Astrological Forecast For Spring-Summer 2019

“Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.” — Paramhansa Yogananda

The stars continue to challenge us. Saturn is moving into a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, for the first such alignment since the 1930 discovery of the solar system’s tiniest and most distant planet. Their conjunction may be the ultimate reality check aspect. Both planets are associated with endings and fresh starts. Our species’ survival on Earth is at risk, due to human shortsightedness and greed. We have to decide what is important, both individually and as a global community.

Are our personal values and conduct sustainable in an age of manmade climate change? Does the convenience of cheap gas and plastics outweigh the dual threats of toxic air and waters? Do our politics and culture support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?  How can we achieve balance amidst much inequality? As former Justice of the Supreme Court Louis D. Brandeis noted, “We must make a choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

We face a great many serious choices during the forecast period. Each thought, each action is magnified under the combined force of Saturn, the planet of commitments, and Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. While an exact conjunction of the two celestial heavyweights is not exact until the beginning of 2020, this spring they give us a taste of things to come. Consider ways you can live a healthier, more satisfying existence. We must choose our priorities and hold political and corporate leaders accountable. Concerns are changing out of necessity. Governments and economic systems that reflect evolving consciousness are needed. The future is at stake. As Justice Brandeis also said, “Neutrality is at times a graver sin than belligerence.” Find ways to be involved. However great or small your actions may be, you can make a difference as we all welcome the warmer months of the year.


Relationships are in flux as the month begins. Venus is testing unpredictable Uranus the morning of the 1st. A struggling partnership can be salvaged, if one takes a long-range view. That may be more easily said than done, as after noon the Capricorn Moon joins forces with Saturn and Pluto. If an ending does occur, be compassionate.

Since early January all of the planets have been in forward motion. It’s somewhat unusual to enjoy such a long period of uninterrupted planetary progress. Mental Mercury begins a three-week retrograde on Tuesday the 5th. Poised at the Zodiac’s final degree, 29 Pisces, a momentary awareness can trigger profound understanding, precognitive dreams and deep appreciation of life. The next day is significant.

During the early morning hours of Wednesday the 6th, Uranus enters Taurus for a seven-year stay. The planet of surprises in the sign of money and values presents numerous challenges. Expect market volatility and policy changes. The Pisces new Moon also falls on the 6th. The Sun, Moon and mysterious Neptune are closely conjunct. A portal to cosmic consciousness is open. Creative types will plant the seeds for visionary projects. It’s time to follow your dreams, all the more so as the weekend of the 9th and 10th unfolds. Daylight Savings Time resumes at 2AM Sunday. Progress is notable around the 13th and 14th. Productive forces continue, as the Moon waxes full.

The astrological New Year always begins with the Sun’s arrival in Aries, aka the vernal or spring equinox. This year the new season starts on Wednesday, March 20th. That night, a few hours after the Sun enters Aries, the Moon is full! What a dynamic way to start off a new year! Personal initiative is fired up. Leadership skills motivate followers but be sure partners are on board. Teamwork and planning are supported by fine aspects between Mars and Pluto and Mercury and Saturn. Take advantage of these omens and remain a thoughtful, pro-active team player.

Mercury’s retrograde concludes on Thursday the 28th. Be ready to adjust schedules and plans as new information and priorities emerge. Pay attention to important messages, documents and precious items. Keep tabs on the weather. Mercury’s proximity to Neptune increases the possibility of a loss or mistake.


On April Fool’s day a midday practical joke could backfire. The Pisces Moon is testing Mars. Don’t jest at the expense of another person. More forgiving trends soon take hold. Dreams are likely to be vivid. Mental Mercury is overtaking Neptune, enabling many souls to spend the day viewing life through rose-colored glasses.

The new Moon in Aries kicks off a new activity cycle on Friday the 5th. Begin projects during the next two weeks, while lunar energies are on the rise. Delays are probable during the early going as the Sun/Moon tandem is at odds with Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter’s retrograde turn can further complicate matters. There could be philosophical differences but timely assistance from partners saves the day. If you need help, ask for it.

The first quarter Cancer Moon on Friday the 12th helps provide momentum. Cooperation remains a key factor over the weekend of the 13th and 14th. A fabulous Sunday morning trine between the Sun and Jupiter puts spirits in high gear. A road trip or other learning adventure provides inspiring entertainment.

The waxing Moon propels life onward at a rapid pace. Mercury’s entry into Aries on Wednesday the 17th adds to the in-a-hurry-live-passionately atmosphere. The Full Moon in Libra is exact Friday morning, the 19th. Our relationships with friends and place in the community come into focus. The Sun is close by Uranus. Many people look to reinvent themselves. Spring cleaning occurs on many levels.

