Author: Patricia Burke, Natural Blaze

America's Brain Under Siege

Using the Clean Air Act to justify wireless smart meters as a “solution” to climate change is akin to giving industrial-scale drain cleaner to an infant for indigestion.

Picture A World Without Honey Bees

In 2007, the term Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was coined when honeybees in 24 U.S. states and four continents began disappearing. Worker bees failed to return to the hive, leaving the uncapped brood abandoned.

How Do You Measure A Year?

In the tale of the birth of Jesus, three wise men follow a star to Bethlehem. By studying patterns in the cosmos, they anticipated the beginning of a new era in the Age of Pisces, heralded by the birth of Christ.

EMF Dangers: Drones Akin To Cellular Phones

My article in Spirit of Change holistic magazine (Summer 2011), "EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Century" contained an error. The Pericardium meridian, which mediates hormone balance, was incorrectly identified as a yang meridian, when it is in fact a yin meridian.