Smart Meters: The Winter Solstice Tsunami of 2012

During the summer of 2012, I housesat in Medfield, MA, a suburb of Boston. After a short time, I began feeling an in-rush of disruptive energy blanketing the neighborhood, inside the house and out, approximately every other hour, every day and night. I have felt this phenomenon before, on the West coast as well as the East, and because of it I have moved fourteen times in four years, without success.

asia Asia with no hair on ears. (Photo by Janis Luedke)

The young cat I cared for was struggling during the summer. Now Asia is biting herself and tearing at her skin and fur with her teeth, scratching deeply enough to draw blood. She has ripped off most of her whiskers and the hair on her ears, which are antennas for a cat.

The cat attacks herself along her Stomach and Gall Bladder meridian pathways. These are two of the twelve primary electromagnetic pathways in the human as well as the feline energy field. Because both the gallbladder and the stomach are hollow organs, they can perform bodyguard-like roles by speeding up their function to discharge dangerous energies. I know that the environment is causing my body to react, but the cat only feels the painful burning along her meridian lines, and she is instinctively lashing out at them. Like me, she also experiences urgent thirst whenever the invasive in-rush occurs. This is because our electrical systems are under siege.

Many individuals who experience symptoms attributed to stress or fatigue are using stimulants, sedatives and pain relievers that mask symptoms. Asia and I have reached the point where multiple energy systems are now involved and several organs are in a simultaneous state of overcharge and exhaustion. Our biorhythms are no longer synchronized by the sun because the energies have been diverted to defend our lives, and all aspects of digestion, assimilation and elimination are operating in off-rhythm ways.

cat1(left) Stomach Meridian in Cat (right) Gall Bladder Meridian in Cat. Photos from Four Paws Five Directions, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs by Cheryl Schwartz, DVM. Repinted by permission.

We are each in a degenerative tailspin.

The cat lives in a neighborhood surrounded by 8 towers and 85 antennas in a four- mile radius.1 Inside the home are cordless phones, cell phones and Wi-Fi each emitting different frequencies.2

 What has most likely driven the cat and increasing numbers of humans to the breaking point is the new juxtaposition of pulsed microwave radiation generated by the deployment of the smart meter grid across the United States. Very few ratepayers are aware of the complexity of this new technology, and the resulting security, safety, and health hazards. Activists in communities worldwide are attempting to raise awareness, because they perceive correctly that humanity is at the eleventh hour.

Each autumn seems to be a vulnerable time for Asia, but this year the magnitude of her suffering raises the question of her quality of life. She has retreated to the downstairs bathroom, sleeping in the sink and eating, drinking and eliminating within two confined rooms at the mid-point of radiation from the antenna-laden water tower up the hill from the house and the pulsing electric meter on the other side.

Although her health was faltering when I saw her in August, by October she bears the same look I saw in college videos of animal experimentation, when electric shocks were administered randomly and the animal had no control over its experience. Bruno Bettelheim and others have written about how this technique broke the spirit of prisoners in Nazi Germany.3

Despite her constant licking and meticulous hygiene, she does not smell like a cat, and I do not smell like a human either. Asia now looks a prisoner of war who has been subjected to torture. She gazes out into space, not making eye contact, on alert and overcharge but also hopeless and exhausted.

She is 6 years old. I suspect that she will not be here in February to greet the Chinese New Year celebration of the Year of the Water Snake. She is an empty shell, and, like me, she knows that the tsunami of 2012 has already arrived.

Canaries in the Coal Mine, Pets and the Electromagnetic Fields

American pets may be following the same failed trajectory as the first electrically disabled individuals in Sweden. In 1984, The Swedish Association for the ElectroHyperSensitive (FEB) was founded for individuals afflicted by electromagnetic frequencies. The presenting symptoms at the time were skin rashes and flu-like conditions in computer users. Before “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” was recognized as a disability by the Swedish government, patients were referred to dermatologists, with no recognition of the underlying cause and treated symptomatically. Pets are being heavily medicated at great expense to their owners, often with limited success. They are subjected to extensive allergy testing, antibiotics and steroid regimens.

This is occurring because the cat, rather than the cat's environment, is the focus of inquiry.