The Sun enters Taurus on Saturday the 20th. Appropriately, this is the weekend of springtime religious observances. Earth Day follows on Monday the 22nd. The Sun is conjunct visionary Uranus. The defense of Mother Nature is spirited and well organized, driven by the outspoken Sagittarius Moon and her energizing aspects with Mars and Neptune. Altruism and reverence for the natural world are deeply felt.

Out in deep space Pluto turns retrograde the afternoon of Wednesday the 24th. A new exposé or scandal is likely to make headlines. The probability increases as the week progresses, culminating with Mars’ Saturday morning square to Neptune. Be on the lookout for fake news, dangerous weather, flooding, as well as water supply and plumbing problems.

Staid Saturn does an about face on Monday the 29th. This could be the time to review and renegotiate a commitment. The Ringed Planet remains in retrograde until September.


May Day features an active Mercury. Harmonizing with Mars and at odds with Saturn, the Winged Messenger sends mixed messages. One aspect encourages action, the other says, “Hold on, not so fast.” The trends are reinforced the very next day when Mercury is again conflicted, square Pluto and trine Jupiter. This can represent a win some, lose some scenario. In any case, it’s best to tread softly. Negotiate in good faith but expect to make further revisions.

Don’t start anything new on Friday the 3rd. Finish up what you can. The New Moon in Taurus occurs the evening of Saturday the 4th. It is then that the celestial green light is signaled. Sunday discussions may take on the qualities of a debate as Mars is at odds with Jupiter. Say what’s on your mind but avoid shouting. Instead, find satisfaction in reasoned statements.

Mental Mercury enters Taurus and finds Uranus waiting. The two form an exact conjunction on Wednesday the 8th. The pairing stimulates original thinking and much irreverence. Some merriment spills over from Wednesday into Thursday morning meetings and planning sessions. A fortuitous Venus trine Jupiter aspect elevates moods and delivers good news during this midweek period.

Loyalties could be tested on Friday the 10th. Stay firmly committed to your people and principles. Mother’s Day brings agreeable aspects. Give the nurturing souls in your life a break from usual routines. The week of Monday the 13th is favorable for taking care of business. The Moon is nearing its full phase and each day has unique blessings and rewards. The full Flower Moon in Scorpio is exact Saturday evening, the 18th. Venus is also conjunct Uranus the same day. There are many reasons to feel like a sweepstake winner as the powerful Moon holds sway.

Springtime transitions to a new, transitional phase as the Sun slips into Gemini on Tuesday the 21st. Mercury quickly joins the Sun in the chatty, effervescent sign. Social calendars quickly fill as Memorial Day heralds the unofficial start of the summer travel season. May’s ending is hopeful and yet measured. Mercury and Venus are both busy. The Winged Messenger stirs imaginations while Venus encourages tenderness as well as steadfast loyalty.


A relaxing but comfortable start reflects the less energetic moods typical of the waning lunar cycle. The cosmic reset button is pressed with the New Moon in Gemini on Monday the 3rd. Hopes may be unrealistic as the Sun and Moon oppose Jupiter and square Neptune. Caution is recommended. Get facts, recommendations and referrals. Do thorough research before investing or committing.

Loyalties are more keenly felt with Mercury’s arrival in Cancer the afternoon of the 4th. There’s ample room to include new friends along with familiar faces. Friday the 7th is an especially vibrant day for social activities. Misunderstandings and confusion are more likely on Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th. Mercury is testing Neptune and Jupiter and the Virgo first quarter Moon adds to tensions. Optimists remain hopeful but magical thinkers come crashing back to earth late in the week. Take steps to clarify communications. Get firm commitments. Check appointment times. Have contracts in writing and signed.

Moods are celebratory as the weekend of the 15th and 16th begins. After a gritty midday Friday opposition between Mars and Saturn, most folks are ready to unwind. The nearly full Sagittarius Moon favors gatherings of stouthearted, fun-loving souls. Dads are receptive to multiple suggestions and opinions as Father Day plays out. Everyone has something to say. Don’t be too emphatic. Leave room for gracious give and take.

The full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius dominates Sunday night. It’s exact during the wee hours of Monday morning, the 17th. Truth has a powerfully calming effect on emotions. Equivocating leads to annoying dissatisfaction. Workplace activities provide grounding Monday afternoon. Ambitions and efforts are maximized by the conjunction of Mercury and Mars near midday of the 18th. If needed, regroup on Wednesday the 19th. A long void-of-course Moon period holds sway. Plans may repeatedly be revised during the second half of the week.

