Born Great

Lying dormant inside each of us is a creative genius waiting patiently to escape, to manifest itself and to realize its potential. Every human being has equal access to this greatness — we all have unlimited potential. Why, then, do some people become superstars, artists, or famous authors, while others fail to use their potential?

At any time after the inception of one’s soul, most of us inadvertently develop creativity blocks, start feeding ourselves negative messages and receive and accept negative messages from others. A creativity block is any internal obstacle that stops you from getting to where you want to go, achieving a goal or manifesting your potential. It can be physical, emotional, or even spiritual in nature. Yet creativity blocks do not need to be permanent conditions in our lives.

The Behavior of Highly Creative People

Highly creative people are so determined to create that they develop an intense focus which ultimately turns into self-hypnosis. In other words, they trance-out on what they are doing. As they trance-out, the picture they paint in their minds becomes more vivid, or the story they are writing becomes more ideal until they can’t help but taste, feel, see, hear and smell the reality of what they are developing. Creativity then becomes the natural by-product of this mental imaging.

More simply put, highly creative people seduce themselves into becoming more and more creative. They mentally draw realities for themselves that are so appealing that they cannot resist stepping into them physically. A drive to produce is the happy end result. During the process of focusing and visualizing, talents lying dormant in their subconscious minds automatically reveal themselves in the form of creative solutions and ideas. The release of the previously blocked talents allows for their total success.

Creativity most readily surfaces when one operates within the flow of the universe. To place yourself inside the flow of the universe you need only recognize that you are a part of a larger whole. As you contribute to the good of the whole, your own best outcome is readily accomplished and you automatically place your self on the path to your own ultimate success.

born-greatReasons Why Some People Fail

Many of us have to deal with a little voice of insecurity that speaks to us at all the wrong times. This voice frequently prevents us from doing what we otherwise would be capable of doing. To overcome this voice you can choose to mentally turn it down or shut it off so that it stops preventing you from proceeding down the path of your success. You can also create a voice of encouragement inside yourself that consistently cheers you on and says things like, “Way to go!” “Good work!” “Excellent job!” “You are a winner!” and “Everyone likes you!”

You can choose to become your own best friend, your own guardian angel, and a cheerleader for yourself. This thought process does much to overcome any negative programming that you may have been subjected to and automatically turns your mind towards a powerful and more positive direction. This process works for things as simple as writing a paragraph or drawing a flower, or for something as complicated as building a company from the ground up because the power of positive thinking is vastly productive. (Likewise, the power of negative thinking is vastly destructive.) As one feeds on positive thoughts he or she becomes a vessel of power.

Creating the Energy to Succeed

Many people do not complete creative projects (or fail to market them) because they are lacking the energy to do so. Without energy there is no power. Energy can be created mentally, physically, and spiritually. Positive thought creates mental energy. Eating healthy food, drinking water, and exercising regularly create physical energy. Meditation and prayer manifests spiritual energy. It sounds simple because it is simple. If you eat healthy food you will have more physical energy. If you exercise regularly, you will help your body to move energy through itself and to rid itself of negative stress energies. If you meditate or pray you will draw through yourself universal and spiritual energy that will also manifest as physical and mental energy, power, and wellness.

The following factors can deplete your energy supply and should be avoided:

  • drug, alcohol, or cigarette use
  • consumption of toxic, low quality, or high fat foods
  • negative thoughts and actions
  • poor self-esteem
  • behavior contrary to your health and the fulfillment of highest your purpose

To manifest more power and creativity, eat healthy food, think positive thoughts, and avoid behavior and activities which act against the fulfillment of your highest purpose. Use the tools of self-hypnosis, creative visualization and prayer to increase your power and creativity in countless ways. By taking on the actions of a creative and powerful person, you will become one.

Julie Griffin is a non-denominational healing facilitator and founder of The House of Living Faith healing and teaching ministry. She can be reached at (603) 635-8066 or Visit for more information.