Author: Alexandra Ross

How To Quit Smoking

Smokers are generally advised to quit smoking in order to improve health and prevent chronic disease. But the nicotine addiction can be one of the hardest to break.

Dehydration and Weight Gain

Although there are many factors related to weight gain such as an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and even heredity, most people fail to realize how an overall inefficiency of water in the American diet can stand in the way of weight loss and healthy living.

Getting Started With Meditation

The challenge that exists for aspiring meditators is in knowing where to start. Answering three simple questions can make the process smooth, allowing you to develop a regular meditation routine and reap the benefits that meditation can bring.

Understanding Acidosis

Acidosis is a potentially serious condition that occurs when the body’s pH balance is upset, resulting in a weakened internal environment that renders one susceptible to disease.

6 Simple Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle and it doesn’t have to take forever, even if you have many pounds to lose. Follow these simple tips that can put you on the path to weight loss you can sustain for years.