Fall Animal Issue Preview

A life-size bronze sculpture of Emily the Cow, known as The Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial, in Sherborn, MA, stands gleaming like a beacon of hope for the justice and equality that is possible for all creatures on Earth

Without the animal species on the planet we would die, yet most animals receive no protection against the multitude of human abuses inflicted upon them. As pets we enjoy their faithful, loving and quirky personalities; as wild, farm or feedlot animals their lives may be hell on Earth due to ignorant actions of human intervention.

Explore "What Animals Know" in the fall issue of Spirit of Change magazine, featuring:

• Pet-Assisted Therapy — Dr. Murphy Is In!
•The Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial
•Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals  
•Healthy Pet Food You Can Make At Home
•Why I Am A Vegetarian At 11 Years Old

Ayurvedic Advice for Migraine Headaches
Tips for Employment Success
Discovering What My Dreams Want Me To Know
Fall's Delicious Roasted Root Treats
Astrology Forecast
and more… 

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"What Animals Know" will be available starting September 1 throughout New England and online at www.spiritofchange.org.