Five Signs That You Are Out Of The Flow (And How to Get Back In)

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have sensed on some level the difference between being in flow with the Universe and being out of flow from it. Some of you are already shaking your heads up and down, maybe even with a smile on your face, affirming you know the difference very well!

We all have our stories of when the perfect opportunities seemed to fall right into our laps or when we were in the right place at the right time, and conversely, when it seemed we were fighting the tide.

You often realize when you are in flow because things are moving right along and life is good. However, how often and how quickly do you recognize when you are not in flow?

There are signs that can help you to recognize when you are not in flow with the Universe. If you haven’t been aware of them, the following list ought to help you recognize the symptoms more readily. As you read the following list, I have no doubt that you will quickly think back to a time when you were not in flow, when life seemed a bit more difficult and frustrating, as if you were trying to swim upstream.

Five Signs That You Are Not In Flow

  1. Things are not happening easily and your timing is off. Extra effort is needed to make even simple things go right. You need to go out of your way to make things happen, and even then there is not a high success rate. Life seems like a struggle. Timing and communication are off. Actions keep missing each other and there is lack of synchronicity. Nothing seems to be aligning and life seems more like a pain in the neck rather than a joyous blessing.
  2. You feel like you are walking through peanut butter. You’re having trouble making forward motion. It’s like trying to run on beach sand. It feels like your life is unfolding in slow motion. The Universe is preventing you from moving forward since the activities you are engaged in do not support your Higher Self. You seem to be stuck and no amount of motion is going to push you forward.
  3. Your heart feels heavy. At a certain level you know something is not quite right. You may sense that some life changes are needed. Your heart is telling you that you are not on track with your Higher Self. You are feeling discontent. You feel like you are carrying a heavy weight. Your trust in the Universe has dissipated and has been replaced with worry. You’ve given in to your emotions.
  4. You are feeling tired and listless, or tense and anxious. Your zest, or your spark, is missing. Your enthusiasm for life has diminished. You feel defeated and physiologically you know something is out of whack. Your body is sensing the energy shift because things are not aligning for you, but not being conscious of why, your anxiety increases. You are in touch with the physical and out of touch with the spiritual.
  5. You notice repeating patterns. The Universe is trying very hard to deliver a message to you. The Universe speaks to you in patterns. You begin to notice the repeating patterns.

By now you have probably thought of many times in your life when you were not in flow. It happens to all of us! Be aware that being out of flow can easily turn into a negative downward spiral; so the sooner you detect being out of flow the sooner you can reverse it. Even once you’ve honed your skills at detecting your flow state, it requires attention and focused action to maintain flow with the Universe. So what can you do to get back in flow if you’ve fallen out? Peruse the following list for ways to get back in.

  1. Relax and center yourself. Chances are that you are somewhat wound up from being out of flow. You probably have increased anxiety and your body is tense. You need to relax in order to bring yourself back to your center where your answers lie. You might try exercising, going for a walk, or lighting a candle and sitting quietly. Have some quiet time and get in touch with any feelings of discontent you may be experiencing from being out of flow. What are the feelings trying to tell you? Ask the Universe for direction and clarity. Be patient with yourself and take some time every day to center and relax.
  2. Stop worrying and regain trust in the Universe. Easier said than done, I know. Remember that the Universe has unlimited abundance. Everything you need is available for you. The Universe wants to support you. Become more mindful of how it has supported you in the past, how it is supporting you now, and how it can continue to support you going forward. There is plenty for all; there are no limits. Trust that the Universe has your higher good in mind and is not “out to get you.”
  3. Increase your energy level and make your heart happy. This will get you past the tired and listless feelings of being out of flow. Try eating better, sleeping more and exercising. Practice extreme self-care. Laugh. Think about things you love and that bring you joy. Make your heart happy and remind yourself that life is a joyous blessing! Experience happiness in the present.
  4. Stop resisting and get in touch with what you really need. Take a good look at what is working and what is not working in your life. Think about the repeating patterns that have been occurring in your life and what they are saying to you. The Universe is trying to tell you something — probably a change of some sort needs to take place in your life. Chances are very high that you are aware of what this change is, even if you are scared about it. Be honest with yourself. Follow your intuition and a shift will start taking place. If you are really stuck, ask a personal coach or therapist to help.
  5. Focus on what you want. Focus your thoughts and energy on what you want and not on what you don’t want. What we resist persists! What you think about plays a part in creating your future. Remind yourself that you create your own reality and that you are in control and you can have the life you desire. Stay focused on where you are going and what it feels like to be there. Stay focused and you’ll find yourself there.

With the above lists, practice getting to know the difference between which flow state you are in. Before you know it, you will be more aware of when you are starting to fall out of flow, you will recognize it sooner, and be able to take focused action to stay in flow. Enjoy the process and the results!

Rita Skiba is a personal, career & leadership coach.