Musings: Hope, Miracles and Light

Whether or not you voted for Barack Obama this past November, his election as our president brings all Americans closer to fulfilling our national destiny. Conceived as The Great Experiment, America was founded on unyielding principals of freedom and justice, a government for the people and by the people.

This unique form of government, granting certain inalienable rights and protections to all individuals, over time allowed a multi-racial, multi-faith collection of immigrants to occupy one land and form one nation, a country of great diversity and economic opportunity, a beacon of hope for peace and prosperity around the world. America’s destiny is to be this shining star.

We are well aware of the many sacrifices, challenges and victories that have forged our identity as this superpower. Being a nation of transplants and hybrids, race has always been an issue for us, and racism our darkest shadow. The Great Experiment drew us here together through the genius of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but it didn’t come with an instruction manual on how to get along. So, we’ve had to learn about racism by living through it both as victims and perpetrators, weighing in on our crimes as we committed them, but never fully atoning for them: genocide against Native Americans, enslaving millions of Africans ripped from their homelands, internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, segregation of blacks in the South, and the pervasive mindset of cultural prejudice which still dis-colors our lives today.

Because of this grievous history of racism, the results of the most recent election are especially hopeful. They reveal that an invisible, yet decisive shift has taken place within the American consciousness, where even just 20 years ago it was still unthinkable we could have elected a black president. Finally it appears we are ready to become the magnificent melting pot we were born to be! America’s success lies in embracing the richness of our cultural diversity and the treasure of talent, knowledge, innovation and perseverance buried within this colorful mix.

We seem to have much in common right now with our Depression-era ancestors and relatives. They faced hard times together as a nation, and our country was strengthened because of it. When gasoline was in short supply, people cooperated and restricted themselves to help the greater effort of the nation in overcoming a threatening foe: "When you drive alone, you ride with Hitler!"

Like them, it’s time for today’s Americans to pitch in whatever they can do to help stem the tide of greed, waste and gluttony that is choking our nation. The financial meltdown has opened our eyes to the serious mismanagement of our money supply and the greed and shortsightedness of our lawmakers. The enormous amount of personal, commercial and government debt reflects our national pastime of consuming more than we need or can pay for and wasting excessively. Our country’s rising obesity and diabetes rates are directly linked to eating too much food. And while we were asleep at the wheel driving gas guzzling cars and ignoring alternative energy research over the past 30 years, we became addicted and dependent on foreign oil. Conserve, reduce, reuse must become our new mantras.

Barack Obama insisted he was committed to addressing our educational system. But it’s not just the schools that educate people, as the president-elect knows, so he has already begun broadcasting messages via YouTube, text mail, and other internet services to spread the word and educate Americans about what they can do to make a better life for themselves and the country.

Take healthcare, for instance. The problem with our healthcare system is that people have given up taking care of their own health so it’s become 1) too expensive to treat everyone, and 2) fear-based and out of the individual’s control. People are afraid if they can’t afford "healthcare," they will get sick and die. While western medicine can do some miraculous (and very expensive) curing, it is not the only way to heal or stay healthy. Every human body comes equipped with its own self-healing energy system to help maintain good health. You can work with it, against it or ignore it, but you can become pro-active about your health by learning how this system works and reduce the fear and anxiety you feel about healthcare overall. Check out yoga, tai chi, qigong, Nia or any movement therapies that mention breathing or energy meridians in their programs. All forms of hands-on bodywork are also effective in helping you become aware of your healing energy system and how it works.

Most important of all, however, is your brain and what you think. The body responds to what it is told by the nerve centers of the brain. Flood the brain with positive thoughts and messages about your health and your body responds likewise. "My body grows healthy from the inside." "I am helping my body heal." "My body is my friend." "Disease is reversible." Before the advent of modern medicine, we knew many ways to work with the body in healing itself. We need to remember this education we once had!

In turbulent times of change, it is all the more important that we allow ourselves to be guided by our inner compass, always set towards hope, and resist being wiped out by nauseous waves of fears or chaos. Imagine yourself as a point of light sitting right at the front of your brain — between the eyes. This light is the very same light you think of as God, only you are reminded that you also are that point of light residing right there. That’s how close you already are to God and the guidance you need to make good decisions.

We have been blessed with a new leader who sparks higher ideals and confidence in ourselves and our country. No matter what happens over the next four years, America has already broken free to new pastures. One day we may even be able to feel pride instead of shame at what we are giving back to our Native American hosts, for when we finally respect the Indians — our original sin — we will also have learned to respect the land and environment, Mother Earth, and ourselves.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher and editor of Spirit of Change Magazine. Visit