Musings: Ready For A Flight Into Abundance

In my twenties I had a friend, also in her twenties, who had already mastered the secrets of manifesting abundance in her life. As a private practice holistic healthcare professional, my friend was hardworking, ambitious and shrewd, with an instinct for following up on the most lucrative opportunities. Of course she married a husband who could resist no temptation to provide all that she longed for, including numerous children, so her life literally brimmed with abundance year after year. This was a woman who did have it all. One day she remarked to me, “Carol, there is just so much out there and it’s all yours for the taking. As much as you want. My biggest problem is knowing when to stop taking. How much is enough?”

What a problem to have! Not that her life was easy because it was abundant; my friend worked hard while raising a large family with their share of life’s heartaches and doldrums. While having financial wealth certainly eases the stress of daily survival, it cannot solve all life’s problems. I tried to glean the secret of her manifestation powers through osmosis because she could not explain it other than saying that she got whatever she believed she could have. “It’s all in the mind,” she said, smiling wide, tapping her temple, as if manifesting through the power of belief was the simplest, most natural skill one could develop.

The myth that we only use 10% of our brain persists because we see evidence of great brain potential in use by ingenious inventors, generous philanthropists, inspired activists and empowered self-healers all around us, yet our world is mired in pollution, greed, violence and disease. If we were truly using our full brain potential, surely we would create a better world than the one we live in, one where we would be healthy and feel safe, and each person in each village on the planet had enough food, water, shelter and healthcare. We would live reverently and in harmony with each other and Earth, spending more time enjoying the days of our lives. Is this just humanity’s pipe dream of the Garden of Eden or could it be real if we choose to believe we could have it, like my friend explained? Knowing the enormous power for change one determined mind can generate, the power of a couple billion united minds all humming along in harmonious vibration must surely be almighty.

I send up a silent cheer each time I see a news item affirming natural medicine, food as medicine, the power of healing energy and touch. Recently, it was footage I saw of Chinese schoolchildren giving themselves acupressure treatments to relieve head and neck tension at their desks as part of the daily curriculum. Despite the stubborn grip the pharmaceutical and sick care industry has over our healthcare system at present, the preventive and self-care paradigm of 21st century medicine is well on its way to breakthrough prominence. In the near future we will look back to these primitive medicine days of drugs, surgery and chemotherapy, much the way we look back at medieval bloodletting, leeches and skull boring today.

Joseph Mer cola, DO, an osteopathic physician board-certified in family medicine, is currently one of the most popular and trusted online natural health experts (http://www.mer and a guest on all major mainstream media outlets. Trained in both traditional and natural medicine, osteopathic physicians are licensed physicians who, similar to MDs, can prescribe medication and perform surgery in all 50 states, but also focus on preventive health care and treating the entire person rather than just the symptoms. Where TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz has blazed a trail into the mainstream introducing preventive medicine and self-care as important healthcare options, Dr. Mer cola encourages patients to leave western medicine behind entirely, except in the case of emergencies.

It is my strong belief that your body is designed to stay healthy. All you need to do is give it the raw materials like healthy unprocessed food, sleep, exercise, appropriate amnounts of sunshine to optimize your vitamin D levels, love, emotional balanving and stay away from toxins and posions and you won’t need to set foot in a doctor’s office or hospital, barring an accident.”

As more doctors, nurses and patients snap out of their allopathic healthcare hypnosis and discover self-empowered healing, we will wonder why we supported this wasteful medical culture treating preventable diseases for so long, when much cheaper, longer lasting and less hazardous forms of medicine are available that people can provide for themselves. A great snowball effect of empowerment will follow as we begin to understand the power of our beliefs to create the circumstances of our health, our personal lives and the well being of the entire planet. Human consciousness is now poised at this exciting precipice of evolution, just waiting for each of us to take off.

Carol Bedrosian is publisher and editor of Spirit of Change. Visit or email