How To Make Your Workplace Healthier

If you work full-time, chances are you spend a lot of time at the office. Unfortunately, these places are not always the healthiest, and sometimes seem to be a breeding ground for common colds and flus. This is especially prevalent in the colder months, when we’re cooped up in the office all day with our coworkers. Here are a few ways you can make your workplace a healthier and happier place to be!

Go For Walks

Sitting at a desk for hours at a time can be grueling, so give yourself a break and head outside for a brisk walk around the block! If you’re worried about it cutting into your work, consider holding a walking meeting. Many companies have started implementing walking meetings into their daily schedules, and they’re a great way to take a break from sitting at a desk all day while also being productive. Taking walks can also help prevent you from catching a common cold, as the fresh air will allow you to breathe and get out of that stuffy office. The next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, try going for a walk and see how much better you feel!

Snack Smart

While it can be tempting to munch on junk food during a busy work day, be sure to reach for healthier alternatives, especially during cold and flu season.  Unhealthy snacks can actually make a cold worse, so your best bet is to choose snacks that are going to fuel your body and help you get through the day. For a light and quick lunch, there are plenty of soups at the grocery store that you can pop in the microwave at work. Fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt are also great options for on the go snacking, and can be easily stored in your office’s breakroom. Additionally, keeping a supply of tea bags at your desk can come in handy during cold and flu season, as drinking hot tea can soothe your throat and help clear up any congestion.

Hit The Gym

Did you know that exercise can help combat the flu? Exercising increases the blood flow throughout your body and helps your immune system circulate better, which helps fight off illnesses. If your employer offers an employee wellness program, such as free gym memberships, aim to hit the gym consistently throughout the week. You can even enlist the help of your coworkers and head to a group exercise class together. Working out with other people can help you to hold yourself accountable, and you are less likely to slack off when your team is depending on you to show up. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season, so make sure you’re not neglecting that aspect of your health by making time for daily physical activity.  

Brianna Redding has written for several print and online publications and enjoys challenging herself as a writer. 

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