Author: Recyclebank

10 Tips To Green Your Halloween

Sometimes the thought of potential Halloween trash can be more frightening than Halloween itself. Here are some green Halloween tips that are sure to scare away waste without affecting your Halloween treats!

10 Tips to R-R-R At Your Next B-B-Q

From the type of grill you use to your post-food-coma cleanup, there are tons of ways to reduce waste at your backyard barbecues (and maybe even reduce your carbon footprint while you’re at it). Here are 10 tips to ensure the best and greenest barbecue season.

Top 10 Recycling Questions

Recycling makes the biggest impact when the only things in our recycling carts are items that can be processed by the local MRF and efficiently recycled into new products. Of course, it’s not always clear just what those things are, and it seems like every day brings a new reason to ask: Is this recyclable?