Astrological Forecast For Spring/Summer 2020


“When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.”  — Ram Dass, Be Here Now

Humankind is at a turning point. The historic stellium of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, not seen since 1284, continues to hold sway. Capricorn is the pragmatic sign of grand ambitions and the structures that reflect them. Its ruling planet is stoic Saturn, the Lord of Karma. Pluto presently serves in restructuring businesses as well as governments, for better or worse. In recent years we’ve seen power consolidated into increasingly fewer hands. Corporate takeovers include businesses and governments around the world. Saturn and Pluto are associated with both endings and rebirths. Jupiter rules knowledge, principles and perhaps most importantly, truth. 

While leaders may talk of holding on or returning to the glories of the past, the future is calling. Old ways, systems and values are phasing out. Witness the growing number of extinctions of plant and animal species. As I am writing this, the continent nation of Australia is burning. Talking heads debate the issues of environmental degradation, climate change, energy sources and who controls them. Solar- and wind-generated power is increasing, but not fast enough. The pressing need to transition to life-supporting values, health care, technologies and business models is on the minds of millions. Some see the current alignments as ominous, but there is an upside.

According to legend, around 1150 a persistent draught and severe winters in the Mississippi River basin decimated the inhabitants. Desperate for food, wars broke out. A hundred years of fighting ensued. In the late thirteenth century, the last time these three planets came together in Capricorn, the desperate tribes of the northern Great Plains chose a different course. The peoples of the territories we know now as Ontario, Manitoba, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan began years of negotiations, ceremonies and planning. The tale of a monumental gathering to make peace was passed down through the generations. 

Alerted to the story, archeologists began exploratory digs in the late 1980’s. Corroborating evidence was quickly discovered. A gathering of tribes had occurred at The Forks, a site at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Chards of pottery from at least nine tribes, fish bones, sacred pipes, arrowheads and other artifacts confirmed ten thousand or more people attended. Modern science dates the meeting to around 1285! 

Now it’s our time. I remain hopeful that wise women and men will once again follow humanity’s better instincts and come together to achieve a lasting peace based on equality and respect for all of Mother Earth’s creation.

March 2020

Meteorologists consider March 1st the beginning of spring. I don’t expect the month to come in roaring like a lion but with the Pisces Sun drawing closer to Neptune, blasts of wintry weather may occur. Check weather reports before heading outside or traveling. Delays and communication snafus are likely during the first quarter Moon day of Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd. Both Mercury and Venus change signs that Wednesday. The retrograding Winged Messenger backs into Aquarius while Venus enters her own sign of Taurus. Mercury’s shift adds potential new layers of confusion but hearts grow more resolute late Wednesday night. Life is about to get busy.

Magic is afoot the weekend of the 7th and 8th. The Pisces Sun is conjunct Neptune while Venus aligns with Uranus. Dreams come true. Love is reborn. Social get togethers scintillate. Set clocks ahead one hour before going to sleep Saturday night. Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday. 

The potent full “Worm” Moon in Virgo is exact the afternoon of Monday the 9th. The opposing Sun and Moon are favorably aligned and empowered by Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, all in Capricorn. Mercury resumes forward motion that night. Surprises are in store, many are delightful. This is the week to be attentive to partners. A little TLC goes a long way towards rebuilding or maintaining ties. Pursue creative and artistic ventures on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th. Partnerships thrive these two days. 

The astrological year winds down as the Sun reaches the late degrees of Pisces. A new journey through the Zodiac starts on Thursday the 19th. The evening’s solar sextile to Saturn in Capricorn closes the astrological year. Certain lessons have clearly been learned. Karmic obligations may feel fulfilled. Clean the slate as best you can and make ready for the new. The Sun arrives in Aries minutes before midnight. Happy New Year!

Drumbeats of war may again be heard around the 20th when Mars unites with Jupiter. We would be wise to tone down inflammatory rhetoric at this time. Saturn enters Aquarius on Saturday the 21st. Give some thought to the foreseeable future this weekend. Sunday the 22nd is a pure delight. Venus is happily aligned with Neptune while Mars unites with Pluto. Hearts sing as desires are realized. Galleries, museums, movies, music, along with our lovely Mother Nature provide endless pleasures. 

The Moon is new in Aries on Tuesday the 23rd. Set intentions for the coming month and the zodiacal year. With support from Saturn, these intentions have staying power. Venus delivers many joys the last weekend of March. Relationships are strengthened. A change of scenery can be rejuvenating. Slow down and be patient on Tuesday the 31st. 

