Letters: GMO in Spirit of Change?

Dear Michella and Carol,

I am deeply disappointed in the recent GMO-promoting article by Erik Vance featured in Spirit of Change ("Genetically Modified Conservation," Spring, 2011). Whatever emotionally armored scientists and science writers might say, "switching a few base pairs of DNA" is destroying the song of life. There is only the false pretext of love and compassion in what Vance is advocating.

Try your own experiment: meditate with two vegetables of the same variety.  Choose one that is known to be a genetically modified organism (GMO), and one that was grown organically. Meditate with the GMO fruit/vegetable (like a tomato) and feel, sense, experience it. Then put that vegetable down and meditate with the non-GMO, organic version. Feel, sense, experience that. Talk to each fruit/vegetable; listen to their songs with your full sensory, spiritual awareness and vision. And then decide for yourself what the difference is. This, of course, requires trusting your spiritual senses.

To me, Vance's perspective is clearly summarized in the caption: "The line between 'genetically engineered' and 'traditional' crops really exists only in the media and politics. For scientists it’s more of a continuum with traditional breeding on one end and crops with genes borrowed from vastly different creatures on the other."

This speaks loudly to me that Vance has lost his ability to discern the truth of his heart. Just because scientists can't feel the difference between a traditionally bred crop strain and one made in a lab doesn't mean GMOs are functionally equivalent, much less spiritually equivalent. And spiritual energy within nature is so far beyond what we think!  When you are in a pristine forest, you feel more peaceful. Why?  You cannot begin to explain it, but everything is in right relationship with everything else, in a supportive cycle that sings a beautiful song of overlapping codes of light and vibration which speak to your soul.  It requires real sensory awareness and discernment, and a reference point in something truly natural to know what is wrong with a GMO fruit.

From my perspective, publishing an article like this in a spiritually-based magazine is designed to open people up to "science" that has no love in it and no discernment. Erik Vance's article pretends to be all about love and charitable, virtuous intention to save the world. To me, his proposal is deceptive: it paves the way to numb the heart and encourages people to trust science dressed up in wishful thinking promulgated by those who are blocked in their hearts. This type of science can do horrific things and never notice the pain it is causing to others and nature.

On a brighter note, it is possible to "genetically engineer" vegetables and even animals in a whole other science: a natural light-science of love, which is what some people like Luther Burbank have done. This is a slower process that is similar to traditional breeding, but with another layer: you are praying to Source (by whatever name) to help provide through this plant a more nourishing, beneficial form of life that is in harmony with the human needs of the time. The spiritual light, the real intelligence of that plant or animal (plants are much more malleable spiritually) will begin to respond with compassion and co-creative connection to the human(s) making these heart-centered requests.

In a process way beyond what the human mind will ever be able to conceive, the plants will begin altering their own DNA over time, and with enough loving prayer, begin producing a stable new genetic line that is distinct and more beneficial. We do not need invasive, expensive, sexy lab techniques. These are only for the mind, and the mind of every human being is polluted. We must use our hearts if we want to enter the new paradigm and achieve a world free from physical limitations like poverty, disease, and hunger. Lab techniques will never provide real integration, and will not produce stable genetic changes because of the higher blueprint of loving intelligence. The divine blueprint supersedes and controls the DNA; artificially imposed "tweaks" just disrupt it.

Hopefully more people will begin to wake up, do their inner spiritual work, and apply full sensory awareness to approach our world with the loving intelligence of the heart.


Jordan Bain