Manifesting A Miracle

The day that my Yorkshire terrier, Parker, was diagnosed with GME (granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis), causing rapidly growing brain lesions, was the scariest day of my life. Parker has been my constant companion through my personal healing and growth. When my lupus and fibromyalgia symptoms had me housebound and on a cane at 23, Parker was the one that gave me light. He was my source for learning to heal myself by giving me the key to healing and overcoming the impossible — love.

Although he never attended a workshop, or had a master teach and attune him, and has no degrees or certifications, Parker showed the greatest ability to give healing energy that I have ever seen. This is because a dog’s love is the closest to divine I think you can get; it is pure, present and unconditional. Whenever he laid his body on mine, he did so without thinking and concentrating. He did it naturally, giving me the energy in healing touch motivated by nothing else but love. And it worked!

Modeling what I felt from him and how he comforted me and gave me strength, I not only slowly began to learn to heal myself, but I went on to study many modalities and become a healer and source of light for others. I remember always that it is not just the training, but listening to the natural love and light within all beings that makes a true healer. But when Parker was diagnosed, the one who first opened up to my divinity was the one needing the healing.

I was full of fear, sadness, and confusion, a thousand thoughts going through my head. I had a little bundle of fur in my lap that needed me. And at that moment, something happened. I put all these thoughts and fears out of my mind and allowed one thing, and one thing only, to be within me — my love for him. I took him into my arms and held him close, and placed one hand over his head. As I rocked him in my arms, I let Reiki flow. The only thing I felt, thought, and did was love my little boy. It was a moment when the rest of the world disappeared, and I was totally in the present. There was nothing but love, healing, and peace.

As we left the veterinary clinic with Parker in my arms, he licked my face. I was humbled and in awe of this gentle, wise spirit who had just taught me another lesson. I knew, somehow, that he was telling me he would be all right, and we would get through this together. Now it was me to give the support and care and nurture him back to health. The roles reversed, I gave him Reiki and other treatments daily. Parker thrived, and improved beyond what I ever could have imagined. My angel is now living a normal life with 97% of full recovery because of the veterinarians that gave him excellent care and the lovingly guided holistic therapies. He is a living miracle maker.

Miracles do happen, and anyone can manifest their own miracle through learning how to allow love to better flow into their lives and to learn the power of being present. These gifts we can all learn from spending time with our animal friends. If we love ourselves the way they love us, anything is possible. Parker and I are testament to that. Unconditional love for others and yourself is the key to any miracle.

Katie Craft is a board certified holistic health practitioner, Reiki master teacher and registered natural healer who is a member of the American Holistic Health Association. She developed the AngelPet Technique and Vibrational Touch Therapy for helping people and animals. Visit Halo Integrated Healing online at or call 603-505-5807.