Tantric Vision From Atlantis: Shirley MacLaine Excerpt from The Camino

As I slipped into sleep consciousness, I let myself go. Through the familiar tunnel of light I raced until I found myself once again in the crystal pyramid in Atlantis… The misty crystal chamber swam back into focus in front of my mind.

I became consciously aware of a warm, golden liquid surrounding me in the crystal tank. I remembered that I had just completed the sexual division and was now looking at the separation from myself. And I remembered I was now only a male. My eyes felt strange to me. I moved my torso. I felt a dull throb, but nothing more. I tried to smile, but felt too unfamiliar with my body. I floated — I knew that — I floated, and when I looked over at the new body next to me, I knew she recognized me. I choked back a gasp. I looked down at her genitals and then at my own. My female half was missing.

Since half of myself was missing, I felt unwhole physically. I couldn’t really say it was a mental feeling. In fact, mentally and spiritually, I felt fine because my soul and spiritual feelings were androgynous anyway. That was fundamental: basic, inherent, intrinsic, primeval, primitive — true and natural. But suddenly I was more aware of my physical body than I had been in Lemuria, and because of the division, I felt an inability to adjust to incompleteness. I felt myself desperate to be with my partner in the tank. It was the other half of me; she was my twin soul. I wanted to know what my twin soul felt, what she thought, what she felt about me. I wanted to be her in a way that meant I wanted to be totally myself again. I wanted to possess her as though I wanted to be in possession of myself again. I wanted to control her in the same way I wanted to have complete mastery over myself. I felt confused. I communicated those feelings to the Council of Elders, who responded that they understood and it was not unusual. I questioned how I should proceed. They answered that I should have patience..

My twin-soul partner was not only exhausted beside me, but I also felt her soul to be open-eyed and completely astonished by her new environment and body. She was, I reminded myself, after all, a soul newly reincarnated into a fully adult, materialized human female. She would have to adjust to her three-dimensional physicality and her own limitations of being only female, as I was only male.

She limply smiled at me as several attendants lifted us gently from the tank. She seemed completely out of touch with the idea of having a body. Her skin was a golden honey color, her eyes big and brown, and her facial bone structure finely chiseled. Her hair was a dark chocolate, and around her mouth was a strong-boned chin line. She was the twin soul who had willingly “died” in the birthing tank in Lemuria and whom I would later meet on the Camino as Charlemagne in 790 A.D. and who would later become Olaf Palme in the twentieth century..

The attendants gently lifted and placed us onto crystal carts. The carts rolled side by side, so each of us was in the company of the other, moment by moment. I reached out my new and unfamiliar arm to her. She took my hand. She felt warm and comforting and soft to me. I felt protected by her warmth and softness. I felt it was safe to be vulnerable with her. I felt that she would provide me with all the qualities I somehow felt I lacked myself. I felt I would make her a very good mate also.

The two of us were gently rolled into a crystal scanning room, where attendants screened our bodies for defects with crystal screens. There were none. The division had apparently been successful. Now we would go through a program for sexual adjustment.

After an indeterminate time of peaceful rest, healing musical chords, deep meditation, soothing oil massages, and collective energy supplies from the Council of Elders, she and I began our program in what would come to be known as tantric exercises. From the moment of division we had never been apart. We were aware that we were twin souls and totally compatible as a result, and we were told by the council that the twin-soul system was basic to pairing for the sexual division of the Lemurian culture. In that way the adjustment to sexual division would only really be a physical adjustment, and the sexual ecstasy that would potentially occur between us had never been experienced by humans up to that point before. With sexual pairing, the soul children could go forth and multiply, providing the Deity with more entities who could bear witness to it and thereby fulfill themselves and their own struggle for divinity.

She and I were taken to a new chamber, where we would be completely alone to discover ourselves and each other, after having had a simple outline of physical instruction.

Although we were adult and mature after division, we were essentially sexual virgins. We both had the experience of undergoing pregnancy, but we had, of course, never expressed ourselves sexually before. We had been androgynous beings with no sexual stress systems built in in order to cope with the complexities. So tantra was designed for those original adult beings with no sexual consciousness.