April 2020

This April Fool’s Day attempt no early morning pranks under the first quarter Cancer Moon. Practical jokers rub others the wrong way under the tense alignment. There’s time for more relaxed, good-natured fun after noon. Work at maintaining friendly ties on Thursday the 2nd. On magical Friday night, a waxing Leo Moon and Mercury’s conjunction with mysterious Neptune set the stage for weekend adventures. Saturday the 4th’s stars bring long time friends together. Jupiter overtakes Pluto that night. Some folks make emphatic statements. Others profess a love of facts and principles, but be on the lookout for hidden agendas.

The waxing Moon brings numerous mood swings and tempo changes on Monday the 6th. After a day of dizzying developments, the full “Pink” Moon in Libra glows bright in the Tuesday night sky. Revelations reshuffle political standings and alliances. Some leaders fall from grace before the month is out. Uneasy feelings may linger until Friday, when more harmonious trends arrive. Enter into agreements and make important decisions on Saturday the 11th.

Tuesday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th are not easy days. Like the proverbial Ram, those who know what they want keep their heads down and resolutely move toward their goals. For others, financial worries, peer pressure and other distractions can be tough to overcome. Satisfaction comes from a job well done and the weekend of the 18th and 19th is a good one to celebrate hard won gains. However, new concerns may arise with the Sun’s late morning entry into Taurus on Sunday the 19th. A Solar square to Saturn brings delays. Money matters command attention. Use the time wisely. Carefully consider your goals and the surest ways of attaining them. 

The new Moon in Taurus occurs the night of Wednesday the 22nd. The skies are filled with mixed messages. The Moon, Sun and Uranus are conjunct and also in testing angles with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. Uncertainties hover over the proceedings. Getting ahead can feel like pulling teeth. If people work in unison, great things are possible. Set aside thoughts of instant gratification and serve the greater good. 

Plans may need revision during the last week of April. Mental Mercury tests Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, then conjuncts Uranus on Thursday the 30th. Shifts in perspective and changes of consciousness impact many lives. Be open to better ideas as well as technological breakthroughs. 

May 2020

Loving Venus is at odds with mystical Neptune on the 3rd. Their heart-stirring square tests the capacity to be loving, especially when facing adversity. Be kind with partners and cautious with finances. Thoughts are quick to race as excitable Uranus influences the Taurus Sun and Mercury. The emotional pitch is also rising. The busy first week of May culminates with the full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio the morning of Thursday the 7th. Make an extra effort to share resources, power and decision-making with key pals. Mother’s Day, Sunday the 10th, is stellar. Uplifting influences continually brighten spirits.

Mixed trends soon return. Mercury is in a square with Mars on Monday the 11th. Words spoken in haste can be hurtful as well as counter-productive. Fortunately, during the mid-month period there are also many constructive aspects between Mercury and the Sun in Taurus to Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter. Where there is a will, a way can be imagined and implemented. May is also the month of retrogrades! Saturn in early Aquarius on the 11th, Venus in Gemini on the 13th and Jupiter in Capricorn on the 14th all begin to track backwards. These are good reasons to pause and take stock of current realities as well as recent developments. Second thoughts and course changes are inevitable. Upbeat Sunday the 17th is a fabulous day for an adventure. 

The Sun arrives in Gemini the morning of Wednesday the 20th. Some feel an itch to travel. Venus’ same day square to Neptune tugs at heartstrings and could occasion a painful loss. Protect your feelings as well as your financial standing. Friday the 22nd sees the New Moon in Gemini. Star-crossed lovers are at their wits’ end. A steadying trine from Saturn to the Sun and Moon encourages listening to cooler heads. Saturday night of the 23rd is one of the season’s best for a successful date, reunion or party. Mellower trends carry us through until the end of the month.

June 2020

Under a waxing Libra Moon, June opens with the focus on the relationship dance. Monday the 1st features many beguiling moments. Partnering is far more challenging on the 2nd when Venus tangles with Mars. If a disagreement occurs, input from an impartial third party can be helpful. Business and social life is very active this week. Wednesday and Thursday are good for meetings. 

