How Do You Measure A Year?

In the tale of the birth of Jesus, three wise men follow a star to Bethlehem. By studying patterns in the cosmos, they anticipated the beginning of a new era in the Age of Pisces, heralded by the birth of Christ.

Over 2,000 years later, a new era dawns with the Age of Aquarius. Many cultures around the world have anticipated this period as a critical juncture in history. Information from the Mayan calendar and the writings of Nostradamus have been interpreted with foreboding, predicting that nature will inflict massive suffering on powerless individuals.

Kate Rafferty teaches Ageless Wisdom at the Theosophical Society in Arlington, MA, and has studied Transformational Kinesiology extensively at the Polaris Institute in Denmark. She gives voice to a viewpoint echoed by many mystery schools. Souls clamored to be born during this evolutionary window corresponding to the changing of the ages, and those who incarnated at this time "won the lottery." The course corrections necessary at this time offer unprecedented opportunities for individual soul evolution.

A significant aspect of humanity's realignment pertains to time itself. The ancient Greeks recognized two aspects of time: chronus and kairos. Chronus encompasses quantitative clock and calendar measurements while kairos refers to a qualitative, opportune moment. In her book Jump Time (Tarcher-Putnam, 2000), describing whole-system evolutionary leaps, Jean Houston writes, "Kairos is the potent time for fortuitous happenings. In ancient Greek, kairos referred to that moment when the shuttle passes through the openings in the warp and woof threads. In the loaded time when such things happen, the new fabric can take form." (p.16)

The emphasis of chronus in the West's concept of time has resulted in a loss of connection with kairos and the underlying rhythms of the cosmos and the heart of the Mother. Infants in the West, for example, are perceived arriving early or late against a due date. The birth process is often subjected to extensive technological intervention in cultures where the predictability and control of chronus predominates.

Natural Law

As humanity has evolved globally, our own schedules and calendars have been imposed over time, which is no longer bound to natural law. Prior to the birth of Christ, rulers of the land were the official calendar keepers both for tax collection purposes and to measure the length of their term in office. They could adjust the calendar at will. Over 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar decreed the year length fixed at approximately 365 days — a solar year. The months were forever separated from the moon's natural rhythm of marking time and the seasons, and demarcated by political whim instead. It was no longer possible to look skyward to know the date; one had to use a calendar.

The advent of nighttime television also distorted humanity's relationship with natural law. According to the meridian flow wheel of Oriental medicine, the human body is primed for the absorption of hormones through physical touch and intimacy between the hours of 7 to 9 pm. When passive television entertainment eclipsed the human capacity for healing and aura exchange, it also disrupted the basis of vitality for family and community.

Likewise, the meridian that mediates the fight-or-flight mechanism, called Triple Warmer, is at high tide from 9 to 11pm. When the body is at rest during this time, Triple Warmer nurtures the immune system through tissue repair and cell growth. However, if the body is alert watching "breaking news" or suspense, sex and violence, the primal energy of the body is diverted to neutralize stress rather than build immunity and health. This compounds the difficulty that the body experiences shifting into resting mode, fueling the demand for sleeping pills.

Daylight Savings Time and the establishment of artificial time zones, first created in the US and Canada during the 1800s to coordinate railroad schedules, have imposed additional barriers to our experience of natural time. Each perceptual shift has insidiously impaired our ability to recognize humanity's natural relationship with the cosmos encoded in our sensory and cellular biology.

Three Things Cannot Long Be Hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth. — Buddha

Contrasted with the West's cumulative disconnection from the cosmos, ancient devotional cultures in China and India developed vast schools of wisdom concerning natural law. Both societies recognized that the angles of the sun's rays over the course of the 24-hour day choreograph the energy flow through the primary organs, in relationship with the moon phase and sign. Activities ranging from awakening to eating to intimacy to healing were linked to recognition of right times and cycles. Yoga and chi gong were practiced to enhance the assimilation and distribution of chi, or prana, in the body.

In the West, an instinct-injured individual noticing increased body odor is encouraged to buy mouthwash, toothpaste, aftershave and stronger deodorant, not cognizant that on the day of the new moon, the body's detoxification capacity is at its peak. This lack of awareness renders the mass culture vulnerable to marketing campaigns for products that suppress the body's natural healing rhythms.

In addition to a daily 2-hour high tide, each of the 12 organ meridians has an amplified tide in a twelve-month and a twelve-year cycle. Patients subject themselves to invasive and expensive medical testing because they are unaware that the cycle of full and new moons over the course of the year illuminates underlying strengths and weaknesses in the relationship between the twelve meridians. For example, in a Large Intestine year, unsuspecting individuals may subject themselves to colonoscopies when they notice changes in elimination.

Electromagnetic frequencies encoded in glands, organs, and meridians express individual constitutional strengths and weaknesses. Illuminated by the dance of the lunar rhythm with the sun, they reveal wisdom that forms the true cornerstone of free universal health care.

The Dao of Divine Feminine

Jeffrey Wolf Green is a renowned American astrologer who returned from the Vietnam War coping with the influences of Agent Orange poisoning as well as the ability to understand Sanskrit following studies in a Vedantic monastery and matriarchal temple in Nepal.

In his book Pluto Volume 2, The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships (Llewellyn Publications, 1997), he wrote:

"From the point of view of past lifetimes and evolution, it is remarkable that…almost all…people on the planet today have had past lifetimes exactly when the original matriarchy was in place, and lifetimes when the transition between the matriarchy and patriarchy began and picked up momentum.

"Most of us have lived at least a few lives within tribes, cultures, or societies that were defined by how the matriarchy lived, in a state of absolute balance with natural laws and Nature…From this original spiritual root, the very nature of how we interpret phenomenal reality will also change because the nature of our beliefs will become realigned with Nature and natural laws." (pp. 387-388)

As humanity rebalances, technology will be embraced only to the extent that it reveres the Dao, divine creative intelligence. The technological revolution has given individuals unprecedented abilities to manipulate energy at the tip of a finger. To meet the demands of humans in motion, handheld wireless technologies have dominated the air with the element of fire.

Most consumers do not realize the extent to which humanity has filled the electromagnetic spectrum with artificial frequencies, nor are they aware of the damaging impact these frequencies are having on the ecosystem. Prophecies concerning 2012 were based in part on a hard angular relationship between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Electricity under the domain of Aries, the God of War, is in conflict with the Divine Feminine and Earth. The United States, which ranks 38th in the world for life expectancy, has lost the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and the War on Cancer. It is winning the War on Women.

The Dao only recognizes itself, and that which honors the creative force of life. The sun's rays interacting with the phase of the moon mirror the eternal dance between masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and shakti and shiva, as well as the integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Rebalance will unfold when women's menstrual cycles naturally realign with the body's peak detoxification capabilities at the time of the new moon. Without undue influence from external authorities, artificial chemicals and harmful electromagnetic frequencies, the paradigm shift will occur from the bottom up, and not from the top down, as women, supported by conscious men, reconnect to their roles as direct conduits of the Dao. As prophesied, time will not end, but humanity's relationship with time will be restored to natural law supported by the humanitarian ideals of the Aquarian Age.

Patrician Burke is a meridian yoga teacher and writer in Gloucester, MA. This article is excerpted from the full length version available at