Fall 2010 Starspeak Forecast

"There is symbolic as well as actual beauty in the migration of the birds, the ebb and flow of the tides, the folded bud ready for the spring.” — Rachel Carlson

Autumn 2010

It’s a story I never tire of telling. In my younger days I loved to pick apples in the glorious New England fall. I picked so many apples some days it felt as though the ladder’s rungs had worn grooves in the soles of my feet. One day I visited a friend’s orchard about fifteen miles east of the Connecticut River. Perched on a ladder high in a treetop I thought I heard the honking of geese. It is not unusual to see migrating birds overhead this time of year but craning my neck, none came into view. Then I heard the ruckus again.

Squinting into the crisp air, I spotted countless specks in the western sky. Flying south down the great skyway of the river valley were thousands of geese. Row after row, their great chevrons spanned the horizon as far as I could see, from north to south. When the capricious winds blew just the right way, a cacophonous honking could be heard on the breeze. Up there as high as I dared, straining to hear and see, I felt a pang in my heart. I longed to break free and join those birds on their journey to warmer lands. Earthbound, I returned my attention to picking apples.

Along the fruit-laden branches were buds, next year’s apples if conditions were good: if voracious field mice didn’t munch and gird the tree’s bark in winter’s snows, if hungry deer didn’t eat them, if the blossoms were not destroyed by winds, a late spring frost, rain or hail, if the weather permitted and the bees could fly to pollinate each flower during the few crucial days when they were open. Only then would new fruit be formed.

In this way I came to better understand that each cycle of life holds within it the seeds for the next. Everything is interrelated. Each stage is partly a product of those that preceded it and as well a preparation for the future. So it is throughout the cosmos. Today’s planetary configurations point the way to as yet unseen events and changes.

The destabilizing T-square, a fixture in the heavens since last winter, continues to test the laws and ways of mankind. By late autumn, alignments shift. We will then encounter a new and persisting catalyst, Uranus’ liberating square to controlling Pluto. Changes during the next half dozen years will often come swiftly and be profound. Expect inventive individuals to increasingly challenge corporate and government domination. We will each need to decide what is worth carrying forward and live in ways that reflect those decisions.


September 2010

Mental Mercury continues to retrograde as the new month begins. The Sun, in Mercury-ruled Virgo, is fast approaching a conjunction with the now thought-full but at times tongue-tied winged messenger. A stress-inducing last quarter Moon, exact during the early afternoon hours of Wednesday the 1st, makes communication breakdowns even more aggravating. Carefully consider your choice of words and delivery on this day, likely to feature moments of consternation. Changing your mind on an issue may seem the obvious choice. More gracious trends take hold on the 2nd and strengthen as the holiday weekend approaches.

By Friday the 3rd the Moon is in her own sign of Cancer and in fine aspect to the Sun/Mercury conjunction, the twosome in Virgo. The alignment is a boon for travelers but make sure responsibilities are handled this morning, before starting out on a getaway. On Saturday a lovely trine between Venus and Neptune gives added allure to dream vacations, spiritual retreats and just plain chilling out. Hammocks and beach blankets get plenty of use this weekend.

After a fairly energetic Labor Day, Tuesday the 7th feels like an uphill climb. The last day before a new Moon is almost always a low energy affair. Use the time to get your bearings, organize and catch up on recent events. The next activity cycle arrives with the Virgo new Moon near dawn of the 8th. For most of us, the new Moon in the sign traditionally associated with the harvest is these days a “back to school, back to work” matter. Farm workers and gardeners know it differently, as bringing in crops remains labor intensive.

Whatever your circumstances, plan to put in a solid effort in the weeks ahead. Mars’ trine to Neptune on the 9th is an invitation to make dreams a reality. Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces the same day, keeping imaginations fertile now and in coming months. Dreams may be instructional. The weekend of the 11th and 12th has powerful potential. The Scorpio Moon joins Venus while both stars receive support from Pluto. The aspects breed trust and greater intimacy and may also boost individual fortunes. Capping off an enjoyable two days, Mercury resumes forward motion Sunday evening. The directional shift could occasion a brief spell of hesitation or confusion.

