Book Review — Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: Aromatic Alchemy for Personal Blends

Sandra Kynes
Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: Aromatic Alchemy for Personal Blends

2013, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota

Scents stir our deep memories and in doing so support psychic work and connect us to something beyond ourselves. Containing the life force of the plants from which they come, essential oils give clarity and purpose to magic and ritual. Mixing Essential Oils for Magic is a well-organized guidebook to creatively blend specific oils together to boost intentions and amplify energy. Step-by-step directions for magical mixing by botanical family, scent group and perfume note are imaginative, well laid-out and easy to understand. An extensive profile section highlights specific essential oils and includes history, blending information, warnings and magical uses. Hyssop, for example, is perfect for clearing negativity and purifying a space or person. It manifests change and can be used to attract money and beauty. Aromatic alchemy creates powerful potions. By providing the energy of the green world, plant aromas become our magical messengers.

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