The full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius brightens Friday the 5th. A lunar eclipse could complicate matters. Rivalries may be intense, and seemingly without resolution. An attitude adjustment could be necessary. Don’t forge ahead where there is confusion and disharmony. Monday the 8th brings cooler heads and is a good day to mend fences. The Sun’s square with Neptune on Thursday the 11th brings new challenges. Trust issues continue to plague independent-minded thinkers through the last quarter Moon day of Saturday the 13th. Where uncertainty clouds options, it is probably best to wait. Take cover if the weather becomes ominous. Mars is also conjunct Neptune on Saturday so protect your wellbeing and assets.

While not without challenging moments, smoother sailing blesses the week of the 15th. On Thursday the 18th Mercury in Cancer begins a retrograde that lasts until July 12th. The backwards track stirs up many memories and longings of the heart. The Sun arrives in Cancer during the afternoon of Saturday the 20th. Summer is blooming! Late Sunday night the Cancer new moon eclipses the Sun. Every eclipse is an opportunity for aligning with one’s higher self. In this case, family ties, especially with father figures, enter into the process of self-discovery. Some leaders may drop a peg or two in the eyes of the world.

Quieter skies dominate the last part of June. On Tuesday the 30th, Jupiter is conjunct Pluto. The Sun and Mercury also conjoin while making a sextile to Uranus. Around this time the potential for personal growth and transformative realizations is enormous.     

July 2020

July’s first major aspect is the Cancer Sun’s sextile to Uranus. Psychic antennae are up. The prospect of change feels enticing. As we approach Saturday, the 4th of July, it’s important to remember we are still in eclipse season. Daytime lunar aspects are potentially irritating. Drive responsibly. The nearly full Moon is at odds with Mars and retrograding Mercury. Evening sees a lunar sextile with Uranus, promoting brother and sisterhood and general good will. Less than an hour after midnight, early on the 5th, a lunar eclipse accompanies the full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn. The public’s disenchantment with leadership in Washington could galvanize into a movement for peace and representative democracy. The “three amigos,” Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, stand close together in late Capricorn, bearing witness to the need for real reform and honest solutions to the problems facing our nation! 

Mercury resumes forward motion on the 12th. People are inclined to stand up for what they believe in during the middle of the month. The Cancer Sun opposes Jupiter on the 14th, Pluto on the 15th and Saturn on the new moon day of the 20th. This new moon is at the last degree of Cancer and closely opposed to Saturn. Illusions have worn thin. Debts have to be paid. A haunting sense of finality may at last give renewed clarity and purpose as another activity cycle begins. 

The Sun reaches fiery Leo the morning of Wednesday the 22nd. A sense of anticipation is sparked by Mercury’s sextile to Uranus, so follow your hunches that day and the next. Instincts serve us well until the weekend, when mental discipline is a must. Saturday and Sunday the 26th require patience, tact and diplomacy. Busy Monday the 27th features the activating first quarter Moon in Scorpio and multiple planetary alignments. Don’t rush into commitments. A change of heart could occur after noon. The 28th and 29th are productive but Thursday the 30th requires focus and concentration if you want to maximize your effectiveness. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

August 2020

Treat others with appreciation and respect during the first few volatile days of the month. No matter how great the temptation is to break free from restrictive circumstances, slow down, be grateful and savor the joys in life. Commitments are a part of life but they need not define us. The emotionally charged full “Sturgeon” Moon is exact at midday on Monday the 3rd. With the Sun and Moon testing Uranus, many souls will wonder where they truly fit in. Don’t worry about it!

Late Tuesday night, the 4th, Mercury enters Leo. Soon the Winged Messenger is in a tense square with fickle Uranus. Give yourself, as well as others, permission to change course. Mars’ square with Pluto on Thursday the 13th underscores the need to formulate new strategies. Make plans as the Leo Sun and Mercury align with Mars on the 16th and 17th. Tuesday the 18th brings the new Moon in Leo and a green light for launching projects. Progress may be slow at first as Mars is at odds with Saturn on Monday the 24th. The lack of speed offers an opportunity to fine tune operations. Revisions continue during the first quarter Moon phase on Tuesday the 25th. Big improvements are likely but avoid overreaching. 

Vacationers seeking a respite from summer’s heat have auspicious aspects for travel on Friday the 28th as well as Saturday morning. Slow down Saturday afternoon. The Aquarius Moon provides vibrant social entertainment that night. Tricky aspects warrant slowing your pace on Sunday. Partnerships benefit from a caring, delicate touch, even as the waxing Moon keeps everything moving along at a lively clip.     

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