Living From The Sun

In a false-face world of synthesized and mass-produced lies from media, government, religion, and public education why would anyone want to"live from the Sun"? This is a question both poetic and rational, but I have my answer. It is so simple and straight forward, that it is almost nonsense to have to explain. However, the mannequined faces ofthe USDA, agricultural corporations, and big-business pharmaceutical companies have got almost the whole globe living in plasticized convenience, pill boxes, and surgery rooms, believing the latest research as advertised on CNN and MSNBC and slowly decaying into preserved old age. All of this occurring while the blazing torch ofall life on Earth burns ever devotedly in the cosmic sky. Hmmm, whata truly disconnected race this is.

I avow to the universe of the herbal world in nutritive and preventative medicinal care of myself and family. I grow as much of my own fruits and vegetables as possible, as the seasons permit. Yes, I am a patron of big-chain grocery stores, and do not curse the practice, as the need to buy food is a reality of the 21st century. That is a no-brainer, and I am grateful to buy local and support proven organic farmers, wherever possible. There is abundance of food, of all kinds, on this Earth, and I am happy to ingest the kind that is most directly born of the Sun and the purity of the Earth's soils.

These days, one has to dig deep to ensure that the sign at the farmer's market that says, "All Organic Produce" is legitimate, what with all the loopholes and ambiguities of locally produced food, at least in the Midwestern area that I live in. One begins to wonder why any farmer would lie about the practices of their growing lands, just to ensure a certain kind of purchasing audience. It seems that even in the world of alternative living, there are those out to seek profit in devisive and cunning ways.

Nontheless, I am choosy about what I put into my body because I say no to a war-market globe that has forgotten from where their very organic life force originates: that which is above our heads. The stars, and especially the Sun might as well be attempted to be purchased, what with the behavior of 21st century humanity, now raging in its 500th or so year of ownership-consciousness of the Earth and its inhabitants. The only thing that belongs to humanity is greed, selfishness, jealousy, anger, lust, and all other human emotion that blocks the vision to the radiance of the skies. This is the destruction of humanity in progress, and I refuse to include myself in the evil of its disconnection. Therefore, I live as closely to the Earth, Sun, and Moon as the parameters of the paradigm of my chosen life practices permit.

I am not a hippie. I am not a feminist. I am not a goddess-worshipper. I am not a new-ager. I do not consider the Earth as my home planet, as eco-activists, environmentalists, and most humans would say, expressing their devotion to Mother Earth. I do, however adore the planet that I reside on, knowing that my flesh is composed of the same things as her. I know that her Spirit is far greater than any mantle, crust, or inner core could contain, and I am also aware that she is impossible to destroy by human doings, even nuclear fall-out. She is from something so far greater that nearly all of humanity has chosen to ignore and abuse, millennium after millenium.

Quantum physics is the science that attempts to explain how matter is light, how the universe is ever-expanding, and how all things in space are essentially non-locatable because of the ever-moving family of electrons in relation to nuclei. Human beings are just a few of the sentient beings that get to experience this kind of spatial understanding of life, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functions of the mind and light.

With a known history of worshipping the Sun, finding and gathering food, and establishing civilizations based on agricultural practices, one would think that humanity would have maintained some iota of social honoring of the Sun, and all that it provides for life on Earth. This would be the simplest way of understanding and respecting life force down here. How about the even more obvious way of simplifying the science of light by putting a seed in a pot of soil, and watering it with attention? If anything, the studies of this branch of science, quantum physics, need to be marketed as the next hip thing, just to get people en masse into the very topics that everyone's ancestors knew like the palm of their hands. Maybe this could be part of a solution that would change the fate of mankind.

I do not proselytize in my paradigm. I am not trying to be the next voice for global self-healing. This is impossible and beyond the scope of even the most brilliant of ego-minds. I write about living from the Sun because something that is of my essence compels me to express from it. I do not know what humanity will choose to do for itself, but I do know that it will be self-serving and isolative, whatever that may look like. I certainly will continue to watch and observe the process of destruction and mayhem with a hopeful heart for the ones who will maintain their knowing of the energy from the skies.

In the meantime, I will just stick to greeting the grass every day, taking care of my gardens, growing all the veggies that I want from seed, and gathering the herbs that are simple and known to me to take care of myself and family. I will continue to go outside every morning, staring straight into the morning Sun as well as into the rays of the setting one, saying my quiet words of thanks for an energy that allows my heart to continue to function, in this most amazing and precious life. Living from the Sun – it is quite a doable way of existing.