My To Be List

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I used to measure my accomplishments by the number of things I could achieve in a day. But now I look at my being in the world, not my doing. Is spirit nudging you to be and not do? 

My To Be List 

1. Be fully present with people at all times. Be loving in my communications with others with fully open, heart-to-heart connection. Avoid solely mind-focused thinking. 

2. Be spirit-based in thought and deed, not karmic or ego-based. Transcend beyond roles, scripts, situations, stories, dramas, jealousies, fears, guilt or regrets.

3. Be forgiving of others, and also forgiving of myself and my mistakes in the past, knowing that if I hold onto hurts, anger, regrets, and grudges it only hurts me. 

4. Be healthy with high-vibration friends, people, organizations, foods, and environments I put myself in. Because I do choose how I live, and who with, every day. 

5. Be peaceful and loving with meditation, mindfulness, pure thinking, and conscious thought. Be in my personal power with awareness and focused intentional thinking. Be guided by intuition, instinct, serendipity, higher self, and spirit, because decisions from a higher awareness and dimension are usually superior. 

6. Be whole and complete with healthy boundaries, because I am enough and perfect just the way I am. When I put myself first, I am a better person for others. 

7. Be open and trusting that all is perfect as life unfolds, and that I am creating situations and opportunities for my highest growth. Be fluid and open to change, knowing that at any moment in any day I can be different than I was yesterday. Every day is new, with unbound potential, just waiting for me to surrender to the divinity of life and be my highest expression.   

8. Be safe in my being, person, environment and world knowing that my time here is temporary and that my spirit is eternal. The present moment is my freedom from anxiety, worry and fear. 

9. Be connected to and live my highest unique expression now. Because I deserve to be doing my divine spirit work, and if not now, when?

10. Be reminded that just by being, I emulate my essence and this has a positive impact on all those around me as well as all beings and creatures in the world. And so it is! 

Every moment of every day gives us opportunities to choose love over fear, presence over projection, and acceptance over judgment. Allow yourself to be focused and present in these moments to just be

Andrew Lutts is a metaphysician, truth student, and student of A Course in Miracles. He has published articles in The Sedona Journal of Emergence and Connecting Link. He is author of two books on manifestation and higher dimensional living. Learn more and download a free chapter at He can be reached at

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