The life expectancy of family pets has nearly halved and cancer rates have nearly doubled, according to the educational video Dr. Do More, produced by Dr. Margo Roman of MASH, Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton, MA.4 Holistic veterinarians are raising concern about vaccination schedules and the unnatural diet of cheap grain products. But household pets are experiencing the same soup of artificial electromagnetic frequencies as their owners, and stress disorders, fertility issues and glandular problems are skyrocketing.

As Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt states in film footage from the up-coming documentary “Take Back Your Power,” there is one overriding factor that corresponds to rising autism rates, which are doubling every 5 years, and human illnesses in every neurological category, including Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and learning and behavioral difficulties.5

Most likely, that factor is also the cause of the cat’s decline. The cause is exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially in the high frequency range.

EMF Education by Fire

Like the cat resting her inflamed belly in the coolness of the sink, I moved to California in 2008 in search of safe refuge, in rapidly declining health. Instead of escaping radiation from the church tower near my New England apartment, I ran headlong into the installation of the smart meter grid in northern California.

The smart meter grid is a complex microwave computer-networked electric grid that can remotely track, as well as control, energy consumption. In the United States, bursts of pulsed microwave radiation are being transmitted in the 902-928 MHz range. Wireless gas and water meters are also pulsing data, but in the 450- 470 range using one-way transmitters.

Although smart grids are being implemented worldwide, not all nations are using wireless systems. And each nation has different philosophies for human exposure limits to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. While more safety- conscious nations have adopted cautionary stances, the United States, Canada, Japan, and parts of western Europe assert that unless tissue is actually heated, there are no biological effects. Over 5,000 research studies, (available on-line at indicate that biological damage is occurring below the thermal threshold, and that this assumption is wrong.


Building Biology, Treating the Whole Patient, and Not Just Chasing Symptoms

Skilled holistic practitioners on the west coast recognized EHS in 2008, and evaluated the patient’s environment as well as the patient. My acupuncturist lent to me his tri-field meter, and his colleague, my chiropractor, came to my house to help assess the EMF burden. A holistic dentist was also part of the collaborative effort because persistent pain in one tooth was one of many symptoms. Although removal of amalgam fillings had improved my health, one remaining metallic post was a working radio antenna.

I met three women whose lives are severely diminished by technology. Norma had a tooth that would not heal, and described the massive nosebleed, head rush and shakes she experienced when her husband installed Wii one Christmas morning. Barb had flown on an airplane with Wi-Fi, deplaned with knee pain, and had an MRI, then a shock to the head while using her phone. She lost her ability to digest and assimilate food, and could only sit in one room in her home. Louise had also undergone recent dental work that left her in ongoing pain. She, too, had experienced a shock to the head while speaking on her phone.

Louise and I both had the characteristic ruddy hue that is mistaken for a healthy tan, but actually indicates that our copper levels are elevated due to the inflammatory response, and our cortisol defenses and blood pressure are skyrocketing. We could no longer use computers, we used speakerphones on corded landlines from the other side of the room, and we had to avoid cellphone towers. EHS diminished every aspect of our lives.

We each had different yang organs overworking to discharge incompatible frequencies in different configurations. Like Asia the cat, we were each already simultaneously overcharged and exhausted according to our inborn constitution, prior to the installation of the new electric grid.

The dominant health care paradigm does not recognize differing organ resiliencies, nor does the dominant health care paradigm recognize EHS, and most western health care offices are among the most inhospitable environments for EHS. The Department of Justice’s Americans with Disabilities Act began questioning how EHS sufferers will be accommodated in public buildings in 1999. In “Recognition of the Electromagnetic Sensitivity as a Disability Under the ADA” Dafna Tachover wrote, “For people who are electromagnetically sensitive, the presence of cell phones and towers, portable telephones, computers, fluorescent lighting, unshielded transformers and wiring, battery re-chargers, wireless devices, security and scanning equipment, microwave ovens, electric ranges and numerous other electrical appliances can make a building inaccessible.”6 Common diagnostic techniques such as dental x-rays and MRIs are triggers for EHS individuals.

Many affected patients gravitate to small independent alternative health care modalities with practitioners who are sensitized to their needs. For 2 years, I was spending all of my time and money on healthcare. Through my acupuncturist, I underwent heavy metal detoxification, as do many EHS patients. Extensive allergy testing revealed a clear pattern. I was allergic to whatever I had eaten the day before. My brain, like Asia’s, was constantly calling for fuel and rehydration but my digestive tract was working overtime to divert incompatible manmade frequencies, resulting in poor digestion, mal-absorption, and inflammatory response.

