Galactic Encounter

About eight years ago while leaving work on an early July evening, a most startling and fascinating experience unfolded. My associate and I were both exiting the building, down the steps to the rear parking lot, when suddenly an extremely unpleasant, but in no way frightening sensation, simultaneously struck both of us in our brains, lasting about 2 seconds.

This sensation could only be described metaphorically, similar to the discord created when you hear the sound of chalk being accidentally “squeaked” on a blackboard, only much worse. Neither of us could resist it in any way. We both let out a cry of “oooohhhh” because of its distastefulness. Almost as soon as it happened, it was over. Our psychic senses immediately became aware that hovering in the air about twenty feet over the building was the presence of an individual I will refer to as Captain Kirk, surrounded by an enormous aura half as large as the entire building!

Immediately, I recognized two facts. One was that Captain Kirk was not human, but an alien, and second was that I could sense all of his feelings and I assumed that he could know mine in his astral state. Sensing he was about my age with a muscular build, his personality felt human in many ways with a somewhat macho, strong minded, fierce, but compassionate character. I could only feel his presence and visualize his appearance in my mind’s eye, but I was sure he was from another planet. There was nothing to be seen with ordinary vision. Captain Kirk lasted about 2-3 seconds.

I next became aware of three more individuals, all very much alien. The first two were a man and woman whom I sensed were married and whom I felt were much older than me. They were totally unlike Kirk in character — soft, gentle, loving and peaceful. First the man, then the woman, then the man again came into focus, all lasting about 7-8 seconds. I could begin to visualize large black eyes and sensed a superhuman intelligence and wisdom with absence of any ego, just an openness to the infinity of the universe through those innocent eyes, like the purity of an animal with unending intelligence. She felt very feminine, and I might say, delicate, and he felt much like I imagine a revered saint might. I sensed both to be about twenty feet from me and hovering about four feet in the air. Again there was nothing to be seen with the eyes.

The third individual, surprisingly, was instantly recognizable as their pet. I don’t know what it was because there is nothing comparable on Earth, but it had the shape of a large oval beach ball about 3-4 feet tall, hovering slightly above the ground and half way between the married couple and me, about twelve feet away. No aura was present. Unlike the others, this guy (he felt male) was actually giving us telepathic messages; he was laughing raucously at us because we were different than him. He felt like a three-year-old Dennis the Menace and far smarter than any of our pets, but not up to the level of a human in development. This episode lasted perhaps another 3-4 seconds. Then the entire amazing episode just ended, vanished, over, as quickly as it began — maybe 15-20 seconds in all.

Very quickly and still quite dumbfounded, my associate and I exchanged impressions, realizing we both experienced exactly the same phenomenon. We felt that Captain Kirk functioned to clear our minds of any negative emotions so that there wouldn’t be any contamination of the advanced individuals and that perhaps the entire episode was merely a simple, friendly, social greeting of some sort between sentient races. But can you imagine a greeting from God knows where by an alien sergeant at arms, two married advanced beings and a telepathic pet!?

Well, I must tell you that this 15-second experience changed my life forever in a profound way. Now I had the proof I needed for the existence of advanced intelligent civilizations in the universe and for the possibility that one day it might be possible for mankind also to be able to advance to a high level of spiritual evolvement. But better yet, there appeared to be evidence of a plan in the universe guided by a benign and loving force that promoted harmony and cooperation among the galactic races, for how else could this encounter have occurred?

About a month later, while on vacation at a resort on the other side of the continent, a dog began barking vehemently and incessantly for about fifteen minutes, disturbing several guests, including me. Just as the barking stopped I felt the presence of the Captain Kirk character again in the process of disciplining his “beach ball” pet, demanding that he stop taunting the dog. Could his curiosity about us have caused him to follow me for several thousand miles?

I am relating these experiences because I believe they are important not just for me, but for everyone to acknowledge. Here we have incontrovertible evidence of not just one but two galactic races and probably very, many more, interacting with us in a friendly, peaceful way with benign intent. I say “us” because it is almost certain that I’m not the only one. With the sheer size and scope of this planetary interaction initiated by them, we have to conclude that there is a plan at stake which is unfolding in front of our very eyes and very likely being orchestrated by spirit. More importantly, I think our destinies are interwoven.

Pejoto Washtay is pseudonym for a Spirit of Change reader in Massachusetts.