Astrology Forecast for Fall 2012

"No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities." — Joseph Campbell

As I was out walking the dogs recently, it occurred to me that Earth also feels astrological energy patterns. While my eyes took in the pine and oak trees, fields and sky, I wondered whether Mother Earth could sense the stressful square between Uranus and Pluto and then realized, of course she does! This square was first exact in June of this year and will continue as a series of seven exact squares into the spring of 2013, however, its effect could be felt during the past two years as the aspect moved into position. The last time Uranus and Pluto were in square was eighty years ago, during the early 1930's. Sadly, the weather in the U.S. has been reminiscent of Dust Bowl days, as drought and extreme heat are being reported around the world. The tense alignment between Uranus and Pluto has generated financial and political uncertainty. In many respects we are being handed a supreme opportunity. Astrological aspects simply represent energy, and there is a lot of it around today. We are all along for the ride and each have unique contributions to make.

September opens with an opposition between mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune. Under this alignment the start of the Labor Day holiday weekend — for many families summer's last hurrah — features an especially poignant mood. Financial concerns may lead to sobering realizations but a very active Mercury pattern suggests that quick thinking and resourcefulness can help improve the financial outlook during the first half of the month.

The Virgo new Moon on Saturday, September 15th ushers in a new activity cycle. Set your intentions but be ready for unsettling news. Pluto resumes forward motion on the 18th and the very next day is in an exact square with Uranus. This is the second such square in the current three-year series of the Pluto/Uranus square. Destabilizing, as well as fueling the search for the fair, wise use of power and resources, the square inflames debate in the weeks leading up to the U.S. presidential election. Divides may seem insurmountable but a show of respect for differing opinions helps to ease tensions on the 20th.

The autumn equinox, the Sun's arrival in Libra, occurs on Saturday, September 22nd. While Libra has a reputation as the sign of balance and harmony, as well as tactful and diplomatic behavior, the stars warn us to be ready for just the opposite. By month's end the Sun stands in perfect opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. At the same time the energizing Harvest Moon sails high overhead. The Aries Moon is full at 11:19 PM on Saturday the 29th. The odds are indeed high that this last week of the month will see a new round of political upheavals, failing governments and social unrest, as well as significant earth changes. Personal transformations are also likely.

October's onset gives us a chance to regroup. The first few days are relatively quiet. Then things get busy again. On Wednesday the 3rd a Venus opposition with Neptune cautions against risking one's reputation or hard-earned cash. Jupiter retrogrades on the 4th. Information may be sketchy. Slow down and do your homework. Ferret out facts from reliable sources. On Friday the 5th Mercury and Saturn enter Scorpio, the latter for a two and half year stay. Those born under cardinal signs can breathe a sigh of relief. For Scorpios and other fixed sign natives, hunker down and prepare to be tested.

The Ringed Planet always tests us by limiting us in some way. In Scorpio, a traditional money sign, there are likely to be changes in the global market place. Interest rates may begin to creep upwards. The extent of malfeasance on the part of bankers and government regulators is likely to be front-page news. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is unlikely to let abuses go unnoticed or unpunished. Whether we are talking about corruption on Wall Street, in London or Beijing, a course correction is under way. The potential for positive change is enormous as Saturn in Scorpio is harmoniously aligned with Pluto, the planet of power and regeneration.

An uplifting string of motivating celestial aspects graces the mid-month period. Saturn's trine to Neptune, exact during the night of the 10th, epitomizes the potential for a diplomatic or humanitarian breakthrough. This is a fine week to commit to a cause or project. On October 15th the new Moon in Libra is supercharged by a trine between fiery Mars and inventive Uranus. For those starting new endeavors, if you want your results to have long term impact, patience will be required.

This fact is driven home the following week. The Sun enters Scorpio the evening of the 22nd and promptly engages Saturn in a conjunction. The two stars are in trine to Neptune. Ideals are deeply held. Change for the better is the dangling carrot offered by candidates of both political parties. On the 28th Mars' opposition with Jupiter fires up impassioned debates. Stay calm. Everyone has their own opinions. The building crescendo climaxes with the waxing Moon.

The Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus is exact at 3:49PM on Monday the 29th. Tune out hyperbole and boasts and get busy with practical concerns. Partnerships can be notably fruitful at this time, provided there are basic agreements about sharing responsibilities and managing finances.

Venus is in a most challenging position as November begins. The Goddess planet stands in opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. Many relationships feel the strain of this push/pull scenario. Run from challenges or dive in more deeply; those are the bottom line choices. With winter fast approaching and mental Mercury about to retrograde, I recommend diving in. Who said love is easy? Even though Mercury retrogrades on the 6th, Venus gains new life from a trine with Jupiter, exact during the wee hours of Friday the 9th. Let loving forgiveness lead the way. The retrograde of Mercury gives us several weeks to mull over options.

Tuesday the 6th also happens to be Election Day. Mercury's retrograde raises the specter of another stolen election, like the one in 2000. The last quarter Moon is exact that evening. I foresee an Obama win, but there will be plenty of griping from all corners.

The new Moon in Scorpio occurs during the late afternoon of Tuesday the 13th. The Moon eclipses the Sun while Mercury is square to Neptune, another planet that has recently turned retrograde. These are ominous omens for the world's financial health. Travel indicators are also iffy as the busy Thanksgiving travel week approaches. Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th, from where he tests Uranus in Aries. The risk of accidents and random acts of violence increases. Mercury remains retrograde so be sure to check news, weather and traffic reports before leaving for the airport or setting out in a car.

Moods brighten with the Sun's entry into Sagittarius on the 21st. Thanksgiving Day unfolds under a pleasing alignment between the Sun and Moon. Relax and enjoy the holiday. Monday the 26th is a fabulous travel and communications day. The Sun trines Uranus just as Mercury resumes forward motion. Decisions can be quite easily made under these auspices. We're in a busy, waxing Moon stretch of time. Mars joins forces with Pluto on the 27th. The potent pairing can elevate personal ambitions, but remember, play fair.

Exact at 9:46AM on Wednesday the 28th, the full Moon in Gemini is eclipsed by the Earth's shadow. Keep your mind open. That's the only way to learn. Opinions formed in the past and rigidly clung to offer little opportunity for intellectual or spiritual growth. Détente between Venus and Mars makes it easier to smile, laugh and show real affection on the 29th. As the hours of daylight shorten, nurture your inner light and keep looking up!

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