Like many individuals in CA who were already in deteriorating health prior to the installation of the new meters, I was turning the power off in the house and sleeping outside in a tent. Then I crashed completely, coinciding with the installation of the new electric meter.

New England Homeowners Are Already Hooked Up To the Grid and Don’t Even Know It

Returning to New England in 2010, I rented a home in a coastal community in the off-season, and gradually regained strength, walking along the ocean shore and shunning radiation. However, despite my efforts to avoid all Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, and cellphone users, I did not know that the electric meter on my North Shore rental house, manufactured in 2003, already had a radio transmitter in it. Over the years, homeowners in the northeast perceived that the new meters were being installed so that the meter reader would not need to walk up to the house. Readings could be taken from a truck in the neighborhood. Environmental groups have erroneously embraced the concept of the grid, believing that it is an energy saving technology.

What most people do not realize is that a remote network is already being constructed. As the utilities continue to build out the network of transmitters and receivers, they are able to record minute details concerning energy consumption patterns, which they can sell to third party marketers. New software allows the utilities to recognize when electricity is being used and what appliances are in use. The utilities can also remotely control smart-enabled appliances such as heating and air conditioning systems inside the home. These appliances will communicate in the 2.4 GHz range with the smart meter.

Over the winter of 2011, large white out-of-state engineering trucks blanketed the Cape Ann area, and then two trucks spent the day working on the pole outside my rental home. The next morning, I lost all the ground that I had gained in my 9 month healing incubation. Waking to a burning wave across my body as the network went live, my liver, heart and kidneys went into trauma. I called the mayor’s office to protest, and was told that they have no jurisdiction over the utility company. Within 48 hours, I had to move out of the house.

Although the smart meter grid is hailed as the next generation of energy efficiency, it is having a life-altering impact on the health of countless individuals. Industry statistics indicate that only 1 in 10 Americans knows that the grid even exists. Some health officials estimate that 35% of the population is already adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Smart Meter Grid Deployment Map

In California, the grid came apparent when the new microwave radiation transmitting meters were installed on homes and businesses. Individuals who became ill immediately after the meter was installed recognized a cause and effect relationship. On the east coast, most homeowners have no knowledge of the radio transmitters already installed on their homes, schools, and businesses, now being read remotely, using equipment that may also be creating dirty electricity and unhealthy electromagnetic fields.

Safety at All Costs?

Americans are in the ironic position of being subjected to unprecedented levels of surveillance in order to defend against terrorism, while the combination of technologies being employed to conduct surveillance is causing unprecedented danger to life itself.

The smart meter grid, like the cellular phone network, is in part a system of surveillance. Detailed information about privacy concerns is available at, in an extensive interview with Glen Chase, Professor of Systems Management specializing in Environmental Economics and Statistics, Faculty Alumni USC, Cal State.

Despite prevailing belief systems of environmentalists, the grid is not a green technology.

What Is Green About the Smart Meter Grid is Billions of Dollars Fueling the Next Wave of Economic Growth and Investment Return, Paid for by Ratepayers

Three state attorney generals have ruled that the smart meter deployment should be halted, citing exorbitant costs to consumers with no proven benefits: Illinois AG Lisa Madigan, Connecticut AG George Jepsen, and Michigan AG Bill Schutte.

Illinois AG Lisa Madigan wrote in June 2012, “The utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars in benefits to consumers from these new meters, but they have shown they know how to profit. I think the only real question is: How dumb do they think we are?”

Moratoriums are being called on the grid due to

  • Cost billing overcharges and reliability – the expense of the grid, which is anticipated at almost $200 billion dollars worldwide, must be paid for by the ratepayers.
  • Health issues – over 5,000 studies are documenting the health hazards associated with electromagnetic fields.
  • Interference with other devices, especially deep brain stimulators for Parkinson's patients and pacemakers.
  • Privacy spy meters, electronic privacy information centers – consumption patterns can be sold to interested industries such as appliance manufacturers by the for-profit utilities.
  • Security – The smart meter grid being aggressively installed despite the fact that the system is not secure.
  • Fire hazards – Reports of smart meter fires and explosions and lack of compatibility with ground fault interrupters.7

The strategy of providing economic stimulus funding, bypassing pre-market safety testing, passing legislation that limits liability and enforces consumption, and ignoring subsequent health issues has created windfall profits in certain sectors, but it has not resurrected the economy.

