Astrology Forecast for Spring 2013

New friendships and mutually beneficial alliances are among the bright spots of late.

“Just living is not enough said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” — Hans Christian Anderson

Under this year's planetary alignments, as each new season begins we all feel enormous forces of change. Around the time of the spring and autumn equinoxes and also the summer and winter solstices, the trio of the transiting Sun, Mercury and Venus acts as a catalyst. Personally and collectively, these days of upheaval may seem strangely detached, wildly emotional, chaotic or gracefully flowing and, at times, even catastrophically out of control. At the core, the great challenges of today are symbolized by the persistent square between Uranus and Pluto. The two astrological powerhouses clash over a three-year period, making seven exact testing aspects between 2012 and 2015. There were two such squares in 2012. This May features another one.

Fortunately, Pluto has able help from Saturn. Their sextile alliance suggests that emerging priorities may be acted upon successfully. Structural reforms in relationships, businesses and governments must and can be made. Redirected as well as overlooked resources can be put to better use. We all must face facts. Jet-setting around the globe is fun, but air travel is highly destructive to the environment. Wireless devices are convenient, but increasing numbers of people are falling ill from electro-magnetic pollution. Institutions need to adapt; lifestyles must change.

Governments and corporations that put profits before the welfare of our planet, its people and the myriad creatures who inhabit it must be reined in. We have it within ourselves to detox, heal and create a post-capitalist world model that is sustainable and peaceful. There is no better time of year to make these new commitments than spring.


From the start we are in a lively pattern. Five planets are gathered in Pisces, the Sign of the Fishes. There is a great deal of inventive energy at our disposal. Be ready to swing into action as the Pisces Sun complements both Pluto and Saturn on the first day of the month. These solar aspects symbolize a golden opportunity to make constructive changes. Take time out for periods of introspection over the weekend. Private contemplation can lead to wonderful realizations.

The Sun overtakes retrograde Mercury on Monday the 4th. Many folks will find themselves at a crossroads, reflecting on the past and pondering the future. The last quarter Moon, exact during the afternoon, cautions against putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Getting organized shouldn't be a problem, provided one invests the required time. By mid-week Venus and Mercury move into supportive alliances with Saturn and Pluto. During the early morning of Friday the 8th the sobering ringed planet and Pluto form an exact sextile. Use available talents and resources and many major problems will be solved this week.

The new Moon in Pisces occurs on the afternoon of the 11th. The ensuing week is fairly low key but don't be fooled by appearances. Big things are in the works. Mars, hinting at things to come, zips into his own sign of Aries on the 12th. Mercury returns to forward motion on Sunday the 17th. Wipe the slate clean and prepare for the new astrological year!

The Sun's entrance into Aries, aka the spring equinox, happens early Wednesday morning, the 20th. A brand new journey through the zodiac begins. The hours of daylight and darkness are balanced. Feisty Mars forms a tricky conjunction with Uranus the afternoon of the 22nd. We may be hearing about dramatic Earth changes and political upheavals this week. Drive safely. The Moon is waxing full so activity levels are on the rise.

The highly motivating full “Worm” Moon in Aries, exact at 5:27am EDT on the 27th, may set the humble little earthbound creatures to wriggling double-time. It also prompts personal growth spurts and has the potential to trigger revolutions, wild weather and other natural disasters. Venus and Mercury bring pleasant surprises during the days that follow. New friendships and mutually beneficial alliances are among the bright spots of late March.


The Aries Sun's sextile to Jupiter launches April with an air of eager confidence. Aside from tensions during the night of the 2nd, the mood is mostly mellow during the first half of the month. Passions are high and the promise of romance is great on Saturday night, the 6th. A new Moon in Aries heralds early spring planting on the 10th. It's time to get busy and launch other new projects, as well.

Speed wins some races but can also be dangerous around the time of the waxing first quarter Moon in Cancer on Thursday the 17th. Be careful while driving. Words of love flow freely that evening, so treat yourself and a loved one to something special.

The Sun reaches earthy Taurus on Friday the 18th. Mars follows suit the following day. Mental Mercury is also busy, triggering the Uranus/Pluto square over the weekend of the 20th and 21st. With Venus testing Saturn, giving essential partners respect is essential. Failure to do so may lead to a permanent split, so pay attention and be loving.

Fittingly for the occasion, Earth Day celebrations on the 22nd unfold under a gritty Virgo Moon. All hail, Mother Earth! Broaden your horizons while Mercury aligns favorably with Jupiter on Tuesday the 23rd. This is a fine day for learning and travel or for booking holiday reservations. The Moon is almost full and the increased excitement is palpable. The pace of life accelerates rapidly as a number of revelations, inspirations and resolved controversies make the 24th a day to remember.

The full Moon in Scorpio has long been associated with the Buddha. His spirit is thought to return to Earth each year at this time. Exact at 3:57pm EDT on Thursday the 25th the full Moon also happens to be a lunar eclipse. Both the Sun and Mars are in harmony with mysterious Neptune. Full Moon meditations are sure to be especially deep. Ommm. These next few days are a good time to face security and investment concerns, but be cautious. The Sun and Moon are both in money signs so an upcoming announcement or unforeseen event may soon negatively impact the marketplace. On Sunday morning, the 28th, a solar opposition to pragmatic Saturn brings many souls back down to Earth with a sobering dose of realism. Respect your limitations. Plan carefully in order to reach desired goals most efficiently.


On the 1st, the Sun's trine to Pluto helps offset a challenging aspect between Mars and Saturn. Where there's a will, there's a way. Asking partners for help will make tasks easier. Much progress can be made this week but with four planets in Taurus, plan to move slowly and deliberately. Follow your heart's inspiration on Friday night the 3rd. Watching a movie may be a total immersion experience.

Mental Mercury and feisty Mars form a dynamic duo in the sky. The two make trine aspects to Pluto so the period from the 5th through the 7th is especially fertile for getting one's material plane act together. Don't put too much at risk though. The solar eclipse/new Moon in Taurus on the 9th can be another game-changer in financial worlds. A new round of seed planting is encouraged but be ready with some back-up plans.

Mother's Day is blessed by a lunar conjunction with Jupiter. The morning alignment sets the tone for a happy and relaxing day. Keep a close eye on valuables on Monday the 13th. Hearts are open but inattention can lead to a loss. Join in a spontaneous celebration on Saturday the 18th.

The square between Uranus and Pluto then returns. On Monday the 20th the two are again locked in a precarious ninety-degree standoff. The Sun enters Gemini on the same day. Life's experiences intensify while simultaneously the ephemeral nature of things can make them feel haunting. Mercury's same day sextile to Uranus opens a window into the future but questions and uncertainties remain. The coming full Moon is eclipsed by the Earth's shadow. This week's plans and events will likely take unexpected twists and turns. Just after midnight, at 12:25am on Saturday the 25th, the full “Flower” Moon sails high in the sky. The Sun and Moon are at odds with Neptune, the planet of confusion as well as idealism. Parks and beautiful natural habitats are magnetically appealing. Use the “buddy system” if you go swimming over the holiday weekend. Strict abstinence from drugs and alcohol is advised for those operating motor vehicles, boats, etc.

A joyful trio of planets, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, brighten minds and lift hearts on the 27th and 28th. Be generous and ask life for what you want. The cosmos is voicing a profound “yes.” On Friday the 31st, the last day of the month, change is again in the air. Mercury enters Cancer and Mars goes into Gemini. The waning Pisces Moon is square to the Sun. The ensuing restlessness is but a prelude to new adventures, which will soon begin. Have a travel bag handy, and keep looking up!

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