Enemy Within

I would like to share some thoughts about what helps me deal more positively deal with the impressions and feelings about this increasingly ugly war against Iraq.

Regardless of our beliefs about whether it is right or justified, it is natural to be affected by the tension, pain, sorrow and anger around it. It is natural to feel the pain of those being bombed and losing their loved ones, whether they be Iraqi or American or British families losing their precious spouses and children. It is natural for many to feel angry about America’s choice to ignore the UN and cause the death of so many innocent people, including its own. And equally natural for those who think about Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror to see him as a threat to world peace.

Some may see all this as a senseless waste of human life, not to mention so much money and human energy, that could be used for health and education programs in the USA and around the world and thus eliminate all our enemies with love, food and education rather than with weapons. Some people, depending on their beliefs and programming, might wonder:

  • Why do these people — Iraqi and Coalition — have to go through this pain and loss?
  • Why do these people have to be bombed?
  • Why has Saddam Hussein killed so many of his people?
  • Why doesn’t he leave so his people are not killed?
  • How has America become so self-righteous and oblivious to others’ beliefs, rights and dignity?
  • What has happened to truth?
  • When will we live in peace and love?
  • How long will we create pain for ourselves?