Cheerful moods take hold during the early morning of Monday the 13th, helping to make the day productive. Pluto turns direct on Tuesday the 14th and Mars enters Scorpio the same evening. Tension between the Moon and Sun strongly suggests that restraint be used. An aggressive move elicits an irritable response. Temperaments are more easygoing after mid-week.

Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus, exact the night of the 18th, infuses this portion of the month with spiritual fervor and unusually strong intuitive capabilities. “First thought, best thought,” said the noted Tibetan lama, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Trust your inner guidance. Listen to your heart’s song. At the same time, teamwork and group activities are ably supported by the heavens.

New challenges arrive as the Sun prepares to exit Virgo. On Tuesday the 21st almost simultaneous solar oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus may lead to disagreements about the way forward. Let policy wonks bicker but don’t lose sight of workplace tasks.

The Sun enters Libra and the Autumn Equinox occurs on Wednesday the 22nd. The astrological focus now turns to creating harmony, especially where it is lacking. The full “Harvest” Moon, exact at 5:17am on Thursday, emphasizes that task. The Aries Moon is closely conjunct Uranus and Jupiter while the Sun is aligned with Saturn. These five planets are all at odds with Pluto. Thus the full Moon reinvigorates the long running T-square, raising the specter of more instability on our planet. It is time to employ all the spiritual understanding you possess. Cooperating with those who share your life is advisable, even more so when the Libra Sun tests Pluto Saturday evening.

The Sun then approaches Saturn, reaching a very karmic conjunction with the ringed planet during Thursday evening, the 30th. The Moon is in Cancer, effectively creating a compelling grand square. This last quarter Moon day is one of reckoning, a time to adopt new tactics in the face of emerging realities and for some, to admit defeat. Things soon look better.


October 2010

The English poet Alexander Pope noted, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” October begins with a happy burst of optimism due to mental Mercury’s alignments with Jupiter and Uranus. Take a fresh look at the world, not as a tourist or voyeur, but as someone ready to embrace new ideas. Make use of technological innovations. Social networking sites and online chats, as well as progressive organizations help span the miles and bring people together. As the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd passes, Venus aligns with Mars in Scorpio. There are sure to be some steamy moments.

Mercury journeys through the T-square, testing Pluto on Tuesday the 5th and Saturn on the 7th. Let wisdom inform your choice of words this week. This is a busy time in the heavens. The Libra new Moon takes place Thursday afternoon, quietly initiating another cycle of activity. Venus, still in close proximity to Mars, retrogrades the following day. The two will rapidly part ways, allowing some hearts to better distinguish the differences between love and lust.

Moods are pensive at the start of the weekend. Provided they are presented in a loving way, insights shared may enrich a partnership on the evening of Friday the 8th and on Saturday. Monday the 11th brings a rise in travel urges. This can be a fine day to enjoy a drive in the countryside, a visit to a neighborhood farm stand or a museum.

There is relatively smooth sailing during the middle of the month. Minor disagreements may arise from the 11th through the 14th but collaborative efforts are being enhanced by the Sun and Mercury’s approaching trines to visionary Neptune. These aspects reach peak intensity on Tuesday the 19th by which time the Moon is waxing full. Prepare for whirlwind days.

Fiery Mars’ trine to outspoken Jupiter trumpets a call to action on the 20th. The afternoon hours are notably busy and filled with great possibilities. Because Mars is also at odds with confusing Neptune it is best to look before you leap. The hustle and bustle continues into Friday night when the Aries Moon is exactly full at 9:37pm EDT. The full Moon chart hints at finding closure with a friend or lover. Redefining a relationship is another possibility.

There’s little time for reflection as the Sun settles into Scorpio the morning of Saturday the 23rd. The social calendar is full this weekend. Interesting people are out and about. Don’t be a wallflower. Join the festivities. There are fun times to be had by all. Positive social indicators continue well into the coming week. Venus and Mercury set Monday morning off on a cheerful note. People pull together on Tuesday when the Sun and Pluto align. Good vibes dominate through Saturday morning when the last quarter Leo Moon may spur a partner into making an awkward power play. By early afternoon forbearance redirects stressful energy into more constructive uses.

