Overcome Chronic Disease with Three Simple Steps

As a layman I am proud, happy and relieved that I've beaten conditions that many doctors call "incurable." Many years ago, I was diagnosed with late stage ankylosing spondylitis and skin cancer.

I also suffered from horrible allergies. All of these are gone now. I do not take drugs or "manage my diseases." I'm disease-free and healthy. I'm convinced that you can be the same.

My life had been severely hampered by pain and restricted range of motion. I couldn't lift a bag of groceries, go for walks, stand on a hard tile floor, turn my ignition key, type three words, think, work, sleep or even wash my hair because of the pain. Today, I work, run twice a week, go to the gym, lift weights, type and I feel great! Health is truly my most valuable asset.

If you suffer from long-term degenerative disease or chronic symptoms, this article will help lay out a game plan for you. I believe this simple plan may help you get to a much higher level of health. The three simple steps to overcome chronic disease or symptoms are: taking charge, muscle testing and symptom measurement.


Taking Charge


For years, I wasn't in charge of my health. I made all my decisions based on the traditional insurance-covered medical model. All my choices were offered by my doctor, and all of those choices were covered by my medical insurance. After 30 years of the same symptoms worsening, I realized that options offered by traditional medicine could help, but not cure me fully. As my health degenerated, surgery became my last option, a choice not only frightening, but with no guarantees. 

I began to think that there might be alternatives that went beyond traditional medicine. My intention was not to exclude standard medical advice, but rather to integrate it with other viable options. I decided to put myself in charge of my health and my treatment, instead of allowing my doctors to have full control.


Muscle Testing


Muscle testing, also called "applied kinesiology," is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body's imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves isolating a large muscle and testing variances of that muscle's strength when exposed to certain products and substances or when the person being tested is asked questions. Generally, strength is regarded as an affirmative response to the substance or the question posed, while weakness is regarded as a negative response. In this way, the body's intelligence can determine what may or may not be helpful toward healing a symptom or condition, independently from what someone may believe intellectually.

People who incorporate muscle testing into their treatment program seem to make much faster progress towards health. Practicing the dynamics of this concept gives clients confidence in the information that may, in turn, promote healing. Our bodies' cells know what they need for the most efficient recovery. Consulting your body through regular muscle testing may shed light on what products and processes you need most to restore health. Here are some things to consider:

Cells Are Intelligent. Cells create, communicate, and know what they need in order to heal. So many of us are wed to the idea that all of our intelligence is in our brains. This is incorrect. The cells of our bodies demonstrate vast intelligence. Ignoring cellular intelligence may result in overlooking valuable information. Evidence of this functional and creative intelligence is seen in the creation of a human being. Consider that just two cells in a test tube can build a baby. Obviously in this scenario, a brain is not coordinating the development of the fetus on any level. Even the best scientific minds of this century can't do that! Since cells can do what medical science can't, shouldn't we give our cells a little more credit for the intelligence they demonstrate?

Cells Communicate. There is overwhelming personal observation and scientific evidence demonstrating this point. Many women are aware of a common phenomenon in which their menstrual cycles synchronize with those of other women with whom they live or work. Their cells communicate behavioral information and their cycles adjust. We've all heard stories of mothers pulled out of a deep sleep "knowing" that something terrible had happened to their sons or daughters. Why does this happen? Perhaps the cells of the child "call out" to the mother. Her cells receive the message and she experiences their distress.

These common observations find support in science. In his book, The Healing Code, Dr. Alex Loyd details experiments by the defense department and the famous Einstein Podolsky Rosen experiment, which demonstrates cellular communication over distances. In one experiment, polygraph machines were simultaneously attached to a man and a living biopsy from that same man. Though each was located at separate military bases, polygraphs documented the very same results at the same time during the testing process.

Find the Right Practitioner. Although anyone can learn how to muscle test, you may want to find someone dedicated to the process. As in every field, there are both good and bad practitioners. To get the results you need, your practitioner must be dedicated to exploring the finer techniques of the art, and more importantly, know how to ask the right questions.