We were told that the purpose of sexuality was to cause and create intimacy with another human being so that each would understand that no one was an island. Sexuality was to be specifically the dialogue — telepathically, hormonally, spiritually — between two beings through the seven chakras (which were energy centers and organs of the soul) and all the physical and mental senses, with the explicit purpose of causing intimacy.

Sexuality was to be the language to re-merge the souls. And the physical attractiveness would be the motivating factor in each being reexamining himself.

Sexuality, we were told, was to put one in closer contact with the Deity, because when one was intimately involved with another human being, one was closer to the Divine, since that the other person was another part of the Divine.

She and I found ourselves in a room bathed with a misty violet glow. In the center of the room was a sunken tub containing warm, oily water. We were told that the slippery, oily-textured liquid was a natural extension of the fluids of the human body during male-female sexuality.

The tub itself was made from a form-fitting papyrus substance and kept the oil within it warm. We quietly lowered ourselves into the slippery, caressing water, and quickly realized that it was very deep.

From our earlier Lemurian training and complete mastery of our previous bodies, we understood that by a deep intake of oxygen and a deliberate slowing of the metabolic pulse rate, we would be able peacefully to contemplate each other with X-ray clairvoyance under the water. The physical auras of each of us would be more visible under the oily water because the liquid acted as an energy conductor.

We took a deep breath of oxygen, touched each other’s palms, and gently holding palms, we sank to the bottom of the deep tubs. What followed occurred over a period of some months. We observed the tantric exercises every day.

We assumed the lotus position and began to gaze tenderly at each other. We were aware that we should concentrate on our outer physical forms. So we began slowly to absorb visually our two new bodies. Beginning at our heads, we isolated each other’s hair, eye color, nose shape, mouth curvature, and neck length. As we isolated each feature simultaneously, we each noticed that the chakras of the other were lighting up.

I concentrated on her heart area. I could see the green aura of the heart chakra shimmering in the energized water. Her heart seemed to have a color and frequency all its own. I was aware that my own frequency was similar to hers. I found the vibrational similarity very attractive and wanted to confirm my satisfaction by touching her, but my instructions had been to wait. To wait until I had made myself familiar with each isolated physical part of her and she, likewise, of me.

As I progressed down her body, I became aware that there was an increased blood flow to each internal organ that I isolated, almost as though the organ itself reacted to the attention. We each discovered the same thing in the other.

The two of us would sit and gaze peacefully at each other under the oily water. Because of our historical practices in prana breathing techniques, the Council of Elders told us that our lungs had a very large capacity for oxygen and could sustain a great deal of hemoglobin. They said that because we were such tall people, there was more blood to fill our frames, at a rate of one heartbeat per minute because of the psychic peacefulness, and the slow metabolic rate was the reason why we didn’t age. The teachers reminded us that we had learned to master our bodies completely — heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, pineal, pituitary glands, and so on — that all children had been taught such techniques from birth the way today we teach our children to master only their kidneys and bowels. Lemurians gave their children crystal toys shaped into parts of the human anatomy so they would understand their bodies in relation to pleasure. They didn’t believe, they said, in useless toys. Everything they did related to knowledge of themselves and the Deity, and the children derived joy from learning.

She and I saw the sensual clarity in the smooth water as our wide-open eyes began to make clairvoyant contact. We concentrated on raising our vibrational energies in our chakras. We began to spiritualize our bodies through or soul organs.

Slowly I became aware of the blood flow to her female genitals. And as she responded to what she saw, I felt my own blood flow increase. It was difficult for me to isolate whether the blood flow came from feeling the attraction, or whether the attraction came from the feeling of the blood flow. In either case, it was pleasant and reassuring. I felt the need to feel her, to caress her, to encourage her, and to open her so that I could enter her. I felt an intimacy so pure that I was aware of every aspect of her. I was not only sensitive and aware of her physical surface aspects — such as her eyes, her face and skin, but also her inner physical aspects — her chakras and energy centers. All seven of them were glowing with light in accordance with the higher chakras. The council had explained that all energy emanated from the heart chakra and it was the attraction of sexuality. I looked back and forth between her heart chakra and her pelvic chakra. Each gave me as much pleasure as the other, and the combination of the two was ecstasy for me.

