Major Earthquake Predicted in Boston Area Within the Next 3 Months

Roar Sheppard is on a world tour promoting his new book The Universe Speaks: On the Love and Pain of 2012-2025, which is authored by him and others who are members of the Messengers Group. He will be in Cambridge Thursday, October 20 with an announcement of major New England earth changes due by the end of this year and a lecture on this topic in the evening.

The Messengers Group is a group of 12 people based in Seoul, South Korea. They are practitioners of the art of deep meditation where they are in contact with the consciousness of Earth ("Gaia") and the universe. They have received clear messages over the last 2 years predicting natural disasters and future solutions around the world. These predictions have been remarkably accurate and are contained in the new book. A summary of their predictions and the occurrence of the actual events are shown below. Roar is visiting Boston at this time specifically to issue a warning about a pending massive earthquake in the region within in the next 3 months.  

You are invited to attend:
1)   An announcement about the expected earthquake to hit Boston soon (by author of “The Universe Speaks: On the Love and Pain of 2012-2025”)
2)   A short play devoted to the current state of the Earth, Mother Gaia.
When: Oct. 20th, 2011 Thursday at 12.15pm-12.45pm
Where: Harvard Square, Cambridge Common Park, Garden St and Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. ( 5 min. north on foot from  Harvard Square Information Center.)

3)   A lecture on “Why is an earthquake coming to Boston and the way forward?” giving more information.  When: Oct. 20th, 2011 Thursday 6:30pm. Where: First Church in Cambridge, Margaret Jewett Hall, 11 Garden St., Cambridge.  

Why is an earthquake coming…?

Natural disasters are occurring all around the world.  The reason they are coming is clear: Earth is sick. Scientists know Earth is a living organism, not a piece of land. We are digging into its veins and polluting its pores, poisoning it with nuclear fallout.

*There is an island of trash in the Pacific Ocean the size of Australia.

*95% of the bee colonies of the earth are dead. Bees are responsible for pollinating the grains. Fewer bees, fewer crops come harvest time.Einstein once said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then people would only have four years of life left."

*Mass suicides of whales, birds, fish – in the millions – in California because the water is so polluted they could not breathe.

*Natural disasters are Earth’s process of self-cleansing, the same as our sneezing when we catch a cold. The disasters are a direct effect of her illness. The ground you walk on, the ground you drive on, is alive. Natural disasters will stop when we understand this.

Predictions from "The Universe Speaks"

January 6, 2011 prediction of wildfires in western America/In June, 2011 wildfires raged in multiple western US states

January 6, 2011 prediction of US tornadoes in midwest/May 23, 2011 tornadoes tear through US midwest leaving dozens dead

January 6, 2011 prediction of earthquake along Washington, DC coast/ Aug 23, 2011 a 5.9 magnitude earthquake near DC

February 13, 2011 prediction of Mexico hurricanes/June 21, 2011 hurricane Beatriz pounds Mexican coast

February 13, 2011 prediction of earthquake in Chile/ June 20, 2011 6.3 magnitude quake strikes near Bolivia

It is hard to completely prevent the scheduled global disasters from happening. Nevertheless, there is a way to alleviate the intensity. Natural disasters will continue until we feel a connection to the earth.


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