Heal with Food

Healing With Food

As gaps in our current health care system turn into chasms we can no longer ignore, we are forced to look for alternatives to make Americans healthy. What’s keeping Americans sick? Our diets, of course! Our basic food staples include factory-farmed meat, fats, sugar, salt, refined and processed food with additives and preservatives making it cheap and convenient for us to consume, especially on the run. We lead such hectic, busy lives, we often don’t even have time to cook and nourish ourselves, thereby allowing the food industry to do it for us in a way that’s most profitable for them, not necessarily what’s healthiest for us.

If we want to regain our health, we need to start cooking for ourselves again. Food is medicine. Learning about what your body needs to stay healthy can help guide you in making healthier food choices unique to your needs. Not only will this help alleviate a variety of symptoms you may be experiencing but it also will work to prevent future disease. The most important dietary changes you can make are 1) eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible, 2) decrease your meat, sugar, salt and saturated fat consumption, and 3) switch to whole grains instead of white refined flour products wherever possible. Do it slowly; introduce one new item at a time into your menu. Enjoy feeding yourself healthy food and make it your aim to increase your health with each bite you take.

It’s all the colorful, fresh, vitamin and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that keep your body its healthiest. Eaten raw, they are nature’s perfect food. Juicing fruits and vegetables is an ideal way to get all the raw produce nutrients you need, as well as add extras like flax seed oil, protein powder or wheatgrass to your diet. Since juicing guidelines vary widely from individual to individual, experiment by trial and error, do your own reading or seek out the advice of a nutritionist or raw food expert to find the best juicing recipes and juicer for you. A powerful prescription included in most alternative medicine cancer treatment programs, juicing is one of the fastest ways to help the body heal naturally from the inside out. Expect to see results. Your health, energy levels, appearance and mood will improve when you eat the foods naturally designed to keep your body operating at optimum levels.

Carol Bedrosian is publisher and editor of Spirit of Change Magazine.