Letters: Organic Milk?

Actually, "organic" milk needs a dispensation to be called organic. It is heated to a higher temp than microwave temp to kill the microorganisms in it; thus, there is NOTHING in organic milk, certainly not vitamins or enzymes, which is the reason a whole generation is now lactose-intolerant.



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They are not getting any “ase” to digest the “ose.” The farmers selling "organic" milk are not doing it for your health, they are doing it to make more money. If they were doing it for your health, they would be producing milk with nutrients in it. Milk is alive but not after it is higher-than-microwave-heated. If it will stay good in your fridge 3 weeks — or 3 months — oy vey! — it's proof there is nothing in it. If it can't support microorganisms, it can't support human health either. — Limitless grace to you, Lily