Hidden Frequency Factors That Sabotage Conscious Change

A new season often brings about a conscious focus of positive change with new goals and expectations. “This summer I’m going to eat light and exercise!” The conscious mind is on fire with excitement at the prospect of change and the body is charged with emotion, visualization and motivation to support the new resolution with all good intent.

In most cases however, the motivation and excitement lose their momentum and eventually are lost all together leaving the person feeling like they failed. What happened?

It is not due to lack of will power, but rather to the energetic body not being in line with the conscious mind’s intent. There is another hidden culprit, too, in the unconscious mind that holds thoughts and beliefs unknown to the conscious mind. Like attracts like. We realize that our thoughts and words create our reality, but do we know why?

The answer is frequency. Everything has frequency — our words, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, trees, animals, rocks, voices, everything. Quantum physics demonstrates that everything in the universe is a whirling mass of molecules, vibrating at certain frequencies. This includes the human body, which in addition to its physical body, is surrounded by energy bands known as the aura.

The aura is linked to the physical body through centers called the chakras, which correspond to certain organs, emotions and experiences of the human body. Just like our physical organs of the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., our chakras can also become diseased through our thoughts, feelings and energetic frequencies.

Emotions, in particular, strongly affect the functioning of each chakra. Some of these emotions can be pleasurable and others can be very traumatic and stressful. In times of extreme trauma and stress, a person can get so caught up emotionally in what is going on that they lose track of time and move into a space of no time, called an analogical moment. In that moment of no time, whatever beliefs or emotional state is triggered becomes lodged in the corresponding chakra. Some examples of analogical moments include being fired from a job, rape, witnessing a murder, being physically abused, divorce, sudden death of a loved one, or being ridiculed by a teacher in front of classmates.

In these moments, energetically, a fractured identity known as an “id” is created. An id contains attitudes and beliefs that were in place at the time of the fracture (analogical moment), as well as its own unique frequency that will subsequently attract a like frequency. If an id contains attitudes and beliefs such as victimization, lack of prosperity, co-dependency, betrayal or lack of trust, then those situations and their frequencies will be attracted back into life experience. These low frequencies must be cleared and released in order to attract new experiences into one’s life.

These new frequencies are stored as information in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind influences our behavior and experience even though we are unaware of these underlying influences. All information in the unconscious mind is made available to the conscious mind through neural pathways that deliver information throughout the body in the form of nerve impulses. Neurons have tiny branches that reach out and connect with other neurons to form a neural network. Each place where they are connected is integrated into a thought or a memory. Physiologically, nerve cells that fire together, wire together. So if someone practices something over and over again, those nerves have a long-term relationship. This is why most people think, do and say things and do not know why. It is automatic unconscious programming.

The best way to know your unconscious is to look at your life experience. Ask yourself, “Is my life joyous and filled with positive interactions or is my life experience filled with fear, and negative interactions? What do I really desire to attract in my life?” If what you are experiencing is not in line with your desire, it’s time for some energetic clearings of the body and mind to create a shift of new frequencies.

When we look at the desire to lose weight, for example, what beliefs lurk in the unconscious mind about the self and one’s body image? Was there childhood trauma that came from the home or school environment relating to body weight? These are examples of unconscious sabotage acting behind the scenes. It is not that one does not have the will power to stick to the diet or about failure if the diet is not adhered to. It is about clearing the energetic frequencies that will result in shifting one’s beliefs from what is familiar but diseased, to attract what one truly desires in their life experience.

Nicole Lavoie is a bio-spiritual energy facilitator committed to assisting human evolution by providing education and services to remove energetic blockages that impede one from realizing and following their purpose in life. She is the founder of Frequency Awareness. For more information please visit www.frequencyawareness.com.