August 16 Is National Honeybee Day

Photo via Flickr

Love bees? Want to see them protected? Want to protest the companies that are killing them? Or just learn more about the critical role they play in sustainable gardening?

On Aug. 16, beekeepers, gardeners and activists will gather in cities from coast to coast—and everywhere in between—to celebrate National Honeybee Day. Urban beekeepers will lead an event in Los Angeles.

Visitors to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Ga., will get to tour recently added hives—just like the ones Carter’s father used to keep.

f8TXn02RckSFVofnjSRnQWZ31bmZl1tK7fCmcgep3YBRljhUDcmrnK6PsXiV7dyRueHU884YJoiJXGAHhhr2ZJiwcJOax2ComZplf1f9ucbU  e6tXOdpANT3KxhZpUs0-d-e1-ftFrom Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, there are great opportunities to take action for honeybees on August 16.

You can join in.

And if you do, we’ll send you “Plight of the Honey Bee” flyers and “Give Bees a Chance: Go Organic!” bumper stickers (while supplies last).