Fall 2007

Spirit of Change Magazine

Fall 2007 Issue 20th Anniversary


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Table of Contents

Musings: Thank You For 20 Fabulous Years

Legends of the Lake (Fall 1988)

Forgiveness as Healing (Winter 1990)

The Intelligence of the Heart (Winter 1992)

Save the Seed (Mar/Apr 1995)

Taking the Dream Career Plunge II: Make your job and love it! (Jul/Aug 1996)

Close Encounter Zen Lab (Jan/Feb 1996)

Bring me the Ocean (May/Jun 1996)

An Impatient Letter To All Of Us From God (Mar/Apr 1998)

A Natural Movement: You and Your Bowels (May/Jun 1998)

Happy 20th Anniversary Spirit of Change!

Life on the Emotional Streets: The Feral Human (Nov/Dec 1998)

It Takes a Family of Caregivers…. Tony’s Story (Mar/Apr 1999)

Lessons From Geese (Mar/Apr 1999)

LeRoy White: Ambassador of Joy (Sept/Oct 1999)

The Pull Towards Pills (May/Jun 1999)

Whole Foods Healthy Cooking: Barley and Sweet Vegetable Soup (Mar/Apr 2001)

Musings: Passing of Elder Frank DeContie (Sept/Oct 2001)

Peace Pagoda Tales (Jul/Aug 2001)

Flower Child Forever (Nov/Dec 2002)

Karen Krieger Memorial Service Eulogy (Jan/Feb 2003)

Whole Foods Healthy Cooking: Soup (Jul/Aug 2003)

Heart to Heart Resuscitation (Sept/Oct 2003)

Healing Wombs: Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage (Sept/Oct 2003)

Dr. Curtis, the Rabbit Therapist (Nov/Dec 2003)

Cultural Crossroads: Gay Marriage? It All Began With Jefferson (May/Jun 2004)

A Poem That Gives You Goosebumps (Winter 2005)

God Working Through Dog (Winter 2005)

Honor Among Dogs (Winter 2005)

Healing Pain (Winter 2006)