Creating Heaven On Earth

Back in the 1960s and 70s, there arose a magical community in Northern Scotland called Findhorn, founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy and their friend Dorothy Maclean. At least it seemed magical, because they were doing something that had never been done before—growing a proliferation of vibrant and healthy fruits and vegetables on mostly barren sand and gravel. They had worked hard to create their garden by adding composting ingredients to the sand, but visiting experts from the Soil Association, a Scottish group dedicated to organic gardening, insisted that just compost and straw mulch mixed with poor, sandy soil was not enough to produce the magnificent profusion of plant life in the garden—and asked about a “Factor X” that could account for it. One expert, picking up a handful of the powdery soil, exclaimed in amazement that things shouldn’t be growing there at all! Then, although he had not spoken about it to anyone else, Peter finally revealed that “Factor X” was their active cooperation with the devas and nature spirits, outlined in detail in The Findhorn Garden.

Being a gardener myself, I found this fascinating, and began to search for other instances of human-nature interaction. I was already aware of early experiments described in The Secret Life of Plants suggesting that plants have a measurable reaction to being cut and are also somehow inwardly ‘tuned in’ to their owners’ thoughts and emotions. Soon I discovered Michael Roads, a non-native Australian gardener transplanted from the UK, who wrote about how he was able to feel what plants and other elements of nature experience by merging his consciousness with theirs. His description of what a climbing vine experienced when it was poisoned was enough to deter me from ever using poison to kill even a weed!

In the U.S., Machaelle Small Wright picked up the Findhorn approach and founded Perelandra. Initially a simple garden created by communicating with nature spirits, it soon developed into a complete educational Nature Center. Like Findhorn, it has gradually evolved into a spiritual hub focused on teaching others the principles of living in harmony with all living things.

The Findhorn and Perelandra gardens and Michael Roads’ experiences are actually physical demonstrations of basic principles from the Ageless Wisdom teachings: everything is energy, and everything is interconnected. Every aspect of nature is like a cell in the energetic body of the planet, and because of this oneness, the kingdoms of nature—mineral, plant, animal, human, and spiritual—are in constant communication. This takes place at non-physical levels, through the etheric counterparts of every dense physical form. For the lower kingdoms, it is with nature spirits, who oversee them individually, and devas, who provide the “blueprints” for specific plant, animal, insect, etc. varieties. In order to communicate consciously with them, we must develop our intuition, as they did in these remarkable gardens.

Because devas respond to energies, our thoughts and intentions affect them positively or negatively. When our thoughts and actions are hateful and divisive, the devas become disturbed. For example, the wind and fire devas, when disturbed, may create powerful winds and amplify wildfires. At Findhorn, all the plants in the garden were continually bathed in love, and the gardeners followed the specific instructions of the devas and nature spirits as well, ultimately creating a piece of Heaven on Earth.  

Today, this information about inter-species communication is not widely known, and the concept of oneness and interconnection has not yet reached critical mass. In fact, especially in developed countries like the U.S., nature is still being treated as a commodity to be exploited and then discarded by the power-brokers who make policy decisions. Therefore, climate change is wreaking havoc on the Arctic and Antarctic, melting glaciers and raising sea levels along the coasts, where about 40 percent of humanity live. Plastic trash in huge gyres is polluting the oceans and killing marine life, and excess carbon is acidifying it, destroying huge swaths of coral along with their marine ecosystems. New studies show that overall species loss is 10 times worse than scientists previously thought, with current extinction rates 1,000 times higher than normal. Weather extremes are creating millions of climate refugees and devastating entire cities and towns. The situation is dire. Can our separation programming be overwritten before we create irreparable damage to Earth and all life?

The Ageless Wisdom offers great hope. The most recent proponent of this teaching was Benjamin Creme, following predecessors Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, and Alice A. Bailey. Further, because he was in direct contact with one of the Masters of Wisdom— custodians of Earth’s evolutionary plan—Creme had access to information about our current situation and the extraordinary help we are about to receive. For over 30 years, he gave lectures and interviews around the world, wrote 17 books, and edited Share International magazine—all to inform the world that the head of our spiritual hierarchy, Maitreya, would soon be entering the everyday world, along with about 40 other masters in his group. His advent would be to help humanity through the multiple crises in which we find ourselves; reveal to us our true identity as divine beings—all brothers and sisters of one humanity—and inspire us to create a completely new civilization based on oneness and the interconnectedness of all things.

On the day that Maitreya announces himself and speaks to all humanity telepathically, we will suddenly know, everyone all at once, that we are intricately connected with everything on our planet. Can our separation programming be overwritten? Yes, it can! First we will be given a clear picture of our choices: business as usual, leading to utter destruction, OR sharing the world’s resources more equitably and building a beautiful new civilization. Then, if we choose correctly, with a new awareness of who we are and with the help of spiritual masters to point the way, we will stop doing things that harm Mother Nature, restore the planet, and indeed create Heaven on Earth.

Cher Gilmore is a student of the Ageless Wisdom and a long-time Share International volunteer. The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, a book by British author Benjamin Creme, provides the broader background for this interconnected reality from the esoteric perspective. Visit

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