EMF Dangers: Drones Akin To Cellular Phones

My article in Spirit of Change holistic magazine (Summer 2011), "EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Century" contained an error. The Pericardium meridian, which mediates hormone balance, was incorrectly identified as a yang meridian, when it is in fact a yin meridian

In addition, I would like to call attention to the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer, which met in Lyons, France in May, 2011. Reviewing data concerning the incidence of 1,237,913 new cases of brain cancers, the organization classified non-ionizing radiation as a possible human carcinogen, in the same category as DDT, lead, and engine exhaust. Cell phones, cell towers, Wifi, Smart Meters, cordless phones, baby monitors and other wireless devices all emit non-ionizing radio frequencies.

This cell phone/radiation/cancer link was announced in all U.S. mainstream media outlets on Memorial Day, yet hardly evoked a stir of concern beyond the initial sound bites. Cindy Sage, co-editor of the international collaboration Bio-initiative Report, was quoted on www.emfacts.com (June 24, 2001) that in light of these recent IARC findings, "The FCC needs to re-assess and update public safety limits in accordance with new evidence that low-intensity (non-thermal) EMF exposure can cause cancer. The FCC needs to adopt new, biologically-based public exposure standards that protect people from chronic, wireless exposures, including those populations who may be at higher risk for environmental toxins (children, the elderly, those with pre-existing medical problems, people with medical and metal implants, etc)."

Cell phone users are being advised to lower their exposure by text messaging, alternating ears, and holding the phone further from the body. However users do not realize that they boost the ambient radiation in the environment every time they use a wireless device, and that the presence of necessary transmitters and towers jams the frequencies of the airwaves for all living beings, around the clock.

Callers are encouraged to purchase phones according to the SAR rating, the Specific Absorption Rate. The acronym could also become known as Simply Abominable Research. As Carleigh Cooper explains in her book Cell Phones and the Dark Deception (2009, Premier Advantage Publishing) a representative sample of tissue is utilized based on the assumption that all tissue absorbs radiation at the same rate and that the radiation is equally distributed. This implies that the specialized tissues of the eyes, salivary gland, thyroid, sinuses, ears, and brain all "cook" at the same rate in all individuals.

While humans may vainly try to mitigate radiation damage by following industry product guidelines, cell tower radiation extends far and wide beyond the human population. In 2006, one million bats in North America perished due to white nose syndrome. According to David S. Blehert, a microbiologist at the US Geological Surveys National Wildlife Center, "This may be the first disease ever characterized specifically targeting a hibernating animal, and its mode of lethality is different from anything science has ever seen." (National Geographic, March 2011) The bats are dying in part due to "untimely arousal" when they awaken from hibernation in the winter, starving and freezing because they are out of synch with nature.

Additionally one million honeybees have perished due to colony collapse disorder. The bees are disappearing, possibly failing to navigate their way back to the hive. Speculation has arisen that cell phone signals are contributing to this disruption.

Despite industry assurances, the use of wireless devices is becoming a moral issue for growing numbers of individuals. The dependence on instantaneous and continuous contact through wireless technologies contrasts sharply with spiritual teachings of all traditions, which seek to cultivate inward states of calm, loving kindness and unification with the cosmos.

Military drones and cellular phones manifest a similar energetic dynamic. At the push of a button, damage (whether in the form of bombing or non-ionizing radiation) is unleashed on an unseen and distant target from a detached and dissociated source. Spiritual traditions which espouse the tenet of non-harming cannot be reconciled with the reality that wireless networks are subjecting all living things to non-ionizing radiation.

Presence, patience, and planning are hallmarks of human potential, which have been eclipsed by war inspired technologies. 1 million bees, 1 million bats and 1 million brain cancer victims ask humanity to divest from wireless technologies, so that all beings in all worlds may be happy. Although many individuals have resilient auras and have been able to withstand the electromagnetic assault, the choices that we make today will affect the food supply of tomorrow and the pollinators who make the growing season possible. With informed hearts, wisdom and grace, a course correction aligned with spiritual evolution can still unfold.

Patricia Burke