Learn How To Dowse

AmericanSocietyofDowsersJune 4-9, 2014: The Americal Society of Dowser’s Convention

Consider attending the 2014 American Society of Dowsers Convention, June 4-9 in Lyndonville, VT. Learn to Dowse, not just for water, but also for health, well-being and much more. Explore this ancient art to inspire and deepen your own practice in the fellowship of like minds. Everyone is welcome — beginners and experts alike!
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What is Dowsing?

Dowsing, also called “divining,” is the ability to locate underground water, oil and mineral veins, lost objects, missing persons or anything that is lost by tapping into the subtle energies all around us. Answers and information about anything can be obtained through dowsing as long as the questions are correctly framed. Dowsing is generally done with the aid of a hand held instrument such as a forked stick, pendulum, L-rods or other wand.The purpose of this series of articles is to provide newer dowsers with vital information that is necessary to proceed up the dowsing ladder. Indeed, there are numerous viewpoints on how to accomplish the many tasks that dowsers are credited for; yet, at the root of it all are certain basic skills which every dowser must learn and apply if they are to advance into the higher levels of the art.

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1. Start At The Ground And Work Your Way Up


A few words of advice before we begin: Proceed slowly and cautiously. As adults, the normal tendency is to think, “Hey! This is easy!” Or, “I don’t need to learn this since my interest isn’t in this area.”

These are two of the most common errors new dowsers face, which can easily slow their future growth. Why? Because both of these statements come from the “ego” and not from a relaxed, balanced state of mind. Briefly, let’s take a look at these statements one at a time… read more


2. The Dowsing State of Mind


For those new to dowsing, it is strongly recommended that you learn to temper your initial enthusiasm. Let the fascination and intrigue of learning how to dowse settle in first, before even thinking of attempting a search beyond your current level of learning and experience. Enthusiasm is great, but dedication to learning the basics is far better. Sit back. Relax. Read. Calm your mind. Let the dust settle for a while before attempting to jump ahead into areas with which you are only vaguely familiar and which could land you in a world of trouble… read more

3. Preparing and Practicing the Dowsing Mindset


Before we begin most tasks we mentally prepare ourselves by developing a mindset. Whether it’s washing the dishes, cleaning the garage, going for a walk, or standing in the batter’s box waiting for the next pitch, we place ourselves in a state of mind commensurate with the task at hand. The mindset, normally, is one of determination to begin and complete the task, or at least do the best we can. For a dowser to communicate in the realm of the unknown they must first be capable of… read more

4. Asking The Proper Dowsing Questions


The first key point to be mentioned about forming questions is always to write your questions down. This step is most often bypassed by beginning and sometimes seasoned dowsers as well. “Why write the questions down? Isn’t it a waste of time?” Well…what’s the rush? If you’re in a hurry to dowse then you shouldn’t be dowsing in the first place… read more

5. Choosing A Dowsing Instrument


Choosing a dowsing instrument used to be an easy task. Our forefathers used whatever was near at hand — a forked tree branch, a pole, staff, or a weight suspended from a string or chain, served perfectly well. Today’s dowsers however, are faced with a multitude of choices made from various woods, metals, and stones, with varying weights, styles and shapes, with some even sporting battery power or advertised to find targets up to a mile or more. How times have changed!… read more

6. Locating Practice Dowsing Targets


Relax and allow. Remember? You do not make dowsing work. You must relax and allow dowsing to work through you. Do your best to temper your enthusiasm. Remember always that dowsing is unlike any other skill. If you try to make dowsing work then you’re doing it incorrectly. What can you practice on?… read more