Musings: Self-Care As Alternative Medicine

When Self-Care Becomes the Art of Everyday Healing

In transferring our 10-year digital archive over to the new Spirit of Change website, I was astonished to discover that a majority of my Musings columns repeated the very same refrain issue after issue: Your health is in your hands. Use them to keep yourself healthy.

For over 20 years (including ten years before digital) this message of self-care has found endless ways of fresh expression on the pages of this holistic magazine, a testament to its timeless relevance and rich potency. Self-care is our most natural and intuitive form of medicine. Practice enough and it becomes the art of everyday healing.

The dismal state of our overpriced healthcare system coincides with the decline of inexpensive self-care and home remedies. People stopped believing they could take care of themselves when modern medicine brainwashed them into believing they needed expensive pills and surgery to stay healthy. Joseph Mercola, MD, reports on that in just a ten-year span, from 1992 to 2002, the number of prescriptions written increased by a whopping 61 percent, despite the lengthy warnings of possible side effects accompanying every advertisement and prescription dispensed. The American Cancer Society lists radiation as both a cause and a cure of cancer on its website. Knowing the danger, why promote radiation as a diagnostic tool in breast cancer detection when thermography and regular self-breast massage can detect the same condition without the potential harm?

While your body already knows how to stay healthy, you might need practice in learning how to access and follow its advice. Our cultural practically worships western medical science and discredits any other sources of health information, even though our bodies are far more informed about our medical needs than any doctor or diagnostic machine could ever be. This is why growing numbers of patients with incurable diseases and stage four cancers are choosing to forgo treatment with deadly radiation and drugs and are successful in their recovery with alternative health treatments using food, colon cleansing, energy medicine and other forms of holistic medicine. The healthcare of tomorrow is here today: no healer or treatment is more powerful than the regimen offered by your body’s own healer in residence. Tune in for your own unique advice.

My Resident Health Expert’s Most Recent Advice

Although I can’t immediately incorporate every natural health suggestion I receive, I pay attention to information and intuitions that keep popping up over and over again. This is your body’s way of getting your attention without having to create symptoms or disease to get the message heard.

Eat less sugar and cut out sweetened drinks. Although I’d heard this information a hundred times before, I happened to read just one more article that spelled out the disastrous effects of sugar in the body and the information finally took root. I’m consciously saying “no” to more sweets and flavored drinks. Although raw honey has some nutritional and medicinal value, use it sparingly.

Eat Healthier Food. More vegetables (organic), less meat, no processed or GMO. Learn about your food. Garden. Cook more meals at home. Start juicing.

Do your own house and yard work. Turn home chores into a mini yoga session by lunging, stretching, bending and moving in a conscious way to accomplish tasks. For even greater benefit, coordinate the movements with deep breaths in and out. Avoid toxic housecleaners, pesticides, fertilizers or any products that smell like chemicals; they sabotage natural healing potential.

Reduce cell phone use. Cut down on excessive EMF pollution directed to the brain by avoiding cell and cordless phone use as much as possible. Text your messages or use a land line. Avoid WiFi in your home or living near cell phone towers. Children, in particular, should avoid EMF exposure wherever possible, as their skulls are thinner and nervous systems are still in development. Avoid storing or resting cell phones and computers on the body.

Get plenty of sunshine. Avoid the 10am-2pm peak hours of strongest sun, but seek out a daily dose of vitamin D from its natural source — the sun —to build your immune system and trigger unique cellular benefits. Avoid toxic sunscreen.

Apply your brainpower. Replace negative, fearful or self-sabotaging thoughts with confidence that your body is occupied 24/7 with healing and maintaining balance, its natural state. Your thoughts feed your body. Every affirmation is medicine the body will use to heal and return to balance. Every worry and negative thought feeds disease.

Carefully consider dental work. We already know fluoride and mercury are poisonous, although the FDA has yet to formally declare it and remove them from public use. Evidence is mounting that root canals and fillings actually trap tiny bacteria permanently inside the tooth and cause a continuous stream of decay feeding upon itself to circulate throughout the body for life. Furthermore, energy medicine recognizes direct connections between each tooth and its corresponding organ or area in the body. In numerous instances, trapped tooth decay has been linked to serious diseases and symptoms that vanish once the tooth is removed from the body. Consult a holistic dentist. Reconsider any dental work. Avoid fluoride in dental products and water; avoid mercury in fillings. Pay serious attention to diet (sugar) and oral health to prevent problems.

Cultivate optimism and a positive attitude. Find the silver lining in every situation. Reach out and touch the lives of people around you in a positive and healing way and the energy will be returned to you.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher and editor of Spirit of Change Magazine, New England’s largest holistic health magazine. Visit or email