Carole Lynne

Psychic Medium - Spiritual Teacher - Author - Musician

Carole Lynne is an internationally recognized credentialed psychic medium, award-winning author, spiritual teacher, public speaker and media spokesperson. She studied Spiritualism in the U.S. and is an ordained minister certified by the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches.

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Company Name: Carole Lynne

During the past 20 years of channeling and performing readings for people in the U.S. and 12 countries, she has continually seen the detrimental effects that the lack of closure can have on an individual and the positive results that a reading can have on one”s mental and physical health. Her contention is that everyone has psychic abilities and these abilities can be cultivated to create a happier and healthier life.

Carole Lynne is a psychic medium who offers private and group readings on the telephone and in-person. During mediumistic consultations she brings accurate and compassionate messages from loved ones in spirit. During intuitive guidance consultations she connects with higher guidance and focuses on issues in your life. She offers demonstrations of spirit communication and seminars in Spiritualist churches, spiritual centers, and meeting halls.

Carole Lynne has been interviewed by ABC World News and The Boston Globe. She has studied mediumship both in the United States and Great Britain and her spirit communication style is influenced by both countries.

Despite her celebrity status and hectic travel schedule, she continues to perform readings on a daily basis as an extension of her own spiritual journey. Schedule your reading today — (617) 964-0058 or

Telephone psychic readings or in-person psychic readings — accurate and compassionate
Receive messages from loved ones in spirit.

Cosmic Connection

COSMIC CONNECTION: Messages for a Better World
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Learn how you can connect with your own inner guidance to improve your personal life and make better choices for the world. Do you wonder “what this world is coming to?” There is no reason to fear if we can make the cosmic connection to divine consciousness. Listening to fearful predictions will only harm us. Let us be positive and hopeful as we evolve into better human beings.

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How to Get a Good Psychic Reading for a Better World

How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium
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Learn the differences between different kinds of readings, so that you make an appointment for the kind of reading you need. Many people who call psychics are really looking for mediums and vice versa. Once you know the kind of reading you are looking for, learn the questions you should ask when you call to make an appointment with a reader.

Most important: learn about your role in a reading. Many people do not realize how much their behavior can influence the success or failure of a reading. By learning what to expect and what not to expect when you have a reading, you will be a more informed client and therefore will do a better job in helping to create an atmosphere that will allow your reader to do the best job possible. You will not waste time asking questions about readings to which you already have the answers. You will have a better understanding of what it is like for your reader to go into an altered state of consciousness to retrieve the information you are looking for. With a better understanding, you will have better communication with your reader and the chances of your getting a great reading will be doubled!

Contact Information


Carole Lynne – Psychic Medium – Spiritual Teacher – Author – Musician
Phone: 617-964-0058
Fax: 617-969-0377

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