Halloween’s Leo Moon brings out the wide-eyed kid in people of all ages. There’s magic and mystery afoot as the Sun dips toward the western horizon. The evening feels mellow. Late night revelers and travelers are advised to exercise caution as the Moon squares Mars.


November 2010

Deepening skies and shorter daylight hours accompany the Sun on its yearly journey through Scorpio. Under recently enacted federal law, Daylight Savings Time doesn’t end until Sunday, November 7th. It will be interesting to see how lingering afternoon sunlight impacts moods.

The new month begins under a fertile alignment between loving Venus and intense Pluto. Assistance is available, if you ask for it. Half of the planets are now in emotional water signs. Be tuned in to feelings and instincts. A nice angle between the Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon adds a strongly practical drive to succeed. Monday the 1st is indeed a day loaded with potential.

Election Day trends are trickier. Upsets and surprises are in store, both in political and personal matters. Drive carefully. Mental Mercury’s trines to Jupiter on Thursday the 4th and Uranus on Saturday the 6th stimulate movement, learning and leaps of consciousness. A concurrent and less promising Mercury square to Neptune cautions against trusting blindly. The energy of the Scorpio new Moon, just after midnight on the 6th, can be used to review and revise spending plans. This is a good time to adopt cost saving measures.

Old friends could come calling on Sunday the 7th. The two love planets, Venus and Neptune are active, Venus retrograding into Libra, and Neptune resuming forward motion. Moods are loquacious and there is plenty to talk about. Conversations may last long into the night. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour tonight.

Mercury enters the cheerful sign of Sagittarius during Monday evening. Thoughts may turn to the upcoming holidays and making travel arrangements. Focus on workplace responsibilities on Tuesday the 9th, Wednesday and Thursday. A short-lived lull is reached Thursday afternoon and the pace is again brisk on Friday the 12th. This is a week to get things accomplished.

Over the weekend a friendship could be tested, around midday of the 13th to be precise. Saturday night’s trends are far more hospitable. This is a great time for a party. Productive and progressive forces are evident from the 15th through the 19th. Jupiter and Venus, the two “good” planets of traditional astrology, turn direct on Thursday the 18th. This energetic shift increases excitement and anticipation levels just as the full Moon nears. Again, believe in your “gut” hunches.

The Taurus full Moon dominates the weekend of the 20th and 21st. Exact Sunday at 12:27pm, the full Moon asks us to consider the best uses of our resources. This is entirely appropriate as we stand at the threshold of the busiest shopping season of the year!

The Sun enters sanguine Sagittarius early on the morning of Monday the 22nd. The Gemini Moon’s grounding trine to Saturn helps with a wide variety of chores, from classroom to workplace, around the neighborhood or at the travel agent’s office. Get as much settled today as you can. The going is more challenging tomorrow as well as Wednesday.

Thanksgiving Day tables may see some last minute arrivals. Mercury’s square with Jupiter can trigger feelings of deep gratitude. The Cancer Moon nurtures home-based celebrations and clan gatherings. Moods are warm and welcoming. Nighttime diners run the risk of seriously overeating, but the socializing is fabulous.

The weekend of the 27th and 28th buzzes with activity but has its ups and downs. Mercury’s Saturday night square with Uranus dictates we drive slowly and safely. Live and let live on the road. Be courteous with a friend who may be upset for one reason or another. The same advice applies on Sunday when the late afternoon last quarter Virgo Moon increases irritability factors. Take a deep breath and relax if things don’t seem to be going your way.

A mixed bag of aspects takes us to the end of the month. Fortunately, November ends with a pleasing sextile between the Moon and Sun. For now, due to retrogrades and Saturn’s advance, the planetary pressure cooker is simmering down. Take the opportunity to mesh with the rhythm of the season. Slow down to better enjoy simple gifts, the company of loved ones, good food, shelter and moments of gratitude for your many blessings.

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