Imagine Sending Your Children to a School Like This

The Vladik Abrahamyan Mijnagark Dbrots

School Rennovation Project

Jrahovid Village, Ararat Marz, Armenia: Imagine kids shivering from the cold because there is no heat in their classrooms, pieces of scrap plastic covering broken window panes, water leaking from the ceiling and running down walls, loose floorboards, unsafe stairwells, poor classroom lighting, no functioning cafeteria, no indoor bathrooms for the kids to use, Soviet-era desks, chairs and textbooks.

These are the conditions of the "Vladik Abrahamyan Mijnagark Dbrots" school in Jrahovid today. As in many villages in Armenia, due to poor economic conditions coupled with emigration and low birthrates, the student population of the Vladik Abrahamyan village school has declined dramatically. Originally accommodating 300 students, the Abrahamyan school has only 125 students today ranging from grades one through twelve. If the teachers are fortunate enough to be paid from the village's meager education budget, their salary is $100US a month.

Despite the school's horrible condition, Jrahovid village children (those who have shoes) eagerly walk to their classes every day, some over one mile each way, in the rain, snow and summer's heat; no school buses, no taxis, no SUV's dropping off kids each morning. Yet the students love their school, their teachers and their lessons.

So let's help them out a little. Motivated by the overall success of the 2011 Armenian Livestock Project, let's raise funds together to provide the children of the Vladik Abrahamyan village school, pleasant, well-lit, heated classrooms, an indoor bathroom and safe stairwells. The search has already begun for a trusted project manager and some of the work will be accomplished by volunteer labor including the students.

During this holiday season, please consider adding the children of Jrahovid Village to your gift list and feel free to share this project with as many friends and family members as you can. Together, we can make a difference.

With deep appreciation of your support,
Jeff Kalousdian

The Vladik Abrahamyan Mijnagark Dbrots School Rennovation Project

armeniankidsThe Project is a private, collective initiative to raise funds towards the renovation of a set of classrooms at the Vladik Abrahamyan Mijnagark school. The project’s objectives are to construct, repair, or renovate classroom walls, windows, common areas and provide indoor restroom facilities. One hundred percent of all donations are earmarked for the school project and there are no administrative expenses. This grass-roots initiative is solely administered by Jeff Kalousdian and is funded by himself and generous contributors who are moved to help the economically disadvantaged in Armenia. The Project is not an affiliate of any other organization and is not a tax-exempt entity. Donations accepted: Please make checks payable to Jeff Kalousdian. Mail to: School Rennovation Project c/o Spirit of Change Magazine, PO Box 405, Uxbridge, MA 01569. Donations may also be made via paypal by sending a contribution to


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