Breaking Up With Your Big Bank

Dear Friends,
For years John and I have been embarrassed to have accounts at Bank of America, considered changing banks for years, but were too lazy and uninformed to make the switch. Happily, the momentum of recent events has offered the perfect impetus to gather information as to how to make the best possible decision to finally make the jump. Yesterday, we did the deed, are pleased and feel slightly empowered.

So I'd like to share what I learned — the informative articles, resources, and such — with all of you. Listed below are helpful news articles and useful tools so that you might make the best possible move. Next are sites for you to locate banks or credit unions in your area. I hope if you're interested in making the move this stuff might get you started! — Janice


Five Credit Union Myths Busted

CNN-Money: Move Your Money

Huffington Post: Move Your Money Activists Prepare for Bank Transfer Day More Consumers Leaving Big Banks for Credit Unions


Find a local bank: (does not offer credit union information)

Locate a credit union:

Locate a bank:

Banks or credit unions in your area: