Astrology Forecast for Fall 2014

"The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." — William Butler Yeats

The trees tell autumn's tale. From the lush greens of early September to the first flaming leaves, and then finally November's bare branches, the changes are stupendous. Seaside tourist towns and forest campgrounds seem suddenly deserted, abandoned to hardy locals and the ghosts of summers past. For millions of folks it's time to stow away summer toys and get back to school or work schedules.

Fewer hours of daylight and the Sun's passage through Virgo announce that the harvest season has arrived. A mouthwatering cornucopia of apples, pumpkins, corn, squash and other victuals can be seen piled high at an ever increasing number of regional farm stands and markets.

New England's September and October skies are some of the year's most perfectly clear and blue. Perhaps it is the Sun's mid-September arrival in Libra, the sign of beauty and harmony, that stirs my reverence for Mother Nature's artful handiwork. Who can resist stopping to admire a stately maple adorned in yellow and red? As the Sun orbits lower in the sky, shadows seem to caress treetops, buildings’ faces and other objects of interest. Get out, enjoy the season and celebrate this glorious world we live in.


The unofficial end of summer is early this year. Monday, September 1st is Labor Day. It's mostly a quiet affair. On the 2nd, after some early morning stresses, agreeable aspects help people ease back into the flow. Life seems a splendid adventure. The Virgo Sun is moving into a beneficial sextile with Pluto during this period. Exact on the 3rd, the aspect may be profitable for some and occasion profound learning experiences for others. It generally supports teamwork. Life's pace accelerates as the Moon is waxing.

The full "Harvest" Moon in Pisces is exact on Monday the 8th at 9:37pm EDT. Expect the usual histrionics as well as notes of sublime tenderness. A trio of oppositions underlines the rules, or lack of rules, in various engagements. Protect assets. Take time to ponder important decisions. I generally advise against making major changes in the heat of full Moon madness. It will be several days before things quiet down. Even then, mixed trends persist through the middle of September. Mental Mercury in Libra is activating the dangerous Uranus/Pluto square.

Decision-making is easier after Mercury opposes Uranus the morning of Saturday the 13th. Later that same day Mars enters Sagittarius, stirring hearts and impassioning minds. Learning is encouraged and views are voiced ardently. Romance is in the air this weekend as well.

Stay alert and informed of your local weather around Sunday the 21st. Mars tests Neptune that day, increasing the risk of an accident or dangerous weather conditions. You cannot be too careful!

Pluto is also making waves. The diminutive but powerful planet of transformation turns direct Monday evening. At 10:29PM on Monday the 22nd the Sun enters Libra and fall officially begins. This is the Autumnal Equinox, the moment of balance between the forces of darkness and light. A political or business scandal may be a major story this week.

A fresh activity cycle arrives with the Libra new Moon of the 24th. Many new relationships will begin during the next two weeks. Evolutionary voices speak up when Jupiter forms a fabulous trine aspect to Uranus on the 25th. This aspect confers rare talents and genius. Unexpected travel is another good possibility. Broaden your horizons. Go ahead, try new things!

Mercury splashes down into stubborn Scorpio on the 27th and Venus alights in her own sign of Libra on Monday the 29th. These two shifts are late September's most notable astrological events. Most of us will enjoy a quiet few days.


A stressful first quarter Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto on the 1st. There are likely to be reports of bad behavior by all the usual celebrity suspects during the next week. The Libra Sun is also moving into a sensitive position, square to Pluto on the 4th and opposite Uranus on the 7th. Extremists thrive on this type of chaotic energy. It may seem as though the world has again gone bonkers. Mental Mercury turns retrograde on the 4th, as well. Making sense of insanity seems to be a full time job these days. But with Mercury in Scorpio, the sign of other people's resources, following the money trail will clear up many mysteries.

Mars in Sagittarius makes fine aspects to Uranus and Jupiter during this first part of October. Truth will come out and with it, some things will be set right. The full "Hunter's" Moon in Aries is exact on Wednesday the 8th at 6:51AM. This is also a lunar eclipse, with the Moon close to Uranus and her own south node. Karma is sure to catch up with many religious and political figures around this time. Our home planet is in a delicate state. Earthquakes and other global changes may be disruptive but good motivation for enacting new, environmentally responsible and socially just laws.

Travelers off on an adventure and lovers alike will benefit from the sextile aspects formed by the Libra Sun and Venus to Jupiter in Leo. These angles are about having fun. They hold sway from Friday the 10th through Tuesday the 14th. A string of upbeat alignments carry us through the middle of the month. Old friends are likely to reappear around the 17th, when Venus passes by retrograding Mercury.

The Sun enters Scorpio the morning of Thursday the 23rd. Venus follows suit during the early evening. At 5:57PM, the Sun is eclipsed by the new Moon. What a neat package. The Sun is tightly aligned with the Moon and Earth, and Venus in the mix, too! Tune in. Meditate. World financial markets are likely to shudder. As with every eclipse, it's best to wait a few days for the dust to settle and circumstances to be clarified. The edification process begins in earnest on Saturday the 25th when Mercury resumes forward motion.

Mars begins an important transit through Capricorn, the sign of big business and big government, on Sunday the 26th. Reformers get a boost from trine aspects between Venus and the Sun to Neptune on the 27th and 28th. Artists and romantics can well appreciate the loving vibes. Halloween promises to be a festive one, but over-indulging one's sweet tooth presents definite risks. Be kind to your teeth and your waistline.


As the new month arrives we are once again energized by a waxing Moon. Saturday the 1st features a relaxing morning and superb social indicators for the evening. A night on the town with a special someone or with close friends is a time to remember. We change the clocks back to Standard Time at 2:00AM Sunday. A solar sextile to Pluto on Monday the 3rd, the day before Election Day (Tuesday the 4th) suggests that incomprehensible amounts of cash will be invested in partisan politics. It's time we pass laws that remove secret money from our nation's elections!

The full "Beaver" Moon of Thursday the 6th is exact at 5:23PM. This is another powerful full Moon. The Scorpio Sun is conjunct Venus and Saturn while all three stars oppose the Moon in Taurus. Broken promises and unmet expectations weigh on many minds. Equitably sharing responsibilities as well as resources appears to be the solution to many problems.

Fiery Mars then takes center stage. On Monday the 10th the red planet overtakes Pluto. The conjunction can set off fierce struggles to determine who is in control. On the 12th Mars squares Uranus, triggering a new round of global instability. Other more promising aspects shore up fragile partnerships, but Venus' conjunction with Saturn, also on the 12th, can signal a heart-breaking end for some relationships. Neptune turns direct on Sunday the 16th. Pay attention to dreams and subliminal messaging.

The Sun passes through its annual conjunction with Saturn during the wee hours of the 18th. Decisions carry the element of finality. While second-guessing will be tough to avoid, the odds are your choice is realistic. The Sun steps into Sagittarius and finds the Moon waiting the morning of Saturday the 22nd. This Sagittarius new Moon always kicks off the holiday season. Travel could be complicated this weekend as Mercury tests Jupiter. The 25th brings more snafus. Avoid journeying on that day if possible.

Friendships are warm but expectations are likely to be overblown the night of the 26th. Our national day of Thanksgiving sees fantastic influences. The Aquarius Moon is a plus for camaraderie and friendship. Helpful aspects to Uranus and Venus help spread joy around the dinner table and beyond into the community. Be ready for travel delays over the weekend. Missed messages and bad weather may again be critical factors as fleet Mercury tangles with Neptune. Err on the side of caution, and keep looking up!

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