The council had said that the entire body was an erogenous zone because the definition of erogenous zones was “those isolated areas of sensitivity that corresponded to areas of the body where the personality needed spiritual improvement.” In other words, they said that if an area of my body responded to sexual stimulation, it was because that area needed spiritual attention and the corresponding blood flow would help effect that improvement; therefore, the sexual process would be beneficial to my spiritual as well as my physical health. It would not only help ease and release tension but actually treat my entire system when applied spiritually. They said that sex would spiritualize my biological personality because of the use of vibrational energy.

As the weeks and months passed, I became more intensely aware of her. I felt her begin to surrender herself. My own sense of identity began to meld into hers until it seemed to me that a new identity of “oneness” was forming between the two of us. I reached out and touched the palm of her hand. The two of us opened our palms and gently slid them down the length of our bodies. The electricity I felt was beyond anything spontaneously. I felt myself lift out of myself along with her until we seemed mutually sustained by our joint energies. Again, I felt I wanted to be her because I wanted to experience that other half of myself that she had become.

I could feel us both abandon our own wills to the will of the process we were experiencing. Neither of us had known spontaneity before, because having been androgynous, we had been totally aware of our own predictable reactions all the time. Sex, then, was our first adventure in spontaneity. It required trust and surrender and a complete spontaneous willingness to give ourselves up to the other person. We felt involved with timelessness. There was a kind of floating, peaceful, nonurgency about our need to have each other. We trusted that we needed no “purpose” in our attraction. That it was, in fact, its own purpose. And the equal sharing of adoration made us feel the Divine.

Then, after some months, we embraced; our arms entwined around one another. I felt myself sigh with deep relief. It was as though I was embracing that part of myself I had loved and lost. Slowly, she inched her lower pelvis smoothly towards me. I lifted her onto my lap, and she surrounded me with her legs. I responded by drawing her nearer to me. Then we each gently caressed the eyes, the ears, the lips, the hair, the neck, the torso, and the hips of the other — until almost without effort or intention, she opened her legs and I entered her. Neither of us moved. There was no thrust and receive, only gentle pulsation and expanding and retracting. We were lost in each other: she surrounded me, and I was filled. Our physicality seemed to operate as its own process now without our mental motivation. We were experiencing personality surrender for the first time. A larger, more powerful force was carrying us aloft as we succumbed to the cosmic mystery of it.

Then, without intention, purpose, or effect, we each experienced our first sexual release — the release of physical tension brought on by the combustion of fully opened and shared feelings. We actually saw the sparks of energy created by our mutual orgasms. We felt our sparks touch the Divine. We felt spiritually and physically fused. We each poured life into the other and reached a kind of divinity.

I remembered the teachings of John. I remembered how he had said that even though the androgynous Lemurian was highly developed but essentially self-contemplative, self-concerned, and self-spiritualized, and even though the yin and the yang were perfectly balanced within the being, the Lemurians were basically serving the needs of themselves. He had said the separation of the sexes, then, was to be a final test in overcoming the selfish identity of self-containment. It was an opportunity to improve the race, through free will, by creating a way to serve an individual other than oneself. Through sexual division, one had the opportunity to serve another who had distinctly different needs, the needs of the female being distinctly different from the needs of the male. Instead of self-service in the androgynous state, we were creating the opportunity to serve each other, on a physical and personality level; but on the spiritual level, we were to continue to maintain our androgynous states of mentality.

If the human being learned to serve, he would also be serving the Divine, and with the separation of the sexes into two beings, the Creator would therefore have more beings to bear witness to it. The male and female were to go forth and multiply, thereby allowing the opportunity for more souls to incarnate on the physical plane, which would provide them a vehicle for working through their karma back to the Divine state of being.

I and my twin soul began to understand our tasks of separate sexualities. We loved each other from the past and were spiritually evolved enough in the present to remember. As a result of our division, we desperately needed each other.

Our sexual experience was blissful. Our sensual experience was a joy. Our attraction of opposites was new, fresh, and exciting. Life on the purely physical plane became attractive to us.

And so we two original Lemurians had now become part of the new Atlantean civilization.

From The Camino by Shirley MacLaine. Copyright ©2000 by Shirley MacLaine. Reprinted by permission of Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., NY.