Author: Lori McCray

Dig Your Own Well

Each winter, I watch William do the hard work of searching for open water (although this winter has been oddly warm), which inspired “Dig Your Own Well.” Keep digging; it’s worth it.

Haiku #176

Burst the bubble between you and the enjoyment of all the beauty that surrounds you with the simplicity of Haiku #176.

A Love Story

The first outing of these little ones was last week, although I saw that some of the cygnets had already hatched, very far away from the edge, where I couldn't go, and wouldn't, probably, even if I could.

The Golden-ness of the Light

I see with a poet’s eye toward beauty. The tiniest discoveries delight me. The sleek vole who scurried beneath my pot of portulaca. The grasshopper, pretending to be a peony leaf. The mourning dove feathers I’ve been so tenderly collecting, and now I’ve met the birds, sitting sweetly in my garden.