Could Your Health Problem Be A Wellness Problem?

Health and wellness are often thought of as similar topics; however, there is a primary difference between the two. This difference helps us to decipher whether an issue we're having could stem from our physical health or emotional imbalance.

When we get aches, pains or feel stressed out often, it's easy to think that we might be coming down with something such as the flu. However, it's not always the case, as our level of wellness is linked to our health in a significant and overlooked way. Once this link is uncovered, we can assess our problems in a broader sense and offer ourselves an effective solution that will alleviate or extinguish our symptoms.

Wellness And Your Physical Health

Our physical health and our overall level of wellness are intrinsically linked. Science has studied how our stress levels and emotional balance impact us, and the results show that when we're feeling negative, our immune system is weakened, leaving us vulnerable to illnesses.

A few years ago, I was frequently stressed out over my job and studying at home while at the university. There was always so much to do and it felt like I had an endless amount of tasks on my to-do list, however I felt lazy and lethargic all the time.

Headaches, flu and fevers were prevalent in my life at that time, and now I can see why. At the time I thought I had health problems, but it turns out it was all wellness related. I learned to relax, use my time wisely and let go of stress. All of a sudden, I noticed I was feeling vibrant, healthy, energetic and enthusiastic.

I can see how easily those wellness related issues could have spiraled out of control and damaged a much larger portion of my life, but the discovery of emotional health impacting physical health saved me from where I was heading.

Mind, Body And Spirit

The topic of mind, body and spirit is something that is commonly heard and spoken about these days. I certainly knew the phrase before my wellness issues pervaded into my life. However, the concept of those areas being connected didn't sink in until I began to work on my wellness problems.

It all starts in the mind. We have thoughts that bring us down, they're negative and don't serve our wellbeing. This then begins to impact our physical health, and these two areas combined cause us to become ill more frequently, seriously dampening our spirit. The formula is simple, yet it took me discovering the world of wellness to understand it and implement full health for my being.

If you have what appear to be health issues, try to assess your thoughts in a mindful way. See if they're potentially damaging or negative, as they could be the root cause of your discomfort and illness.

Wellness Solutions

Whether your health problem is physical or wellness related, you can benefit from assessing and improving your level of wellbeing. By all means still visit your doctor if you haven't, as they will be able to help you medically and mentally. Yet these ideas can help in addition to anything you're already going through to alleviate your issues.

In my experience, the following areas helped me to overcome my wellness problems and remove the health side-effects of my emotional wellbeing:

  • Mindfulness yoga
  • Dieting
  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of observing your thoughts rather than engaging with them. We have the power to control which thoughts we want to entertain and which we want to let pass. However, until we understand this perspective and start putting it into practice, we can let every conscious thought we have impact our emotional well-being, whether it's positive or negative.

I started to notice thoughts I was having related to my health issues when I learned mindfulness. Thoughts such as, “I have too much going on, it’s stressing me out” and “All this hard work is making me ill.” I didn't realize how obvious these thoughts were until I paid attention to them. I was literally reinforcing to myself the fact that I was stressed out and telling myself that I was going to be ill. This happened on a continuous basis until I stopped engaging with those thoughts.

Once I stopped giving them my time, they eventually stopped forming. My wellness problems began to dissolve very quickly afterward.


I always had an interest in yoga, for its roots are set in spirituality and a connection with the universe. However, the health and wellness benefits of yoga are incredible. I also found that it went hand in hand with mindfulness, and the two could be practiced simultaneously.

I practiced Kundalini yoga, which has a heavy focus on spirituality but is also physically intense. After a short period of time learning Kundalini yoga, I felt a deep connection being revealed between me and everything else, which helped me cope better with everything that life threw at me at the time.


Lastly, improving what I ate and drank helped me feel more vibrant and energetic. I was consuming a lot of fast food, fizzy drinks and coffee when working hard, as it seemed like an easy choice. However, eating and drinking those kinds of substances actually left me feeling depleted, lethargic and in a negative mind state. Making the switch to freshly prepared meals rich in natural fats and sugars instead of chemical substitutes made all the difference.


It's important to understand that health related issues don't always enter our lives randomly. We can induce them into our being by not taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically as well. In my experience, I found that improving my mindset, perspective and connection with the universe helped me to feel healthier internally, which then began to manifest in my external world. It was a transformation from inner to outer, as that's where our wellness resides.

I urge you to assess your emotional wellbeing if you're feeling under the weather as well as contacting your doctor. Medication can alleviate symptoms, but it won't cure a wellness problem.

Caroline Black is a health and tech blogger at eHealth Informer. She enjoys spreading awareness for general health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on spiritual connection.

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