Summer starts on Friday the 21st. The Sun enters Cancer just before noon. Neptune turns retrograde at nearly the same time. The siren call of sandy beaches, sylvan retreats and mountaintop vistas is irresistible. Many folks are inclined to travel over the weekend. An opposition between Venus and Neptune entices lovers of fun and adventure.

Making new friends and enjoying the ones you have is fostered by a solar sextile to Uranus on Thursday the 27th. The aspect is also a favorable omen for planning sessions, travel and the use of technology. If you’re ready to update, upgrade or modernize, the stars are with you!


Monday the 1st feels comfortably quiet. A voice from the past may be heard or an actual reunion could be in the works. On the 2nd the Cancer new Moon initiates a new round of activity. Holiday travel and all other enterprises enjoy a green light from the cosmos, but, with Saturn in opposition, caution is advised. Make peace with the past before advancing into the future. Mercury is slowing, preparing for a retrograde that begins Sunday, July 7th. When studied, history can be a wonderful teacher. This message is written in the stars during the first part of the month.

The 4th of July holiday is likely to hold surprises as well as political rallies. The Leo Moon is at odds with Uranus, a harbinger of restlessness and morning schedule changes. More agreeable energies dominate the fireworks-dotted night sky and the end of the week. Mental mercury turns retrograde during the evening of Sunday the 7th. An about face could be abrupt. Maintain friendly ties even if you feel disappointed on the 8th and 9th. This is a week that requires several readjustments of attitude and priorities.

A solar opposition to Saturn on Tuesday the 9th and Mars’ square with Uranus Thursday afternoon can each lead to revamped schedules. Have faith that whatever may appear lost will be replaced by something better.

As the Moon waxes full, the morning of Sunday the 14th sees the Sun make a tense opposition to Pluto. Blaming another is tempting. Collaborating can be far more rewarding. Emotional poise and maturity, as well as steadfast loyalty help overcome challenges as the full Buck Moon of Tuesday, July 16th, approaches. Even if you encounter opposition, seek compromise and cooperation whenever possible. If a relationship reaches an ending, let go with kindness and compassion.

Hearts are on the mend later in the week. Venus’ Thursday afternoon trine to Neptune sets off choruses of “I love you!” Testy partnerships again require TLC over the weekend of the 20th and 21st. You get more with honey than vinegar.

Expect to make fast tracks as the Sun arrives in fiery Leo on Monday the 22nd. Summer heat is on! The pace is torrid Tuesday morning but obstacles arise that afternoon. Wednesday the 24th’s tricky trends require deft management of people and projects. Be a leader. Delegate rather than demand. An animating angle between Mars and Jupiter inspires and affirms chosen pathways that Thursday morning.

Life seems comparatively mellow during the last weekend of the month. The hot, dog days of summer may slow some people, but not the planets. Venus enters fun-loving Leo on Saturday the 27th, a nice night for a party. Sunday is best suited for chilling out.

When the Sun tests Uranus on Monday the 29th eyebrows may be raised. Unexpected expenses, outlandish behavior and other surprising developments may necessitate a new course of action. Reflective moments are numerous as the Moon wanes on Tuesday the 30th. Finish rather than start projects. The month ends with subtle but dramatic shifts in intention and thought. Just before midnight of the 31st the Leo Moon is new and we begin a fresh cycle of creativity. Two minutes before clocks usher in August, Mercury turns direct. Once again, newly available information could lead to very different mindsets.


Four planets in Leo promote general goodwill and fun as August begins. Be sure to include less enthusiastic pals in your recreational plans. The quest for good times takes on almost religious fervor when the Leo Sun and Venus make nice to Jupiter on Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th. In addition to merrymaking, these are great auspices for broadening horizons via traveling and learning. Sporting contests are also spirited. 

Sunday the 11th brings reason to think twice. Jupiter turns direct in the morning and Uranus begins a lengthy retrograde that night. If a matter has you perplexed you may want to wait until after Thursday the 15th’s full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius. Future options are likely to become clearer after both the full Moon and Mercury’s Friday afternoon square with Uranus.

Planning is celestially supported when Mercury is in trine to Jupiter on Wednesday the 21st. Early that Friday morning, the 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo. The stresses of the exceptionally busy day may momentarily hide the fact that summer’s end is rapidly approaching. The weekend stars direct attention to summertime pleasures. Hearts float lazily through the relaxing final full weekend of the month.

A chance encounter on Monday the 26th could mark the start of an important new friendship. Be spontaneous and open to possibilities. Time passes quickly even as the lunar cycle winds down. On Friday the 30th there is a new Moon in Virgo. Practical sorts will get a jump on preparing for the coming change of seasons. Those who are still in vacation mode will be equally intent on acquiring or packing all the goodies needed for the upcoming holiday weekend.

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