Healing the Global Food Chain

In this transformational time many of us are turning our attention to personal clearing. We want to be free of the physical and energetic debris that is bogging down our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Many of us are consciously choosing to support images of health, vitality, clarity and abundance in our lives.

In making healthier choices, we are increasingly more conscious about the treatment of the plants and animals we consume. At many levels we are tuning in to the subtle energy of food. It can either uplift our bodies or further link us to the collective upheaval and inherent dishonor of the very food chain that sustains us.

Every day we have opportunities to choose between healthy alternatives and denatured foods. Food becomes denatured when it is genetically altered, irradiated, sprayed with chemicals and laced with additives. We have become savvy shoppers, skirting products with long unpronounceable names. We look for the ones with wholesomely descriptive names like free range, un-caged, pesticide free, un-waxed, no trans fats, no MSG and organic. Pretty packaging and words like “all natural” are no longer enough to lure us into purchasing. We want proof that products are wholesome.

Undoubtedly, our awakening has made a difference. Our consumer awareness and knowledgeable choices have formed a collective voice that is changing the food industry in our nation. The days of struggling to find wholesome food are over. More and more markets are specializing in organic products. Free enterprise blesses us with numerous options to fulfill nearly every craving.

It is time for us to make a global difference by impacting the energetic essence of our food. As a collective we can positively enhance the energy that is embedded within the seeds and plants and animals we consume. Together we can transform the energy that is encoded into food. We can heal the food chain.

Like rings on a tree, the energy of every experience in the life of everything is recorded within its body. The essence of these memories radiates from each plant, animal and human. Understandably, when one consumes the essence of dishonor, the vibration of dishonor fuels the body in a manner that could create imbalance. Food that is neutral or vibrationally aligned with respect and gratitude will convey those qualities upon consumption.

Imagine the madness and hopelessness that is imprinted into the meat and byproducts of a caged chicken or a feedlot cow. It is easy to recognize that same unbalanced energy as it vibrationally crosses over into humanity through the food chain.

Individually we can cleanse the energy of the food we consume by praying over it. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to matter if one employs a traditional form of prayer or simply places their hands over the food, invoking the God within to bless it. Prayer transforms the vibrations in food to a more neutral and wholesome energy.

We can collectively change the energy of the food we consume by joining in this global effort. Through focused intentions, we radiate blessings as we energetically engage every feedlot, fish farm, chicken ranch, slaughterhouse and agricultural crop that feeds and sustains life on this world. Implement this global outreach in seconds every time you enter a store or see a truck transporting stock or produce. Use it when you come into contact with a feedlot or processing plant. In the time it takes to notice the smell of a feedlot, you help transform the energy of dishonor to new vibrations of respect and gratitude.

Jill Marie is the founder and developer of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique and Serenity Ministries. To learn more about this world-changing humanitarian outreach project to spread vibrations of respect and gratitude in the food chain, call Serenity Ministries at 208-938-2722 or access a free recorded world team telecast at www.SerenityVibrationHealing.com, www.SerenityMatters.com or podcast on iTunes.