Astrology Forecast for Summer 2013

After a very long winter and a chilly spring marred by an unprecedented assault on the cherished Boston Marathon, this summer is the time for New Englanders to relax their shoulders and let their hair down. Millions of residents and visitors alike can be found trekking across sandy dunes to enjoy shimmering ocean beaches as well as back yard barbecues, picnics and camping at countless rivers, lakes, ponds, and parks.

The entire region is startlingly alive with wildlife, too. From great whales frolicking in the National Marine Sanctuary of Stellwagen Bank, to majestic soaring eagles and countless other creatures both large and small, there is much to see and hear. The land and forests are rich and fertile. Everything seems to exhale life! From the southernmost islands to the Canadian border, farm stands hum with activity, tables piled high with mouth-watering fruits and vegetables.

Over it all arcs a great blue sky. At night the heavens glisten with the light of myriad stars. How I thrill watching the lights of fireflies at dusk give way to the wonders of the Milky Way as night deepens!

As wonderful as summer in New England is, it is short. We do well to make the most of every moment of every day. This sentiment is echoed by the continuing presence of the major astrological alignment of our lifetimes, the square between Uranus and Pluto. Invisible to the naked eye, these two distant planets are having an enormous effect on our dear Earth.

Uranus amplifies idealism, the voices speaking out for social justice and clamoring for technological progress, such as wind and solar generated electricity. The maverick planet also encourages the search for freedom and enlightenment. In esoteric astrology it is called The Great Awakener.

Pluto, on the other hand, represents the repressive powers of some governments, corporations and industrialists, and their stranglehold on democracy. Known in mythology as Lord of the Underworld, Pluto evokes the darker side of the subconscious, where emotions such as rage, jealousy and envy lurk. Historically, Pluto has occasioned uses and misuses of power.

These two planets remain at odds during the summer months. Global shifts in influence are under way. The USA is no longer supreme. China and other emerging economies are increasingly viewed as worthy rivals and, for better or worse, are growing in importance around the world. Change has rarely been easily welcomed. We humans are creatures of habit. But we must embrace change and progress as best we can. Even with summer’s less hectic schedules, there will be many surprises.


June begins with a taste of things to come. The Gemini Sun is aligned with visionary Uranus. Weekend social gatherings are friendly affairs, filled with optimistic people. The Moon is on the wane so be sure to finish up what you can before the new Moon in Gemini on Saturday, the 8th. Double-check all plans, schedules and travel arrangements. Take nothing for granted.

Summer officially arrives on Friday the 21st. Many folks will be off on marvelous, dream-come-true adventures. Others will soon be facing tough challenges. The Sun in early Cancer tests both Uranus and Pluto, initiating a new cycle of confrontations and transformations. Many issues come to head around the time of the 23rd’s full “Strawberry” Moon in Capricorn, exact at 7:32 AM EDT. If you’ve been feeling stuck, help soon arrives.

Jupiter begins a year-long stay in Cancer on the 25th. A couple of days later mental Mercury turns retrograde. These planetary events provide chances to reconsider one’s place in life, and hopefully gain some useful new perspectives. Jupiter and the Sun are also part of a watery grand trine configuration, along with Neptune and Saturn. We find once again that the world sorely needs loving kindness and arts that inspire. Err on the side of caution over the weekend of the 29th and 30th. The last quarter Aries Moon triggers a fresh round of tensions late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Mind your manners and your speed.


4th of July celebrations are deeply nostalgic as well as passionate. The Cancer Sun is in an exact square to jittery Uranus. Unexpected happenings can necessitate the re-scheduling of some planned events. Use phones, computers and tablets to stay up to date on the news. Heartfelt feelings and great camaraderie are hallmarks of the entire week. Savor home and family life as the Moon nears the new stage over the weekend.

During the wee hours of Monday the 8th Saturn turns direct and the Moon is new. The cosmos is sending powerful but mixed signals. The Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury all oppose Pluto and square Uranus. The stars can resuscitate ventures that have been on hold since winter but progress is likely to be halting at first.

The middle of the month with its waxing Moon and several stellar alignments boosts activity and performance levels. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, forming a perfect grand trine, are at a peak. Mars has entered into and energizes the configuration. Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 20th and we’re off to the races! This may be the finest week of the year for creative, compassionate and enlightened undertakings.

Minutes before noon on Monday the 22nd the Sun enters Leo and just two hours later the full “Thunder” Moon in Aquarius is exact at 2:16PM EDT. Mars is also conjunct Jupiter. It’s hard to imagine a more dynamic start to the working week. However, we must all be vigilant in our personal conduct and aware of goings on in the world. Jupiter and Mars are testing the Uranus/Pluto square. Explosive developments and Earth changes are an unavoidable part of modern living. Pay attention, especially on Saturday the 27th.

The overheated astrological climate continues without letup until the last day of the month. Venus, the Goddess of Love, graces the evening sky and provides several helpful late July alignments. Give yourself to love and you cannot possibly go astray.


August brings easier traveling. The waning Moon helps calm the hyper-charged atmosphere. Social auspices are excellent for the first weekend of the month. The Leo New Moon of Tuesday the 6th is a prelude to Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto. Communications are laced with hidden meanings and convoluted logic. Freudian slips can be quite revealing. Threats are voiced. The opposition can also spur constructive shifts in philosophical and political thinking. Be a pragmatist and you’ll make the best of these potent energies.

Keep your eyes set squarely on the new and good during the weekend of the 10th and 11th. A breezier, more easy-going stretch of time takes us through to the full “Sturgeon” Moon. Exact at 9:45PM EDT on the night of Tuesday the 20th, the Moon evokes mystical overtones as it is also aligned with Neptune. Jupiter is in square with Uranus the same night so we may discover some surprising new pieces of information and alliances.

More changes follow. The Sun on the 22nd and then Mercury on the 23rd enter Virgo, the traditional sign of the harvest. These sign changes are the reminder that summer will soon be gone. The planets squeeze a lot of activity into the final week of August and I’m sure many readers will be doing likewise.

Be aware of your consumption of food and drink over the weekend. Both the Sun and Mercury, conjunct on Saturday the 24th, stand opposed to Neptune. If you’re boating or swimming, be sure to have a buddy who knows your whereabouts at all times. Absolutely no drinking and driving! The dangerous period extends through Monday the 26th.

Romantic relationships can follow a tempestuous course around this time. Venus is testing the Uranus/Pluto square and also at odds with Jupiter. Generosity may be unappreciated and lead to unwanted consequences. Pick your companions wisely.

Rational thinking is a valuable tool later in the week. On Wednesday mental Mercury aligns with Pluto. Don’t second-guess your gut feelings. A solar alignment with pragmatic Saturn as well as Mercury’s rambling sextile aspect with Jupiter launches the Labor Day holiday weekend with great fanfare. Much of the weekend plays out with the Moon in Cancer, the sign of domesticity and family. Both weekend getaways and relaxing backyard barbecues are excellent options. Do what you please to renew your spirits, and remember, keep looking up.

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