Compact fluorescent bulbs exemplify the added risks of both artificial frequencies and mercury vapors. Will Davis identified the practice of using toxic waste in manufacturing in his book The War on Bugs. He explains how industrialists in the last 100 years took toxic waste from coke manufacturing and packaged it as insecticide and fertilizer, avoiding disposal fees and reaping massive profits. Dr. Klinghardt explains the interaction between mercury and frequency-emitting CFLs, as well as health hazards resulting from smart meters and cordless phones, in TakeBackYourPower film footage. Legislating the use of CFLs is an example of technology-fueled economics over-running human health concerns, masquerading as a green initiative.

Humanity’s Challenge: The Winter Solstice of 2012

The United States allocated $4.5 billion in funding from the American Recovery and Re-investment Act to the Department of Energy to modernize the electric grid. New electric meters are intended to eventually give customers the ability to lower their electricity usage by responding to financial incentives to shift their energy use to off-peak hours. In New England, peak hours scheduled for a higher price structure are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; off-peak hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am and weekends and holidays.

Citizens will pay projected investment revenues resulting from the smart grid project to for-profit corporations. Central Maine Power was awarded $95,858,307, and the total project value is $191,716,614.8

Analysts anticipate that U.S. “revenues will grow to $9.6 billion in 2015 due to metering infrastructure, distribution automation, home area networks, and smart utility enterprise”. 9

The fundamental flaw of the new smart meter grid is that it directs humanity's relationship with power and energy away from a skillful partnership with the rhythms of nature, to fluctuating price points set by for-profit utilities. By manipulating pricing based on time of use, consumers are being influenced to run their appliances and charge their electric cars in the middle of the night. By spreading the demand for power to non-prime time, consumers are being told that additional power plants will not need to be constructed. Americans are being unwittingly forced to participate in the rapid build out of a power grid based on faulty values of man-over-nature, man-over-time, and man-over-man beliefs. And, the primary targets of this aggression will be women and children, due to their heightened vulnerability to EMF.

This misguided strategy is the culmination of a core denial of the rhythms of exertion and rest and the intelligent relationship between the radiation of the sun, the magnetism of the moon, and Earth’s gravitational field. The recovery of a working relationship with these patterns is the only foundation for a true ecological sustainable life.snake

We are living the closing chapter in a history of de-evolutionary choices, or we have reached the crucial turning point where the light of dawning consciousness turns humanity backsustains all of the electromagnetic frequencies within the human energy field and all of nature in a rhythmic dance.

As the wheel turns from the Year of the Dragon to the Year of the Snake, unknown to most westerners, the Spleen energy field will move into prominence, followed by the Heart. These organ systems cannot tolerate the assault of artificial EMFs that their yang predecessors have been fighting in the last two years.

When tsunamis are created, initially the sea withdraws, exposing only sand for as far as the eye can see. Then the massive tumultuous wave crashes to shore. History will record the energetic tsunami in 2012 in one of two ways. We will unleash the largest wave of destructive technology ever known to mankind, or we will withdraw our energies from the consumer-driven model fueled in part by lack of recognition of the essence of time. Nelson Mandela wrote, “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.” To be alive at the turning point of realignment of human endeavor is an opportunity for individuals everywhere to participate in the emergence of the group soul. The time is now. For this new world we pray.

1. The website will provide of detailed map of installations in a 4 mile radius around a home, business, child’s school, etc.
2. Although these technologies operate outside the range of human hearing, demonstrates a meter manufactured in Germany that allows humans to hear the frequencies.
3. The Informed Heart by Dr. Bruno Bettelheim
6. Recognition of the Electromagnetic Sensitivity as a Disability Under the ADA
7. Adapted from EMF Safety Network

Smart Meter Safety Resource Guide
New Hampshire: New Hampshire Coalition Against Smart Meters
Rhode Island:
WEEP, the Canadian and international initiative to stop wireless, electric and electromagnetic pollution. soon to be released documentary film with interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt concerning smart meter health issues.
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Patricia Burke is a meridian yoga teacher, writer, lightning strike survivor, and EHS educator working on Smart Meter Safety issues in Massachusetts and California. She can be reached through her website