Ask the Right Questions; Be Open To Answers. If your goal is full health, the questions should be targeted accordingly. Evaluate every option and every person you might employ as a caregiver. You may find yourself asking different questions when you understand that your body knows what it needs and can evaluate different people and modalities. A chiropractor, naturopath, homeopath or herbalist may ask, "Do you want this herb or that herb?" This may be too limiting a question. What if your body requires that you do 30 push-ups? The real question in your mind should be, "What, out of all the available options, does my body need in order to restore 100% of my health?"

Assume Your Body Knows What It Needs. If you can present enough options, it will select not only what and whom it wants, but when and in what order. The following is a list of questions you might ask your body. The goal is to ask questions in such a way that you allow your body to lead:

  • With all traditional and alternative modalities available and correctly employed, can I achieve 100% health?
  • If not 100%, what percentage can I expect: 95%? 90%? Etc.?
  • Are my main symptoms rooted in parasites? Worms? Bacteria? Viruses? Emotions? Metals? Pesticides? Genetics? Food allergies? Etc.?
  • What do I need most: Detox? Bodywork? Medicines? Herbs? Rest? Diet? Homeopathic? Biofeedback? Etc.? Add as many variables as you can think of at this stage.
  • What do I need first? Second? Third? (I need "X" first, "Y" second, "Z" third, etc.)
  • Is there something I don't know of that would be of greater value that I need to add to this list? If the answer is yes, research with muscle testing until you find what your body needs.

Keep asking questions and get creative, as though you are asking another person. For example, let's say your body approves cranial sacral therapy as your next best treatment, and you have three practitioners you are considering. You could muscle test each name to see which person would be best for you. You could ask if there was someone that you didn't have the name of yet and muscle test new names. You will be amazed at the answers and how often the body is correct in its choices.

At this point, you are probably wondering how your body could answer such questions with any degree of accuracy, especially if you don't know much about the person, product, or process about which you are asking. Since cells are intelligent and communicate over distance, the body must have a way to collect relevant data on its own. When I consider the success of millions of muscle testing users, I am more convinced. The concept of a "biological internet" goes a long way to explain this. Though a cursory knowledge of what we are researching may be useful, our cells can access more information through their own communication channels. Although the exact methodology of our cells cannot be fully understood at this time beyond what Einstein's experiments have shown, I do understand successful health results when I see them.

It has been said that a wise person seeks many counselors. Though I consider the muscle test a great source of information, valuable input doesn't end there. Professional opinions from holistic practitioners, medical doctors, friends, word of mouth referrals, advertisements, research articles and pharmaceutical side effect information should all factor into your decisions.


Measure Results Weekly


After you add a new practitioner, process or product to your healthcare regimen, it is crucial to set up a chart or spreadsheet to measure the results of each. To do this, list your top ten symptoms on a spreadsheet or piece of graph paper. Using a simple 1-10 intensity scale, make a notation of the symptom's intensity when you begin the new treatment and measure any changes weekly to clearly link cause and effect. Be sure to work with only one new thing at a time. If you add two new therapies and your symptoms reduce, you won't know which one is responsible (although you can muscle test and your body can discern that for you). Good record keeping that links cause and effect should be your basis for "hiring and firing" your products and practitioners.

It is easy to be influenced by impressive degrees, credentials or agreeable personalities that may influence us to keep going in a direction when there aren't enough symptom reductions to justify continuing. Charting symptoms brings objectivity to the process of keeping what works and abandoning what doesn't.

Never quit! Don't give up until you find all the puzzle pieces and fit them in place. Keep researching new modalities and muscle testing, adding those that seem sensible. Chart the results and "hire and fire" until you achieve maximum health. It's a simple formula to help you take back control of your health.

Gary Blier is the founder of Natural Solutions Magazine and Advanced Cell Training (ACT), a process he developed through 12 years of dedicated muscle testing. You can obtain free health measurement charts and a free DVD about the ACT process by contacting (401) 398-7323 or www.AdvancedCellTraining.com.

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