use it for constructive purposes. Political and philosophical differences can be extreme, so tread carefully. A Mars/Pluto opposition, exact on Sunday the 2nd, adds to tensions. Tuesday the 4th sees another stressful aspect, a square between Mercury and Uranus. Some folks feel thwarted. With the Sun preparing to test Jupiter on the 5th, the divide between partners and rival political groups is likely to be pronounced. Take the high road rather than contributing to hostilities.

The lunar cycle culminates over the weekend. Saturday night Moon gazers are in for a treat. On Sunday at 12:07AM the Buck Moon is full in Capricorn. The opposing Sun and Moon are part of a larger configuration, a T-square that also involves Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. We all do well to live by the Golden Rule this weekend and do unto others as we’d have them do to us. Balance familial needs and responsibilities with career demands.

Things mellow out for the week of the 10th. Savor this relatively quiet stretch of high summer. The last quarter Moon on Sunday the 16th raises a few eyebrows. A motivating cardinal grand cross is in play. However, hostilities may erupt at any time. Proceed deliberately and cautiously. Stay away from untenable and volatile situations on Monday the 17th. Use cars and other machinery with care. A trine between Venus and Jupiter during the afternoon of the 18th is a healing bright spot and may be cause for a celebration. The 19th is a good day to reach or sign an agreement.

The Sun is at odds with Uranus on the 20th and lightning quick changes can demand equally fast responses. No one is in the driver’s seat. Circumstances dictate what action to take. Be prepared to adapt and improvise. Find ways to relax and catch your breath on Friday the 21st.

The Sun arrives in his own sign of Leo on the morning of the 22nd and joins with the Moon early Sunday morning. This new Moon is hot stuff as fiery Mars is conjunct the Sun/Moon union. Follow the dictates of your heart but don’t neglect important partners. Excessive egotism can be a strain on ties. The second half of Monday the 24th offers a chance to restore damaged friendships.

Passions flare up when the Sun and Mars are conjunct on Wednesday the 26th. Overbearing behavior is a real turn off for less confident personalities. Leaders are advised to acknowledge their supporting staff. Evening plans may change Saturday afternoon but an easy-going sextile between Venus and Uranus early Sunday morning suggests that all ends well for those who go with the flow.


The busy stars mean serious business this month. Uranus turns retrograde on Thursday the 3rd. The eccentric planet governs friendships, community organizations, computers and intuitive abilities. If you haven’t done so recently, back up important files. Expect the unexpected, especially with Jupiter also in a testing square to Pluto, becoming exact the very next day. Rules, regulations and laws can seem onerous, used for retaliation rather than to promote fair play. The full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, exact during the afternoon of Monday the 7th, is eclipsed. Powerful emotions can bubble up, befuddling minds. Events may not go as planned.

More agreeable and productive trends hold sway over the ensuing week. The Leo Sun, along with Saturn and Uranus, form a potent fire sign grand trine. Mental Mercury’s retrograde on the super-charged 12th complicates and delays some matters but with the Sun making a trine with Saturn on Sunday, it’s wise to patiently stay the course. Commitments are tested on the 15th when Venus opposes Pluto. It may be impossible to please a partner. Talk over differences. Later in the week a satisfactory resolution is possible.

The Leo new Moon/solar eclipse on Monday the 21st casts a shadow that extends from the Pacific Northwest to the southern Atlantic seaboard. The shadow reinforces the political divides impacting our nation. Again, a fire sign grand trine configuration suggests that a true populist movement, one that serves the people, may yet save the Union. On a more personal and mundane level, this new Moon is a call to celebrate life by nurturing the spontaneous yet wise and creative wild child within. Tune in. Listen. Have fun!

The Sun reaches industrious Virgo and we are again faced with a seasonal transition as we pass from summer into fall. Lovers encounter rough seas when Venus tests Uranus on Thursday the 24th. A breakup is possible. Thoughts turn to post-vacation realities when the Sun overtakes retrograde Mercury on Saturday. Jupiter’s sextile to Saturn on Sunday helps make planning sound. Seek out and heed the voices of reason and experience.

The waxing Moon reaches its first quarter stage on the 29th. Goals may be unclear and energy scattered. Recall the intentions you set at the time of last Monday’s solar eclipse. Your inner self knows the route to take. August ends rather quietly, a pleasant respite before summer’s last hurrah. Keep looking up!

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