Spirit of Change - July-August 2002

Radiance: The Key To Beautiful Skin

The essence of beauty in Ayurvedic understanding is embodied in the idea of luster or radiant light. When we say in English, “She was radiant!” we imply a quality coming from deep within that emanates contentment, joy and accomplishment.

How to Make Sushi

Summer has arrived! Along with the wonderful foods the season brings, it also offers the added dimension of outdoor dining. No matter what the food, it always seems better eaten in the fresh air, especially surrounded by family and friends.

Letters To The Editor: Premarin Foal Rescue

Dear Editor, Given the all too ubiquitous examples of man’s inhumanity to man (Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, Israel/Palestine, ad nauseum!), how can we expect human beings to be kind to ANY other species here on Earth...or in the oceans?